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No One Will Know You’re Secretly Recording 1080p Video With This Spy Pen

This neat hidden camera lets you covertly record high quality video, but looks like a regular old pen. Best of all, it comes in a bundle with other handy “office” supplies. Find out more details from Boy Genius Report and shop below:

From BGR:
If you have a reason to covertly record video and audio — a LEGAL reason to covertly record video and audio, that is — then we’ve got the perfect device for you. The

looks like a regular old executive style pen from afar. In fact, it even looks like a regular old pen from up close. But there’s a camera lens and a mic hiding on there, allowing you to record high-quality video and clear audio without being detected.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s equipped with a professional-grade camera, featuring high resolution of 1280x1080p, and a video frame rate 30 FPS quality, and 8 mega pixels. It’s also equipped with different modes, including non-stop video recording mode, motion detection mode, and video recording mode. Best of all, there’s no software to load as it’s powered by a rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery (220mAH).


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