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SPY Guide: How to Convert VHS Home Videos to Digital

* Easily convert your old VHS tapes to digital
* You can safely put that VCR in the attic
* Digitize all of your memories in just a few clicks

It’s never been easier to convert all of your old VHS tapes of family trips, anniversaries, or the like to digital files or even DVD. After all, they’re probably collecting dust somewhere and it isn’t very likely that the nostalgia trend will help resurrect the VHS format. These 4 easy-to-use options will have you reliving old times in no time.

1. V.TOP USB VHS Converter

Plug V.TOP’s USB VHS Converter into your computer or laptop on one end and the other to your camcorder or other analog recording doohickey and your old home videos will magically (not really!) appear in a digital format that you can then share or store away in the cloud. Easy peasy.


2. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

Roxio’s all-in-one solution not only converts your VHS tapes to a digital file or DVD, but also includes editing software to help clean things up, like “noise” and shaky hands.


3. Elgato Video Capture

As the name would imply, Elgato’s Video Capture gadget lets you plug directly into a VCR, DVD player or even a DVR, and digitally convert and edit your videos.


4. ClearClick Video2Digital Converter

Let’s say you want to convert all of your old analog videos to digital and want the easiest possible solution to accomplish said mission. Well, you’re going to want to invest in ClearClick’s Video2Digital Converter because it doesn’t require a computer or laptop and can be used remotely thanks to a 2.3-inch LCD screen on the device itself. It even ships with a 4GB memory card to get you started.


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