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Get This Home Speaker For The Design and Music Lover in Your Life

* Easily connect any device with Bluetooth and stream your music wirelessly
* 360 degrees of sound and up to 15 hours of battery life
* Doubles as a speakerphone

No, this isn’t the Amazon Echo. This is the Stellé Audio Pillar and as the name would suggest, it is a speaker. But not just any monolithic-like speaker. No, this one is surprisingly a bit more unique.

Contrary to a lot of standalone Bluetooth speakers available today (like the Echo), the Audio Pillar won’t connect to the cloud or let you order groceries. But what it lacks in cloud-connected capabilities, it makes up for in sound quality – and the ability to blend into your home decor.

It also does all the things you would expect from a wireless Bluetooth speaker, like connecting to your smartphone, laptop, iPad or even your TV. It beats out the competition by several hours when it comes to battery life, which is up to 15 hours for the Audio Pillar. It doubles as a speakerphone and includes an audio jack should you or a guest want to plug right in.

All the while, the Stellé Audio Pillar provides audio in 360 degrees, with a three-inch subwoofer and two, 1.5-inch acoustic drivers. The system comes encased in your choice of eight different colors. No matter what design aesthetic you’re into, the Audio Pillar will fit right in.

You’ll have a new conversation piece for your living room – and you won’t have to upgrade the Audio Pillar every year when the newest Internet-connected chatter box gets an update.

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