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Up Your Streaming Game With the Elgato Stream Deck

* Enjoy more streaming control with 15 LCD keys that launch up to 210 actions
* Customize the keys any way to meet your needs
* Engage your viewers and integrate your channels seamlessly

Content creators and streamers know the struggle all too well: you want to open a new window but are worried about interrupting your stream. That’s because you had to use your mouse to open a new window and execute a new command. Not anymore.

With Elgato Stream Deck you’re able to switch screens, launch games, open apps and even change the audio settings all with the simple touch of a button.

Developed with professional streamers in mind, this deck is a must-have for people who want to add more versatility to their streams. The Elgato Stream Deck features 15 LCD keys that can launch up to 210 different actions so you won’t have to spend precious time looking for the right key.

You can even customize the commands based on your own personal preference. You’ll never have to worry about multitasking on screen again. All you have to do is drag and drop the actions onto the keys and you’re good to go. And with the ability to effortlessly streamline your entire setup, you’re able to sync your audio, video and more with a single tap.

The Stream Deck’s easy integration make the transition to live video seamless, which will impress your followers and subscribers even more.

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