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Look Cool with These 8 Stylish Headphones

Sure, it’s true that looks aren’t everything. But if we’re candid, they make a bit of a difference, especially when you’re considering a consumer electronic product. In 2021, we not only want our wireless headphones and devices to perform at the best possible quality, but we also want them to look cool too. That can be hard to do with something as tech-focused as a set of headphones, but it can be done if you know where to look.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made it even easier by rounding up eight of 2021’s best-looking and most stylish headphones. Some include premium features like leather trim, while others just look plain cool. So no matter how you cut it, if you want your headphones to look as cool as you and the rest of your outfit, these are the stylish headphones for you.


1. Marshall Monitor II ANC

We reviewed Marshall’s Monitor II ANC headphones on the site a while back and were highly impressed with not only their sound quality but how they looked too. The faux pebbled grain texture throughout the headphones, combined with the retro-inspired controls, helps create a product that feels like the headphones your parents probably wore, but with today’s technology decidedly a part of them.

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Courtesy of Marshall


2. Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones

Master & Dynamic make some of the, well, most masterful-looking headphones around. While you’ll be sure to pay a premium on them, the result is a striking set of cans garnished with a leather trim to round out a decidedly polished appearance. The 40mm drivers and active noise-cancellation help to further round out the package, resulting in a pair of headphones that will be impossible to keep your eyes off of.

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Mr. Porter


3. Bowers & Wilkins PX5 On-Ear Headphones

Equipped with noise cancelation, a lightweight construction, custom-tuned 35mm audio drivers, and impressive battery life, the PX5 from Bowers & Wilkins provide all the cutting edge tech you could want in a stylish package. We love the silver accents on the side, combined with the rich navy hue throughout the rest of the earcup and headband. The resulting look is akin to a stylish race car — albeit one for your ears.

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4. Apple AirPods Max Headphones

Apple is known for its dedication and attention to crafting elegant-looking products, and their AirPods Max headphones are no exception. Reflective of the tech reality of Silicon Valley, where Apple is based, the AirPods Max look like giant pillows for your ears, but ones that are capable of producing a truly fantastic sound for all your favorite music and podcasts. Plus, the active noise cancellation ensures the outside world won’t bleed into whatever task you have at hand.

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5. Montblanc MB 01 Headphones

Swiss brand Montblanc is known for its superior craftsmanship in its timepieces and writing utensils, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the same meticulous attention to detail comes through in their stylish headphones. The gold-color aluminum combined with the leather accents manages to create an unbelievably polished and elegant package that’s sure to make you feel like you’ve stepped off the set of Succession. Sadly, it also carries a price tag worthy of the Roy family, so just be aware before you get too attached to its stunning appearance.

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Courtesy of Montblac


6. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Headphones

With their overall minimalist-inspired look, the Beoplay H4 headphones from Bang & Olufsen are extremely sharp-looking in their look, infused with a bit of character thanks to their paracord attachments on the sides. The overall feel of the H4 is one of clean lines and simple appeal. But just because it is simple-looking doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, as the 19 hours of battery life will keep the music going for quite a long time.

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7. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7 Headphones

Designed and intended for DJing, the aptly named Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7 wired headphones look as cool and as trendy as your favorite DJ. The combination of black and silver color helps to create a look and feel of professionalism, bolstered by the fact these headphones are worthy of the pros themselves and feature plenty of great design aspects like a rotating cup, cushioned ears, clean monitoring, and a flexible headband that’s comfortable enough for a day in the office or a slamming set at your favorite EDM festival.

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Urban Outfitters


8. Know Calm Headphones

Okay, we know (hehe) these headphones may seem familiar to you since they look a bit like the AirPods Max. Still, Know’s Calm headphones are about half the price and deliver a quality, comfortable, and stylish listening experience. Complete with wireless charging, adjustable active noise cancellation, 24 hours of battery life, and even a travel case, Know’s stylish headphones look decidedly sharp. They will undoubtedly draw the attention of those around you due to their fantastic color options and handsome appearance.

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