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TCL’s Newly Unveiled 85-Inch 6-Series Proves That TCL Can Compete With LG & Samsung

If you’re a SPY regular (and if you’re not, you should be!), you know we’ve been big fans of TCL’s big-screen TVs for a while. The Chinese brand has cracked into the US market with big-screen TVs that manage to be affordable without sacrificing quality, which is a rare commodity indeed in the TV market.

Among TCL’s greatest hits: the 65-inch 4-Series Google TV which made our list of the Best 65-Inch TVs Under $500 for two years in a row, the 85-inch 4-Series XL, which made our list of the Best 85-Inch TVs of 2022, and last year’s 85-inch 85R435, part of TCL’s XL line. Put it like this — TCL can more than hang with the big boys like Samsung, Sony, LG, and others.

That’s why we’re so excited about today’s release of the brand-new 85-Inch 6-Series TV (model 85R655), which is TCL’s largest premium TV with Mini-LED technology. As much as we love the big yet affordable 4-Series models, the 6-Series is a huge step forward.



More About the New TCL 6-Series 85-Inch QLED TV

Now that TCL has a few 85-inch models to choose from, what makes this new QLED TV so special?

According to TCL, the Mini-LED technology can deliver a genuine movie theater experience at home:

A press release announcing the launch of the new 6-Series states: “For true movie aficionados, the 85′ TCL 6-Series is capable of delivering the deeply immersive experience found in the world’s biggest cinemas. Sitting about six feet back from the TV can deliver the same 60-degree field of view that is available from watching the gigantic 100-foot-wide screen from the middle row, center seats at the legendary TCL Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood.”

The Mini-LED tech simply means there are thousands of micro-meter class mini-LED backlights in this ultra-thin (3.1 inches) set, which optimize the image for extremely precise contrast and color. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. The 6-Series’s Auto Brightness feature also creates the best possible picture based on environmental light conditions.

Streamers will be thrilled by the ease of access from the built-in Roku TV platform, including free over-the-air HD channels, and Easy Voice Control. Gamers will love the Game Studio Pro mode, with a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz and ultra-low input latency. Even the most demanding games are blasted across the massive screen with ultimate reactiveness, making for a truly amazing gaming experience.

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At 3.1 inches, the TCL 85-Inch 6-Series is one of the thinnest premium big-screen TVs available. Courtesy of TCL

Even at the wafer-thin 3.1 inch depth, there are plenty of input jacks for any interface you need. Four HDMI ports — two which run up to 4K at 120Hz and two which run up to 4K at 60Hz — one USB 2.0, one Ethernet, one RF, and one AV input with composite video and left/right audio, along with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, give the TCL 85-Inch 6-Series truly comprehensive connectivity. is the place to go for this brand-new release from TCL, which will be available soon for $1999.99.

This new TCL TV was supposed to launch on October 10, but we haven’t been able to find it for sale at Best Buy yet. Once it goes online, we’ll update this post with purchase links.