The 10 Best James Franco Movies, Ranked.

disaster artist
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* Since 1999, James Franco has starred and produced in over 100 films
* He is an accomplished actor, producer, screenwriter and director
* On November 30, he will star as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist

James Franco is known globally for his movies, garnering attention from masses in the film industry, the public, and even politics, which has only supported his career as an entertainer. We’ve watched him transform from a heart-throb youth in James Dean and Spider-Man to one of America’s favorite stoners in 2008’s Pineapple Express, and develop Academy-Award recognition in 127 Hours. And now, with the anticipated release of The Disaster Artist, which has already gained positive reviews from Sundance, it’s never too late to discover some of James Franco’s best movies.

4 years
...and not one of them wasn't what I consider theatrical pollution

10. Sausage Party

Although he has a small part in the film, Franco’s role as Druggie goes unrecognized for his hilarious “stoner” voice that communicates to Frank and the rest of the food gang in Sausage Party.

4 years
…and not one of them wasn’t what I consider theatrical pollution
Sausage PartyImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Spring Breakers

Franco breaks into one of his most wild characters in Spring Breakers. After a group of girls (including Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson) gets arrested for shoplifting, an aspiring rap artist and drug dealer named Alien (Franco) bails them out, but leads them into a life of crime.

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8. This Is the End

The apocalypse arrives during a party at Franco’s house with Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and others.

This Is the EndImage courtesy of Amazon


7. The Interview

The Interview is a wildly funny story of how two men–Dave Skylark (Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen)–must assassinate Kim Jong Un after arranging an interview in North Korea.

The InterviewImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Spider-Man 2

Franco takes on the role of Harry Osborn, who tries to cope with the death of his father, The Green Goblin, in Spider-Man 2. He evokes a feeling of agitation and dismay, which serves as a central conflict in the movie.

Spider-Man 2Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Franco plays Will Rodman, a scientist living in San Francisco who experiments in hopes of discovering a cure for his father’s Alzheimer’s Disease. This tale of how apes transform from being test subjects and zoo animals in San Francisco to intelligent super animals makes a thrilling, action-filled movie.

Rise of the Planet of the ApesImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Pineapple Express

If you love stoner movies or are just looking for a good laugh, then watch Pineapple Express. Seth Rogan and James Franco reunite and star in the hilarious movie about a stoner (Rogan) and a drug dealer (Franco) who get themselves into a drastic predicament.

Pineapple ExpressImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Milk

In this Oscar-winning film, Franco plays Harvey Milk’s (Sean Penn) much younger lover, Scott Smith. Although Franco didn’t win an Oscar for the part, his work as a supporting actor helped push Penn to a win as gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk.

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2. 127 Hours

This teeth-grinding, triumphant story about Aron Ralston, whose arm was pinned to boulder for 127 hours, depicts a heart-pounding tale of a life or death situation. Franco was nominated for Best Actor for the role.

127 HoursImage courtesy of Amazon


1. The Disaster Artist

Franco directed and stars in the leading role of Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist – the true story about the making of one of the worst-reviewed films ever released. Watch The Disaster Artist, premiering in select theaters on November 30th. This one’s already generated a ton of Oscar buzz for Franco.

disaster artist Image courtesy of A24 Films

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