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DSLR Decor: The 6 Best Camera Straps Under $30

* Who says camera straps can’t be fun and functional?
* Upgrade your camera strap with one of our picks
* Vintage looks, floral prints and more

Camera straps, like the one included with your SLR, are generally never very comfortable, and can sometimes get in the way. But they do provide a certain level of security and safety that is undeniable. So if you’re unhappy with your current setup, we have a few suggestions that are functional, comfortable and stylish.

1. Tarion Vintage Camera Strap

With vintage style looks in a khaki colorway and a non-slip surface, Tarion’s universal strap will work with every brand and style of camera, including instant film cameras.


2. Wolven Vintage Floral Camera Strap

An all-over floral print adorns Wolven’s camera strap, which can be worn over the shoulder, around the neck or across the body.


3. DOROM Universal Adjustable Slim Strap

Looking for a thin, light and adjustable strap? Then Dorom’s universal fit strap should do the trick. It’s available in a variety of colors, like black, pink, red and green.



Even day trips can take a toll on you, if you’re toting around a camera, so consider this neoprene padded strap from USA Gear. It’s a fun and festive (comes in 23 other colors) strap that also includes two built-in accessory pockets for extra memory cards and the like.


5. b.still Braided Leather Strap

This handcrafted leather strap features bronze hardware for an added touch of class. But be warned, unless your camera has round lugs, this particular strap won’t work. We’d pair this one with a smaller camera, like a point and shoot or instafilm camera.


6. b.still Leather Strap

Unlike the braided leather strap, this one will work with any kind of camera, regardless of lug type, and it’s adjustable. It can also be used with any DSLR for all day comfort.


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