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This Book Will Teach You How to Transform Your Home Like a Pro

* 416-page hardcover book
* Features inspiring home décor advice and guides
* Written by former Creative Director of DwellStudio

If you’re a fan of interior design or looking to upgrade your home, but not sure where to start, let former DwellStudio Founder and Creative Director, Christiane Lemieux gives you expert-level decorating tips in her book “The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details.”

When it comes to the quality versus quantity debate, Lemieux stands firm on the quality side of the argument. “I’m tired of living in a world where everything is disposable,” Lemieux explains. Each chapter of her book walks readers through the history, production and key players — more importantly, the book offers practical how-to tips so that you can apply those elements into your own home.

For those new to design or simply want to learn more about the industry, Lemieux educates readers with the basic elements of home décor and interior design discussing aspects of the art including floors, furniture, textiles, and accessories, while instructing them on how to properly identify quality of form and craftsmanship therein. In her In style magazine interview, Lemieux explains the book’s evolution: “This book started out as design journey and ended up being a loose encyclopedia of the decorative arts with a deep dive into everything from walls to knowing how to appraise a collection.” As part of her research, Lemieux interviewed the best-of-the-best experts and consulted with authorities spanning across wallpaper and paint specialists, textile fabricators, accessory artisans and of course, interior designers.

In an elegant hardcover, this 416-page book makes for a beautiful and well-informed housewarming gift and will be enjoyed by the design enthusiasts in your life. It also makes for a stunning addition to your coffee table.

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