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Sit Front Row for the Best Music Experience You’ve Ever Heard

* Macassar Ebony wood rings, lambskin leather/microsuede headbands
* Lightweight, comfortable listening experience
* Sounds so good, you’ll swear it’s live

The LCD-4, the new flagship headphones from Audeze, is a game-changer that promises to send you into another world with just you and your favorite musician. Known as the best of the best, these headphones are way more than just a way to tune out subway noise. In fact, they represent 40 years of planar magnetic technology advancements.

Don’t know what that means? It’s basically saying this is a powerful tool with such sophistication that you’ll feel as though you’re sitting in the same room with Miles Davis as he plays the most beautiful version of “Round Midnight” you’ve ever heard.

Lighter than the air it displaces, these headphones feature the most advanced diaphragm design you’ve ever felt—or perhaps in this case, we should say never felt. The LCD-4 will lure you in with its rich midrange, powerful bass, and breathtaking dynamic range.

Designed, engineered, and meticulously handcrafted in Southern California, it takes four weeks just to craft one of these award-winning headphones. Audeze starts with the finest, most luxurious materials—like 30-year-old Macassar Ebony wood and real lambskin leather or microsuede—and then combines those materials with cutting-edge planar magnetic technology for a sound that permeates from the ears directly to the soul.

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