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Your First Look at Senator Elizabeth Warren’s New Book: This Fight is Our Fight

* Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new book
* Details fall of the American middle class and calls for renewed investment in the people
* Warren has recently been in the spotlight after battling Senator Mitch McConnell

A prominent advocate for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Senator Elizabeth Warren has maintained a high profile since President Donald Trump took office. Not only has she sparred with many of the President’s political nominees, she has also provided a rallying cry for women everywhere. When censored by Senator Mitch McConnell for reading a letter from civil rights activist Coretta Scott King, she moved into the corridor of the Capitol Building to continue her speech, prompting the male senator to remark, “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Now the progressive Senator from Massachusetts is persisting again. This time she’s asking the Democratic party to put value back into America’s middle class. In what some call a manifesto, Warren draws on her personal experiences in the middle income tier, as well as interactions with her current constituents to create compelling arguments in her new book, “This Fight is Our Fight.”

According to Warren, the American way of life is under siege. From the 1930s until the end of the 1970s, the government heavily invested in the middle class through education and government saving programs. But with the invent of trickle down economics and tax cuts for the rich, America has forgotten what it means to value this part of the population.

In this rousing call to action, the Senator asks her supporters to continue fighting for hard-working people and calls on the Democratic party to consider policies benefiting average Americans. She resolves that, “she won’t sit down, she won’t be silenced and she will fight back.”

While the book is a fascinating case study about the problems facing today’s middle class, “This Fight is Our Fight” also provides more questions than answers. In particular, is the beginning of the 2020 Warren for President campaign? We can only wait and see.

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