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Watch 20 Days in Minutes with the Brinno TLC120 Time-Lapse Video Camera

Whether you are familiar with time-lapse photography or you are just starting out, the Brinno TLC120 time-lapse WiFi video camera is ideal for anyone looking to produce high-quality time lapse videos.

Capable of capturing beautiful 720p HDR video, this easy-to-use camera is a great way to get into the eye-catching world of time lapse videography. With a state-of-the-art battery, which is able to last up to 20 days, this wireless and durable camera gives you the additional freedom to roam and makes sure you’ll have no problems with extended recording times.

It’s also never been easier to take your recordings, once complete, and distribute them on social media using the instant Wi-Fi sharing capabilities – a truly individual way to record and show off your travel memories.

This simple camera is ready straight from the box. Because of its dedicated and automatic time-lapse function, there is far less opportunity for any of the usual cross-over confusion. Whether you are shooting nighttime star trails, travel videos or even large-scale projects, the Brinno TLC120 provides a complete timelapse video, whereas many other competitors present a series of images.

Available in orange and grey, this must-have time lapse camera also provides videos that are much easier to edit with the most basic of video editing software.

You don’t need to worry about the weather either. When you are shooting with the TLC 120, rest assured that the camera is equipped with a revolutionary IPX4 splash proof and weather resistant casing, perfect for working in the great outdoors.

The camera also comes with an 8GB SD card so you’ll be ready to start shooting the minute you open the box. Whether you are just discovering the art of time-lapse or you are a seasoned pro, the Brinno TLC120 time-lapse WiFi video camera is capable of producing top quality videos that will impress even the pickiest of professionals.

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