Amazon Charts: Top-Selling Books This Week (July 24)

Best-selling Books of The Week
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Looking for a new summer read to sink into? Look no further. Whether you’re on the hunt for a lighthearted poolside read or something a bit more substantial, Amazon’s best-selling book chart is a great resource when you’re suffering from a case of reader’s block. Updated on an hourly basis, you can view the best-selling and most read books spanning across a wide range of literary genres. Whether you love a good crime novel or want to be more engaged with contemporary political science, here are this week’s best fiction and nonfiction books.


1. Camino Island: A Novel

Josh Grisham’s newly released crime thriller begins with a heist in which five rare F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts are stolen from the Princeton’s University library. The critically acclaimed novel marks a refreshing yet cohesive shift from Grishman’s oeuvre of legal thrillers.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($17.35) | Paperback ($19.94) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($26.66)


2. A Handmaid’s Tale

The number one most read book for a six consecutive weeks, Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel (now adapted into a Hulu series) explores themes of female subjugation in society, social control and religious fundamentalism.

BUY: Kindle ($10.99) | Hardcover ($15.29) | Paperback ($10.06) | Audible ($0.00+) | MP3 CD ($7.35)


3. Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Based on a true story, Mark T. Sullivan’s novel follows a young Italian man’s journey of love, courage and survival after being forced to enlist as a German solider during the Holocaust.

BUY: Kindle ($4.99) | Paperback ($6.32) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($9.19)


4. The Letter

As Amazon’s number one best-selling e-book, Kathryn Hughes’s uplifting novel chronicles the love story that unfolds after the main character–a domestic violence victim– opens a mysterious letter found in second-hand suit.

BUY: Kindle ($1.99) | Paperback ($11.17) | Audible ($0.00+)


5. Come Sundown

New York Times best-selling author Nora Robert’s latest romance-thriller is set in a resort town where a young woman’s body has been found dead and protagonist Bodine Longbow’s new hire–and budding love interest–is the primary suspect.

BUY: Kindle ($12.99) | Hardcover ($16.98) | Paperback ($12.96) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($24.76)


6. The Fix

David Baldacci’s detective Amos Decker is back in the third installment, The Fix (Amos Decker #3), a chilling new novel following an execution style murder outside the FBI headquarters that leads to the discovery of imminent terrorist attacks.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($18.66) | Paperback ($11.36) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($20.55)


7. Into the Water

Paul Hawkin’s psychological drama follows the aftermath when a single mother is found dead in a lake, leaving behind a lonely teenage daughter who is left to unravel dark secrets and confront painful memories of the past.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($16.80) | Paperback ($22.43) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($26.31)


8. The Identicals

The author of best-seller Here’s to Us, Elin Hilderband, is back with yet another drama-filled tale that unfolds when estranged identical twin sisters are forced to reunite after an urgent family crisis arises.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($16.80) | Paperback ($15.29) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($25.29)


9. The Fixer: A Justice Novel

The first in T.E. Woods’s new series, The Fixer follows an offstage investigation by a father and son, prompted by a suspicious murder of a clinical psychologist in Olympia, Washington.

BUY: Kindle ($3.99) | Paperback ($99.44) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($26.86)


10. A Merciful Death

From Kendra Elliott, A Merciful Death follows an FBI special agent with a dark past investigates a relentless serial killer targeting survivalists in her hometown, who may also be planning a terrorist attack.

BUY: Kindle ($4.99) | Hardcover ($13.18) | Paperback ($9.66) | Audiobook ($3.95) | MP3 CD ($9.97)



1. Al Fraken, Giant of the Senate

In this personal memoir, beloved comedian and U.S. Senator Al Fraken chronicles his unlikely journey from the stages of Saturday Night Live to the Senate.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($16.76) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($22.88)


2. I Can’t Make This Up

Comedian Kevin Hart’s literary debut is a funny, yet heartfelt personal memoir, detailing his journey to success by breaking the odds put up against him during his tumultuous upbringing.

BUY: Kindle ($12.99) | Hardcover ($16.19) | Audible ($0.00+) | MP3 CD ($15.93)


3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

An unconventional self-help guide of sorts, blogger Mark Manson offers an alternative approach to practicing positive thinking to dealing with life’s innate highs and lows. Manson uses comedy and satire to uncover a more profound discourse on getting by in modern life.

BUY: Kindle ($12.99) | Hardcover ($14.79) | Paperback ($6.98+) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($20.99)


4. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s down to earth account of astropyschics details the fundamental premises for understanding the discipline–and makes it fun to read–even for non-academic types.

BUY: Kindle ($8.91) | Hardcover ($11.37) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($14.46)


5. Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

J.D. Vance offers both a personal and socioeconomic analysis of the culture in the Appalachian Mountains. Based on the author’s own upbringing, he brings his own experiences with poverty, abuse and alcoholism to support his ultimate thesis that the hillbilly culture is proliferating social rot in these regions.

[caption id="attachment_57341" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Hillbilly Elegy book Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

BUY: Kindle ($15.99) | Hardcover ($16.79) | Paperback ($15.49) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($18.87)


6. Alex & Me

This heart warming true story details the relationship between psychologist Irene M. Pepperberg and her late African Grey parrot whose cognitive capabilities contributed greatly to scientific research in animal cognition.

BUY: Kindle ($5.99) | Hardcover ($15.71) | Paperback ($8.04) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($26.51)


7. Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World

Maritime historian Joan Druett examines the dramatic outcomes of two crews who were shipwrecked on an uninhabitable island in 1864. Using the survivors’ journals, Druett re-imagines their two-year battle to survive the island’s harsh conditions.

BUY: Kindle ($9.99) | Paperback ($23.70) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($19.99)


8. Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002)

Iconic author David Sedaris’ Theft by Finding offers an interior look at the author’s career of cultural reporting through observing. A compilation of excerpt’s from his own diaries, the book is full of the author’s mind space through a series of diary entries, lists and fragments of stories.

BUY: Kindle ($14.99) | Hardcover ($21.52) | Audible ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($21.68)


9. Understanding Trump

Author and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich offers his account of working with Donald Trump during the presidential campaign in 2016. The book of “prose” also includes a foreward written by the president’s own son, Eric Trump.

BUY: Kindle ($13.99) | Hardcover ($16.20) | Paperback ($14.42) | Audiobook (0.00+)  | Audio CD ($19.86)


10. Make Your Bed

Admiral William H. McRaven offers a compilation of “little things you can do to change your life…and maybe the world.” Drawing from what he learned during his time in the U.S. Navy, McRaven elaborates on ten core principles, offering both everyday advice and wisdom.

BUY: Kindle ($11.99) | Hardcover ($10.80) | Audiobook ($0.00+) | Audio CD ($14.98)

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