6 Sleep Headphones for When Counting Sheep Just Won’t Cut It

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Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand, or know someone that has, it’s not entirely uncommon for Americans to have issues getting to sleep on a nightly basis. According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports, about 27% of all Americans have experienced some issue or another when it comes to sleeping. While certain strategies like limiting screen time or reading an old fashioned book before bed can help, sometimes you might just need a bit of noise to help you fall asleep—and that’s where sleep headphones can come in handy.

As evidenced by their namesake, sleep headphones are designed to be worn while you go to sleep. The majority of sleep headphones have unobtrusive speakers that line up right where your ears are to quietly and subtly provide noise (whether music or just ocean waves) to those who may need it. It’s a more comfortable solution than just sticking your traditional earbuds in and hoping you can sleep despite the discomfort. If you’re looking to test drive a pair for yourself or give a set to someone close to you, we’ve rounded up six of the best sleep headphones out on the market right now.

1. AcousticSheep Bluetooth Sleep Headphones


Boasting a 10-hour battery life (charged via an included USB cord) and Bluetooth connectivity, the AcousticSheep headphones come equipped with speakers that are nestled inside the headband itself. Designed and engineered for a comfortable fit, the speakers won’t be noticeable (i.e., they won’t press further into your ears should you sleep on your side) enough to disrupt your sleep. However, should the volume get too loud or you want to even change songs, there’s a side panel that gives you quick access to ensure you fall asleep to the music and volume you want.

AcousticSleep Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Courtesy of Amazon

2. Bose Noise Masking Sleep Headphones


The latest and greatest in Bose’s sound technology is surprising in the fact that they don’t actually play any music of any kind, rather, they instead are designed specifically to mask out annoying noises or sounds you may here while trying to drift off at night. The tiny earbuds, or sleepbuds if you’d rather, will stay in place rather nicely and won’t be uncomfortable no matter your sleeping position, while boasting 16 hours of battery life off a single charge from its included charging case. Additionally, there’s further integration with the Bose sleep application to control and set things like an alarm or even a relaxing noise to help lull you on to to seeing the Sandman.

Bose Noise Masking Sleep Earbuds Courtesy of Amazon


3. EverPlus Eye Mask Sleep Headphones


Now this product is just sheer genius if you ask us! With the EverPlus Sleep Headphones, you’re getting two benefits in one, as the product includes both an eye mask to block out light and built-in headphones to block out noise. The band itself is made from a super soft cotton that won’t itch or irritate your face and ears so you can sleep comfortably through the night or just until you arrive at your travel destination. With a battery life of 10 hours (charged via included USB cord that fits into the control panel) and full bluetooth compatibility, you’re bound to have more than enough battery power to get several naps out of these before recharging it. This is an especially great option for those who are light sensitive since it blocks out noise and light. We also think it’d be perfect for a long-distance flight since it allows you to easily block out all the distractions, including snoring neighbors, around you.

Everpuss sleep headphones Courtesy of Amazon

4. CyanCloud Eye Mask Sleep Headphones


If you enjoy the idea of an eye mask and sleep headphones, but want something that’s made from a bit more of a luxe material, this leather-based version from CyanCloud is a great solution. The exterior portion is made from an artificial leather alternative, while the interior is a blend of comfortable memory foam and spandex so that it will rest gently on your face. Additionally, that artificial leather makes it so you can quickly wash the mask, should it be necessary. Like many of the other headband options, the CyanCloud has a 10 hour battery life (charged by the included USB cord), which is more than enough to get you through the night.

CyanCloud Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Courtesy of Amazon

5. Envel Sleep Headphones


If you’re thinking that eye masks and headbands aren’t your bag, these wired sleep headphones from Envel will absolutely get the job done. Super low profile (they’re nearly flat on the sides) these headphones sit in-ear to help cut down on noise and won’t get in your way should you shift around throughout the course of evening. With a long wire, you won’t need to worry about getting tangled up or making sure your device is charged.

Envel Wired Sleep Headphones Courtesy of Amazon

6. CozyPhones Wired Sleep Headphones


Similar in style to that of the AcousticSheep, these wired sleep headphones from CozyPhones sit inside a low profile headband, projecting your audio into flat speakers right near your ears. What stands out here is the way that CozyPhones has constructed their wired audio jack: made from a durable braided cable, it ensures that you won’t get the wire twisted up while you’re sleeping. Much like other options, it is lightweight so you’ll barely notice its there while you sleep. With a variety of different colors, there’s an option that will definitely speak to your own individual and stylish sensibilities.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Courtesy of Amazon

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