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Always On. Always Comfortable. You Need to Try the New Sony LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds

Audio quality among true wireless earbuds is at a level never before seen; in fact, it’s reaching a point where advancing any further would probably only be noticed by serious audiophiles. The key to new models now lies in upgrading their convenience and technology, something the Sony LinkBuds S have pulled off in a big way. While most earbuds geared for running are typically fastened with hooks, Sony’s pair gives you that “never off” feel without the hooks. You won’t have to wait long to get it either.


What We Love About the Sony LinkBuds S

The first thing you’ll notice about the LinkBuds S earbuds are their size. They’re small. And we mean really small. This makes them lightweight, and they fit well in the ear without causing the discomfort that extended sessions with the AirPods might. They’re also a lot more discreet.

The coolest feature about these earbuds is the Auto Play2 feature. Sony says the experience gives the listener “the best of both worlds” — in other words, the LinkBuds S dampen sound when needed, but not all the time. Let’s say you’re jamming out to Paramore while waiting in line for coffee; the LinkBuds S will drown out the sound of conversation around you, but reduce the noise cancelling features when you’re speaking so you can hear any responses from the barista.

Sony LinkBuds S

They’ll also automatically start playing music when you put on headphones or end a call. You’ll also receive notifications through the ear buds, and they can read notifications aloud if needed.

Spatial audio is designed to enhance the AR gaming experience, particularly for players of Ingress (the game that preceded Pokemon Go).

Tap controls let you quickly change settings, resume music, and more just by reaching up and lightly touching the LinkBuds S. Combine this with the clear audio quality and high-quality built-in mics, and you have a device that captures everything you need to listen to music or make calls on the go.


Sony LinkBuds S Pricing and Availability

The LinkBuds S have a suggested retail price of $200 and will be available starting on May 20th, but are available today for pre-order in White or Black at Sony, Amazon, and other authorized dealers. If you purchase from Best Buy, an additional color option becomes available.

Sony LinkBuds S


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