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A New Spin on Fidget Relief: Tytan’s Magnetic Space Putty

* Stress relieving tool
* Great for kids and adults alike
* Helps with attention span and focus

Whether it’s spinning a pencil on your fingertips or tapping out a new symphony on your desk while you work, we all love to play with our hands. Science has even shown that it’s a great way of relieving stress throughout the day.

Thankfully, if you’ve gotten your spin on and are looking for the newest thing to occupy your mind, we have just the thing for you: Tytan’s Magnetic Space Putty.

You may remember silly putty from when you were young. Stick it to a comic in the Sunday Funnies and you have a copy of it right there on the putty. Stretch it any way you want and it will always return to its original shape.

Well, much like that Silly Putty of yesteryear, Tytan’s Space Putty will provide you with hours of fun as you play with it. The creators have infused this magnetic putty with tiny iron particles, making it moldable into whatever shapes you can imagine. Or, place a magnet near your putty and watch it suddenly become the Blob, looking to engulf that magnet with its black ooze.

This stress reliever can also be used as an instructional tool for teaching your kids the basics of magnetic attraction, and it’s a great focus device for people prone to short attention span’s. Best of all, there’s no mess.

If you’re not satisfied, this item carries with it a one-year, hassle-free, money back guarantee. Now that should relieve some stress over whether this really works or not.

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