The Life Aquatic: 7 Ways to Take Underwater Photos

underwater photos
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Summer is a time for fun with friends and family and for making memories you want to capture with a photo. But what about those times when you’re swimming or at the beach? You don’t want your phone to implode on you from water damage, right?

Well that’s where these gadgets for taking underwater photos come in. Here are seven items that will help you become an underwater photographer this summer in no time.

1. YOOHOG Universal Waterproof Case

waterproof phone case Image courtesy of Amazon

For the ultimate protective phone case bag that also allows you the flexibility to take photos and videos underwater, look no further than YOOHOG’s one size fits all model for all phones up to 6.” Every waterproof case bag has been tested for at least two hours to withstand water, snow, sand and dirt. The phone case bag also has room to store your personal effects like your ID, credit cards and cash.

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2. Cymas Underwater Camera

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Want a no-sweat camera that works underwater? Say no more. The Cymas Full HD Underwater Sports Action Camera features a two-inch HD display with a built-in two-inch high-definition screen and 170° super wide-angle fisheye. Thanks to its waterproof case and buttons, the Cymas camera will help you capture those stellar wakeboarding and surfing shots you don’t want to miss.

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3. FitVision Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

fitvision iPhone 7 case Image courtesy of Amazon

The FitVision waterproof case allows you to record all your under the sea  moments up to depths of 32 feet on your iPhone 7 hands-free, as it comes with an arm strap and built-in kickstand in case you want to take a group photo with friends. The case is as protective above water as it is under, due to its anti-scratch screen protector and sealed structure that is resistant to rain, snow, sand, dirt and oil. And don’t worry in case you accidentally drop it. The FitVision case can withstand drops from 15 feet.

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4. Ivation Underwater Shockproof Camera

ivation underwater camera Image courtesy of Amazon

Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 10 feet, the Ivation Underwater Camera is designed to snap photos on the go. Its compact size (at just under 6.5 inches wide) makes this camera ideal to carry around, while its two full-color LCD displays are designed for both ordinary picture-taking as well as for selfies. And Ivation has an array of filters to choose from including Vivid, B&W, Sepia, Negative, and more.

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5. FITFORT Waterproof Phone Case

multifunctional waterproof phone case fitfort Image courtesy of Amazon

Want a waterproof phone case that is also slim and stylish? Order this teal waterproof phone case from FITFORT for your iPhone 7. The quality of the case is extremely durable, as its shell design is composed of premium Germany Polycarbonate materials to not only look good, but to also resist shocking, crashing, scratching and squeezing. The case’s most impressive aspect is its airtight seal that even augments the quality of your calls by enhancing your phone’s audio receptors.

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6. Floating Camera Handle

camera handle underwater Image courtesy of Amazon

To make sure you don’t lose your camera while you’re trying to take an underwater photo, snag this floating handle with a grip to keep track of it at all times. If your GoPro or other waterproof camera accidentally falls into the water, this bobber handle will force it to float to the surface. The grip also comes in handy, as its strap is adjustable and its bright yellow color is easy to spot wherever you are.

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7. LifeProof iPhone 7 Case

lifeproof phone case Image courtesy of Amazon

Worrying about finding a phone case that can withstand any sort of damage? This LifeProof case is the answer you’ve been looking for to pair with your iPhone 7. The shockproof outer casing withstands drops from over six meters with no damage and also allows for your iPhone to be fully submerged in up to six meters of water.

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