The Cableyoyo by Bluelounge Hopes to Untangle Your Earphones for Good

Untangle Your Earphones and Cords With
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* Slim, compact design makes this ideal accessory for bag, drawer or desk
* Compatible with your Apple Lightning or other small charging cables
* Available in Dark Grey, Light Grey and Lime Green colors

Untangling earphones is a nuisance for everyone and we are always searching for the next great gadget to help solve this issue. The newest iteration we came across is the Cableyoyo Earbud Cable Management by Bluelounge. The Cableyoyo is an earbud cable organizer that coils and secures your earbuds so they are ready to go on a moment’s notice.

The Cableyoyo is made up of a soft, silicone rubber spool which will help clean up any earphone cord slack and keep it neatly wrapped in a convenient, pocket-friendly device. The main feature of this device is the magnetic center which was designed to grasp and hold earphones to prevent any tangling and makes it quick and easy to wind and unwind them in a matter of seconds.

The best way to wrap your earphones using the Cableyoyo is to simply coil the cable slack around the spool and use the magnet force at the middle of the spindle to attract the dangling earbuds. This will create a slim, compact carrying case without damaging your earphones. When you are ready to use your earphones, just place your finger in the middle of the yoyo and pull. Your earphones will be released and ready for use.


Bluelounge has been making products that eliminate clutter in homes worldwide for more than a decade. They have done extensive investigation into what bothers their customers most, which has lead them to create a category that everyone can identify with and what they are best known for, Cable Management. The Bluelounge team’s main focus is to perfect solution-driven products with a strong emphasis on organization.

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