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First Look: The World’s First Solar-Powered Earbuds Only Need Sunlight to Keep the Music Going

Everything is coming up solar, and these new earbuds from Urbanista are no exception. The Urbanista Phoenix Earbuds use sunlight to charge, which means they have nearly limitless battery life. Of course, the earbuds don’t use sunlight — just the case — but even that is a huge step forward for mobile charging.

The Urbanista Phoenix Earbuds are great choices for anyone who spends much of their time outdoors. Athletes will benefit from not searching for a charging port for their earbuds, and people who spend most of their time in the sun during long work days will always have something to listen to.

Eight hours of playtime turn into 32 hours of standby power in the case, and it will constantly recharge itself as long as it’s exposed to light, thanks to the Powerfoyle charging technology. Interested? The Urbanista Phoenix Earbuds are coming soon and will be priced at $149.

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Courtesy of Urbanista

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Why We’re Excited About the Urbanista Phoenix Earbuds

Earbuds are only as good as their sound quality, but it looks like the Urbanista Phoenix won’t fall short on that front. While we haven’t had the chance to try them ourselves, they come equipped with hybrid active noise-canceling to drown out background sounds and let you focus on the music (without making it impossible to have a conversation).

Although specific specs haven’t been given, Axel Grell, the audio engineer for Urbanista, says, “These earbuds are designed to deliver a crystal clear and transparent sound with a punchy bass that doesn’t overpower the mids and highs.” We don’t know the technicalities of the sound, but the Urbanista App does provide “deep customization” options that include EQ controls.

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Courtesy of Urbanista

Like AirPods and other wireless earbuds, the Urbanista Phoenix buds have a transparency mode, ear-in detection, touch controls, and automatic power off. They’re also IPX4 water resistant. While you’ll still want a different pair of headphones for swimming, these won’t short out on you just because you are running in the rain or are sweating. Multipoint Bluetooth technology lets you connect easily to your device of choice, agnostic of platform.

Finally, the Phoenix Earbuds will be available in two colors: Midnight Black and Desert Rose (in other words, pink).

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Urbanista Phoenix Pricing and Availability

No release date is available yet, although the website lists the earbuds as “coming soon.” They will be priced at $149 MSRP. You can sign up for updates regarding the release on Urbanista’s website.

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