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uTurn Custom Turntables Let You Jump on the Vinyl Bandwagon Without Destroying Your Budget

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The back-to-vinyl music movement has been in full gear for a few years now. So what are you waiting for? What’s keeping you from discovering that the needle on a record produces a deeper and more complete sound than any digital file on your laptop?

We know. It’s the barrier of entry, both financial and cultural. The best record players can be expensive, and the vinyl subculture thrives on a cooler-than-thou attitude. But uTurn’s Orbit line of turntables will get you into the vinyl club without destroying your bank account, and they sound as good as any vintage turntable.

The Orbit turntables have a story as good as their sound. Founded in 2012 by three hardcore audiophiles, uTurn got its funding via Kickstarter, and by 2015 had produced over 10,000 units in their hometown of Woburn, MA. To this day, every Orbit turntable is built in uTurn’s Woburn workshop, and are tested in-house before being sent out.

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Courtesy of uTurn
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of uTurn

The small-shop production means simplicity, eschewing unnecessary bells and whistles for essential performance and high-quality materials. No built-in speakers, janky USB connections, or “retro” visual flourishes. Just a classic, elegant look, and fantastic sound. The price is entry-level, but the engineering and playback quality are well beyond that.

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The entire Orbit line consists of manual, belt-driven turntables. And the parts are interchangeable, which means you can start with the basic Orbit Basic and, when you’re ready, upgrade the platter or cartridge. Those parts and other replacement parts are all available directly from uTurn.

The Orbit’s low-noise motor synchronizes with a stable AC frequency to provide excellent speed consistency with no audible pitch variation. The belt drive decouples the motor from the rest of the turntable, preventing unwanted vibrations from reaching the platter. The feet and motor suspension on the turntables are rubber, keeping disruptive vibrations to an absolute minimum, and the wood plinths are actual hardwood, not veneer-covered particleboard.

If you didn’t understand the preceding paragraph, that’s okay. Because the Orbit turntables are so simply designed, setup is a breeze. They’re playable straight from the box, with RCA cables to connect either from the optional preamp or directly from the turntable to the Aux port on your speakers or receiver.

Half of the fun is building your own turntable via Orbit Custom. Choose your finish, cartridge, platter, and more. In fact, every component on the uTurn turntable is customizable, which means you can design your own custom record player that perfectly matches your style. And the custom uTurn turntables are absolutely gorgeous, with a colorful, minimalist aesthetic. Start basic or explore premium options. Remember, Orbit parts are interchangeable, so you can always upgrade later. Whether this is your first turntable or not, it could be your last, because of its quality and robust upgrade options.

uTurn takes pride in its work, and confidently stands behind it. They’re at the ready to answer any questions you may have about creating your own turntable, setting it up or maintaining it. And they back their products with a comprehensive 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy.