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First Look: Victrola’s New Re-Spin Record Player Is a Smart, Eco-Friendly and Affordable Record Player

There’s just something about vinyl that digital can’t match. Maybe it’s the smell, or maybe it’s the soft scratch of the needle as the song starts. Either way, there’s a reason it draws in audiophiles in droves. Now you can feel good about the environment simultaneously, thanks to Victoria’s Re-Spin, a new sustainable suitcase record player is made of 25% recycled plastic and comes in four different colors.

The Re-Spin is available for $100 in Basil Green, Poinsettia Red, Light Blue and Graphite Gray. It’s packed to the brim with modern features, even if it’s playing an old medium.

The Victrola Re-Spin

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What We Love About the Victrola Re-Spin

Taking care of the planet is important, and buying products made from recycled materials is a bit of a trend — but one that’s worth following. The Victrola Re-Spin is made of 25% recycled plastics, but its packaging is 100% recyclable too. That drops the overall carbon footprint even further.

We can’t forget about the music, though. The Re-Spin has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that’s been custom-tuned to provide the best possible sound output. It has a bass radiator that pushes the sound out throughout the entire room but does so with an anti-vibration speaker enclosure. What’s that mean? Well, you can play your records with the bass cranked all the way up without worrying that the needle will skip or scratch.

You can also stream music straight to the speaker if you aren’t in the mood for vinyl. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it was to connect to external speakers, but there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack to RCA adapter and an adapter for 45 RPM records. There’s even a removable dust cover that lets you display up to five records. It’s a speaker and decor piece all in one.

The four color options make this an even more appealing product, especially since you can pick the one that best matches your man cave, music room, or wherever else you want to put the record player.

Bluetooth record players are one of the most popular audio products we write about on SPY, and we’ll update this post with an in-depth review once we’ve finished testing this product for SPY readers.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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