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The Samsung Gear 360 is the Easiest Way to Create Your Own VR Experience

* 360-degree 4K video
* 30MP still photos
* Dust and splash-resistant 

One of the newest entries in a rapidly developing field, the Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera benefits from Samsung’s deep experience in VR tech. The Gear 360 is an affordable yet highly sophisticated all-around camera that lets you shoot 360-degree, VR-ready footage.

Designed for ease of use and intuitive sharing, the Samsung Gear 360 also supports instant social media connectivity and pairs seamlessly with the Gear 360 app for Samsung smartphones and Galaxy devices.

This roughly baseball-sized spherical camera boasts some pretty impressive technical specs, especially considering its entry-level price tag. The Gear 360 features bright f2.0 wide angle lenses and its sensor captures 4K video or richly detailed 30 megapixel still photos.

It shoots onto a micro SD card, similar to those used in GoPros and other modern action cameras. The Samsung Gear 360 also stands out for its ability to sync up quickly and intuitively with other Samsung devices. A benefit of the company’s extensive VR ecosystem, the Gear 360 shoots files that are easily playable on the Gear VR immersive VR headset. The interface is streamlined and minimal yet provides plenty of options for trimming and editing once you get into the features of the Gear 360 Manager app.

So, there’s plenty for hobbyists and advanced users to keep their interest, while VR novices can pretty much begin creating surround-view 360-degree video right away. And since it’s designed to work with one of the most popular VR headsets on the market, the Samsung Gear 360 makes it easy to view your 360-degree video the way it’s meant to be seen.

An added bonus is that the compact Gear 360 is splash and dust resistant for outdoor use and comes with an included mini tripod.

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