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What To Do This Weekend: Watch the Steelers vs. Patriots on CBS All Access

* Watch NFL playoffs on CBS All Access
* Compatible with Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Chromecast and more
* After the game, get instant access t0 8500+ TV episodes

Instead of corralling into a crowded sports bar this weekend and paying way too much for drinks and wings while you watch playoff football, stay home. Order a pizza or grill up some steaks, pop open a couple cans of beer and watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play the New England Patriots for the AFC Conference Championship on CBS All Access.

It’s easy to get set up. Choose between the Limited Commercial Plan ($5.99/month) or the Commercial Free Plan ($9.99/month) to watch NFL Football, plus all your favorite CBS shows. The best part? You get a free week-long trial.

When there’s no football to watch on CBS All Access, you still have plenty of viewing options. A subscription to this cutting-edge streaming service lets you watch more than 8500 episodes pf television on-demand. Fan favorites include not only NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, but also Undercover Boss and Kevin Can Wait. You’ll also get to watch CBS All Access Originals, such as The Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery and Big Brother: Over the Top. 

If you didn’t have weekend plans, you do now. To start watching, sign-up for your free trial and download the app. Just note that the NFL streaming is not available on mobile devices.

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