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This Clip-On Wearable Makes it Easier Than Ever To Capture Memories

* Ultra lightweight and tiny
* Records full HD 1080p video
* Built-in WiFi 

This SereneLife ultralight clip-on wearable camera is less than two inches across and can be attached to any backpack strap or article of clothing, yet records full HD 1080p video and can seamlessly capture important moments, special memories and high-value interactions all without any special input or need to manually adjust settings.

The clip-on wearable camera shoots 12MP stills as well and can record onto a standard micro SD card, making it easy to save and transfer photos and video. Charging is via an included micro USB cable and the SereneLife clip-on wearable camera’s battery lasts several hours when fully charged.

This slim, simple and easy-to-use wearable camera also features built-in WiFi, and can interface with a free smartphone app which lets you use your phone to remotely control the camera, letting you snap still photos, record and end recording of video clips, share images and video and more.

The app is quick to load and works seamlessly, with minimal lag, letting your phone act as a true remote shutter. This feature can come in handy even when using the clip-on wearable camera as a wearable: it’s often much more convenient to hit the record button on your phone in your pocket than to reach up to a helmet or backpack strap while hiking, cycling or climbing.

This wearable camera is also small enough to carry in most pockets and clutch bags alongside a smartphone, and since its optics generally outperform the native cameras on phones it doesn’t feel redundant to carry around alongside a fitness tracker or smart watch.

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