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The Sold Out Balmain x Beats by Dre Collaboration Is Still Available Online

* High-end Parisian style meets modern Beats technology
* Powerful sound and dependable Bluetooth functionality
* 12 hour battery life with Fast Fuel charging feature

As earphones become a staple of everyday life, people are beginning to demand high-quality sound pieces that elevate personal style. Apple has taken notice (as they do) and released a special edition Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones in collaboration with the renowned Parisian fashion house, Balmain.

The collaboration is a great move by both brands. Apple brings reliable sound and technology, and Balmain brings its high-end aesthetic. The earphones are an in-ear design with flexible hooks and a neck cord. The ear hooks, neck cord and tips are finished in a safari tan. The back cases are accented with metallic gold, then stamped with the Balmain Paris and Beats logos. The campaign, meantime, is fronted by Kylie Jenner.

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Image courtesy of Beats by Dre[/caption]

The initial run of this collaboration sold out in stores within days. But we’ve found brand new, unopened versions still available on eBay. The site also has the super limited-edition Beats by Dre Balmain x Kylie Jenner headphones, though those are a little pricier on the re-sale market.

The Powerbeats have a focus on workout functionality and durability, with sweat and water resistance, reliable Bluetooth functionality and a secure fit. They also feature a new battery that lasts up to 12 hours and a Fast Fuel feature that lets you charge an hours worth of power in just five minutes.

(Don’t need the limited-edition Balmain Beats? Get the regular Powerbeats3 ear buds in black, blue, white or gold, starting at $169.99 here).

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