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Bring Your Stone Age Speakers Into the Modern Streaming Era with The MUZO Cobblestone

* Effortlessly makes your old-school home audio system wireless
* Connects music on your phone or tablet to your existing speakers
* Sleek, modern design complements any decor

Remember when you thought your expensive home audio system was state-of-the-art?

Then along came steaming music, and now your stereo equipment, which still delivers great sound, is sadly out of date. If you want to rock out wirelessly, the MUZO Cobblestone is the perfect solution.

Simply connect the MUZO to the audio input jack on your speaker, amplifier or receiver with the included 3.5 mm audio cable. Configure it to your Wi-Fi network, and use the MUZO Player app to stream your favorite music straight from your phone. The MUZO is like the middleman, connecting your phone to your existing speakers. The app supports Spotify, iHeartRadio, Tidal and more, so your music will play and flow through easily.

wifi audio receiver muzo

Want to stream to music throughout your home? The multi-room function allows you to stream synchronized music in different rooms. You can also control the volume, song, radio station or playlist selection directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The device’s cool, sleek look blends into any space, without being obtrusive. At just 5.5 inches wide and weighing 9.9 ounces, it’s lightweight and portable to move from room to room.

MUZO’s Cobblestone Wi-Fi Audio Receiver is the digital link that brings Stone Age audio systems into the modern era.

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