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These Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Keep the Party Charged

* Sleek charging case doubles as emergency, external battery
* Stereo and mono modes for using both or only one bud
* Sweatproof design makes these earbuds all-purpose

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are all the rage these days since Apple coupled the newest iPhone with a pair. Now, JMFONE have upped the ante with their own version. What makes these different from the rest that has flooded the market in recent months? These buds have a cool carrying case that doubles as a charging station. 

The unique charging case doubles as a 700mAh external battery. You can charge the wireless buds five times with the case and even use it in an emergency to charge your mobile phone. The buds themselves will also sync with iPhones to display battery life right there on the phone screen.

These wireless earbuds have a number of other features that make them useful in multiple situations. The sweatproof design means you won’t have to take them off during workouts. In addition, these buds can be used in either mono or stereo mode. So if you want to inconspicuously use them while you’re working, you can pop one in and leave the other ear free to hear those all-important office conversations. 

Sharing is also caring with these earbuds. Now that the wires have been cut, you can keep them in stereo mode and pass one bud off to a loved one. This way you can both enjoy that movie while in flight to your next destination.

Keep the music going and never worry about running out of juice with these unique, wireless Bluetooth earbuds and charging case.

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