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Flex Your Security and Be Safe With This Wireless HD Security Camera

* Wireless, HD security camera with online storage
* 360° swivel base with magnetic backing for easy placement
* Programmable emergency contact numbers for easy support

These days, you can’t be too safe. Whether it’s protecting your home while you are at work or keeping a watchful eye on the kids as they play in the backyard, everyone is looking for a sense of comfort. The

offers this comfort and more for those looking for a high-tech, reliable home security option.

This wireless security camera is small and unobtrusive, allowing it to blend right into your home decor and architecture. Along with wireless capability, it sports a magnetic base and 360° viewing capability that makes for convenient placement around the house and yard. The camera is waterproof so it can be used in the backyard to keep an “eye” on the kids, and it even has a 25-foot night vision distance capability so you’ll never be caught unaware by an unexpected, nighttime visitor.  


What truly sets the Canary Flex apart from other home security options is its app system, which allows for one-touch, programmable emergency numbers. If you receive an alert on your phone from the camera and something is amiss, all you need to do is simply push a button and your pre-programmed emergency number is immediately dialed and notified. Couple this with its HD video recording, and you have a system that brings crisp, clear images to your phone (via the app) and the ability to notify authorities in no time at all.

One other, fitting application that may intrigue homeowners, is that it utilizes motion sensor technology to turn on and off. Are you planning on being away from home for a while, but still want to keep an eye on the cat? With the Canary Flex Camera you can do just that. You can set the camera app to notify you anytime there is movement within its vicinity, and with its audio interface you can even talk to your cat or dog. 

The Canary Flex Camera will help give you peace of mind and a sense of comfort and security, knowing that your home — and its precious occupants — are under a watchful eye at all times.

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