Jabra MOVE Wireless Headphones are Music to iPhone 7 Owners’ Ears – No Jack, No Problem!

Wireless Headphones Review: Jabra Move Delivers
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Gone are the days of wires and clunky headphones – when you’re on the go and want your music to MOVE with you, these hip, compact and comfortable wireless stereo headphones from Jabra pack a powerful audible punch.

While wireless headphones are practically a must for new iPhone 7 owners, everyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device deserves the freedom to enjoy crisp digital sound anywhere and everywhere you roam. Jabra MOVE Wireless Stereo Headphones’ signature DSP delivers unrivalled sound quality, revealing the true depth and clarity of the music you love.

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The headphones also have a built-in microphone, so that clear connection carries through to phone calls, too.

In seconds you can easily pair your cell phone with Jabra’s MOVE headphones, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket while you control your music and phone calls with a quick tap of a button on your headphones. Featuring a comfortable yet snug fit with an adjustable headband, the clean, stylish Scandinavian design also provides maximum durability when you need it most – at the gym, on a hike and any time you need a powerhouse of sound to pump you up and keep you jamming along.

Sound great? Here’s one more high note Jabra’s MOVE headphones hit – they’re under $100!

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