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A Peanut-Sized Thermometer That Will Change Your Heating Habits

* Tiny peanut-shaped wireless thermometer
* Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth for easy readings
* Set alerts for temperatures outside your desired range

Remotely measure the temperature of any place you desire with this clever little sensor. The ThermoPeanut Thermometer is the very first wireless smart thermometer and it’s a great way to keep tabs on your child’s bedroom, to keep your room comfortable, or to check if your fridge is keeping your food cold. Place the tiny, peanut-shaped sensor wherever you wish for regular readings of the surrounding temperature.

A little larger and flatter than your average peanut, the TermoPeanut is designed to sit innocuously in your bedroom, fridge, basement or even the outside of your backpack. Connecting directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and the SensePeanut smartphone app, the thermometer provides readings of the ambient temperature every 15 minutes in an easy-to-read format.

The SensePeanut App is available for free on all iOS and Android smartphones. It not only provides temperature readings in a friendly form, it also helps you find your area’s highs, lows and a graphical interpretation of the up-to-date temperature data.

Available in a variety of colors, the intelligent device can be programmed to call and send alerts to your smartphone if a temperature reading moves outside the normal range. The peanut is compatible with Nest thermostats and IFTTT. Together these programs can provide a variety of in-house actions. For example, if ThermoPeanut’s temperature reading surpasses 80°F, the air conditioning will automatically start.

With easy-to-use functionality, the ThermoPeanut is a fun and affordable way to measure the temperature anywhere. Keep tabs on your home to ensure optimal conditions for health and safety, or use it to prep your outfit for the weather outside or on a trip. The ThermoPeanut comes with a lithium ion battery, a key ring (to attach to your bag or device) and an adhesive strip to stick on your wall.

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