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Make a Timelapse Series (or Capture a Possum Mug Shot) With The No Glow Trail Camera

* 1080p video with high dynamic range
* Fast motion capture
* Time lapse mode

Designed to capture pin-sharp images of wildlife and game, the no glow trail camera from XIKEZAN is noteworthy for its wide range of programmable features, along with its camouflaged, trail-friendly shell and outstanding 75’ night vision range.

The no glow trail camera shoots 12 MP still photos and captures full HD 1080p video over a high range of light situations. From the dappled sun of midday to the gloom of a starless night, the no glow trail camera can pick up detailed and high resolution images of where the wild things are.

Video capture can be programmed for clip lengths ranging from five to 90 seconds, and the trail camera has a fast trigger speed, letting it start recording in less than a second after detecting motion. The motion-sensing range is relatively wide, and there is also a programmable interval trigger mode for multi-shot still capture. This makes the XIKEZAN no glow trail camera a great option for an unobtrusive home or business security camera as well.

With a waterproof shell and very long battery life, this outdoor camera is suitable for time lapse photography, too, letting you place it in a “set it and forget it” mode for breathtaking footage of changing seasons, plant growth and more.

Overall, the XIKEZAN no glow trail camera rates as a versatile, practical choice for a mix of uses from artful wildlife and game photography to everyday home security or even pest control. If you’ve long been trying to figure out what woodland creature has been coming by in the night to steal the dog food or nibble the petunias, this no glow trail camera may just ID the perp for you.

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