20 Luxury Cannabis Accessories for the Sophisticated Stoner on 4/20

luxury cannabis accessories
Courtesy of Laundry Day

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For those who partake in cannabis consumption, a love for the plant has often come with heavy judgment from others. But as marijuana is slowly being legalized around the world, we’re learning to drop that stoner stigma and celebrate this magical plant as it enters the mainstream.

In 2022, weed is no longer signified by college dorm rooms with tie-dye tapestries and lava lamps. We’re not hiding it away in soda cans with removable bottoms — we’re proudly showcasing this once-secret part of our lives and all the joy it brings us. And how are we doing that? With the best luxury cannabis accessories, of course.

Today, cannabis has entered the world of luxury goods in full force. Whether you’re stocking up on high-end cannabis products to enhance your smoking ritual or buying gifts for the sophisticated stoner in your life, it can feel risky to opt for trial and error with expensive products that haven’t necessarily been vetted. Rest assured, our curation of inspired and upscale cannabis products will leave you asking yourself how you ever got baked without them.

Today, the best weed accessories can double as chic home decor, and your friends won’t believe how sophisticated this market has become in recent years. We’ve covered some exciting cannabis brands in the past — from Seth Rogen’s Houseplant brand to up-and-comers like Blazy Susan — and we have a selection of fine goods for you to peruse below.


1. Tetra Carry Kit

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in the world of cannabis, this minimalist kit is an ideal high-end weed accessory for traveling or just keeping things organized at home. One of their signature pipes, a Tsubota Pearl Queue Stick lighter, and Fog Pin cleaning tool make up the Tetra start kit, all packaged up in a stylish hard-sided leather carry case. While the case does contain elastic straps, Tetra recommends adding extra padding if flying with this kit.

tetra carry kit Courtesy of Tetra


2. Cloud 9 Pipe & Ashtray Set

More and more luxury weed accessory brands are conjuring up chic pipe and ashtray sets that double as home decor This handmade Cloud 9 pipe and ashtray set adds an elevated look to any coffee table. Sold in iridescent black and lime green, this ceramic two-piece set includes a dome-shaped pipe that nestles perfectly inside a matching ribbed ashtray. Everything from the shape to the color options on the Cloud 9 embodies that upscale vibe.

Cloud 9 Pipe & Ashtray Set Courtesy of Tetra

3. Rogue Paq Ritual Case in Black Leather Lambskin

Forget plastic Ziplock bags; there’s a better way to store your weed. Rogue Paq’s luxury cannabis accessories are made from protective but ultra-thin materials, like this buttery leather lambskin. Along with the streamlined appearance, this case suppresses odor, features a water-resistant lining and pockets of different sizes, so you can fit all your herbs and weed accessories. Everything is held in place with powerful elastics, and internal padding absorbs shocks with ease. Another perk? All products by Rogue Paq can be personalized with a monogram, making for a case that feels like it’s truly yours.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of Rogue Paq

4. VerdieVie Iconic Stash Case

This stash case for joints is as sophisticated as they come, with a gold-embossed green crocodile exterior. It’s as stylish as it is functional, and might just make you want to get matching green croc accessories after purchasing. Holding the joints in place is a sweeping metal arm. Not lighting up that day? Store valuables or condoms in this versatile and distinguished must-have for every smoker’s toolkit. Designed by Verde Vie, this Canadian brand aims to drop the stigma from the cannabis lifestyle.

luxury cannabis accessories Courteasy of Verdevie

5. Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

We need to say goodbye to plastic rolling trays (and all things plastic) ASAP. Although they’re affordable, they’re not as durable or long-lasting as other materials and are filled with chemicals that can leech onto our buds. Instead, consider opting for a metal tray, which is much more durable and easy to clean time after time, unlike cheap tin and plastic alternatives. This one by Blazy Susan comes in a purple-pink tone, rose gold, and iridescent rainbow. As far as luxury cannabis accessories go, this one is a must-have.

Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray Courtesy of Blazy Susan


6. Love and Destroy Cross Bar Pipe

The Cross Bar Pipe by Love and Destroy is the dreamiest blend of elegant and industrial. Available in a matte black, polished gold or antiqued finish, this pipe is made from stainless steel and features crossbars at the bottom that prevent it from toppling over and getting ash all over the place. Made in a process involving 3D printing and hand finishing, this pipe is a piece of art that’s as functional as it is beautiful, making it one of the best high-end stoner accessories out there.

Love and Destroy Cross Bar Pipe Courtesy of Love and Destroy


7. Flower by Edie Parker Glass Cherry Pipe

There’s something about delicate glass fruit pipes that embodies the essence of high-end weed accessories. They’re just the right blend of whimsical and expensive-looking, like this colorful glass cherry. This vessel can double as decor on your coffee table, mantle, or shelves.

Flower by Edie Parker Glass Cherry Pipe Courtesy of Edie Parker Flower

8. Banana Bros. OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler

While rolling a joint is definitely an art, sometimes you just want to lean back and have the finished product ready for you. With this high-tech electric grinder and joint roller by Banana Bros, manually rolled cannabis will quickly become a thing of the past. Reviewers were surprised by the quality and suggest it even to those who think that they’re experts in the area. If you want perfectly shredded bud and impeccably filled cones every time, look no further.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of 420science

9. Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Melon Twist Bong

Self-proclaimed high-end head shop Edie Parker is all about high-minded creative design, and while their goods certainly aren’t cheap, this brand makes one of the best high-end weed accessories you can get your hands on. This stunning light green bong is a hand-blown collaboration with Brooklyn glass artist Paul Arnhold, with every piece produced out of his studio. Even the attention to detail on the bowl is flawless. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a collector’s item that you’ll be proud to display year-round.

Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Melon Twist Bong Courtesy of Edie Parker Flower

10. Laundry Day Hudson Pipe

Laundry Day serves up high-end weed accessories in unexpected shapes, colors, and materials. Still, their aesthetic is more approachable than pricier alternatives, making it the perfect intro to luxury cannabis accessories. Circular smokeware is a trend that’s taking over, and unlike traditionally straight pieces, circle-shaped options offer a nicer aesthetic and are easier to hold. This disc-shaped option by Laundry Day is available in both transparent and opaque options and can also act as an incense holder.

One enthusiastic reviewer, writing in all caps, said: “I WAS GIFTED THIS PIECE 2 YEARS AGO AND STILL LOVE AND USE IT ALL THE TIME.”

Laundry Day Hudson Pipe Courtesy of Laundry Day

11. Miwak Junior Green “Julio” Pipe

This organic modern pipe by Miwak Junior is made from a mix of porcelain and stoneware clay. With a smooth texture and an oval shape, it feels like a sea stone in your palm. Taking influences from minimalist Japanese design and Pre-Colombian design, this brand puts a focus on discreet functionality.

Miwak Junior Green “Julio” Pipe Courtesy of The Flowerpot

12. Wavy Ashtray and Incense Holder

Elevate your smoking ritual with this abstract two-in-one Wavy Ashtray and Incense Holder by Concrete Cat. The pigmented concrete has a striking effect and a high-quality, weighty feel. One o the most unusual luxury cannabis accessories out there, it has a basin that can catch ash from incense or hold a torch of sage. It can also be used as a standalone ashtray since the incense holder is inconspicuous. Choose between several mesmerizing two-tone color options.

Wavy Ashtray and Incense Holder Courtesy of Coming Soon New York

13. Yew Yew Sunset Bong

Yew Yew is a women-led brand offering up luxury cannabis accessories with a focus on craftsmanship and good looks. While all their pipes, weed grinders and ashtrays get rave reviews, their Sunset Bong is the star of the show. From the smooth hits it delivers to the design, customers only have kind things to say about this sculpturesque piece from Yew Yew. It’s a little shorter and wider than most bongs, which adds stability and a unique look. Though it’s sold in multiple colors, Amber is our timeless pick.

Yew Yew Sunset Bong Courtesy of Yew Yew

14. Heir Waterpipe

Many stoners call the Heir Waterpipe the best bong they’ve ever smoked from, with cleaner and cooler hits. It’s much easier to clean than your traditional, multi-chambered bong, and it’s less likely to splash due to its extended downstem. The bowl on the Heir is also a game-changer. Rather than the usual delicate glass piece that’s so easy to break, this one is made of stainless steel, increasing longevity and acting as an insulator.

Heir Waterpipe Courtesy of Smoke Heir

15. Gossamer Magazine, Volume One

Sometimes, literature for stoners is a little too on-the-nose. That’s why Gossamer came is a favorite of ours. This magazine calls itself a read for people who “just happen to smoke weed” or are open-minded about cannabis. Volume One is a cannabis lover’s paradise, with 144 high-quality matte and coated pages of dreamy content. From stunning but bizarre images of fake food and puzzles to cannabis short stories and an in-depth guide to CBD, you won’t regret investing $20 in this mesmerizing magazine issue.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of Gossamer

16. Pilgrim Soul Original Creative Thinking Journal

This creative thinking journal was the ultimate invention for stoners with wandering thoughts. Before those thoughts head into foggy oblivion, jot them down in this guided journal, which contains over 50 creative thinking exercises to stretch your brain. The Pilgrim Soul journal fights the stigma that weed smokers are lazy, with challenges to increase creativity and promote productive habits. This journal helps you re-discover your flow and imagination while challenging you to go outside your comfort zone and thinking patterns.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of pilgrimsoul.com

17. Birch Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

This birchwood Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray is a unique take on the Lazy Susan for cannisseurs. It’s also available in walnut, or all pink, all with customizable silicone slap inserts for dabs. It’s a home for all of your cannabis accessories to live simultaneously, with easy access thanks to a spinning base. The tray, finished with Italian varnish, comes with lighter and banger holders, multiple rolling areas, and spaces for grinders, joints, filter tips, or other tools.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of blazysusan.com

18. HiGrade Instant Cannabis Analyzing Kit

Invented with home growers in mind, this user-friendly cultivation assistant is useful for any cannabis lovers who want to test their strains for peace of mind. It can test potency, detect pests or diseases, and balance nutrients while indicating the best harvest timings and water intake for your specific strain. Simply download the company’s HiGrade app and use your smartphone camera to photograph the flower — their servers will analyze the data and send you nearly instantaneous results. A home bud analysis kit to turn novice growers into pros.

luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of Amazon

19. Tetra Slide Lighter

Are your lighters always running out of fluid? Tetra has been a leader in high-end marijuana accessories for a while, and our favorite offering from them is their flame-free Slide Lighter, which lights joints without any fuel. This lighter is USB rechargeable (charger included) and uses the same heated coil mechanism used in car lighters. By sliding the top panel down, this secret lighter is revealed and quickly heats up for usage. The colors are sophisticated and chic, with options like black, iridescent and warm gold.

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luxury cannabis accessories Courtesy of Tetra

20. Houseplant Standing Ashtray

When Seth Rogen announced that he was launching a marijuana and home goods brand, we weren’t quite sure what to think. But this endeavor is no joke, and Houseplant has a sophisticated selection of chic accessories and stoner gifts. Recently, the brand released this mid-century-modern standing ashtray, which has chic 1960s vibes. Of course, like all of the best weed accessories, it’s expensive.

houseplant standing ashtray Courtesy of Houseplant