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The 11 Best Backpacks for Teens Are Stylish, Colorful and Practical

Backpacks are the best sort of bag, both for fitting the maximum amount of things and for comfort in carrying. The same applies to backpacks for teens.

Whether they need a new one for back to school, for traveling or for outdoor activities, there are tons of cool backpacks that’ll satisfy any teen requirements. Since teens in particular like to look cool and keep up with the trends, it’s important that they don’t have to sacrifice style for function. All of the backpacks on this list look good, can hold whatever they need and won’t put too much strain on their back and shoulders no matter how long you’re carrying them around. Any high schooler or college kid will be excited to fill up one of these with their school supplies, clothes or other belongings and show it off around town.

Don’t stress if you’re afraid your taste in bags isn’t cool enough for the hip teenager in your life. These are the best backpacks for teens to take along on any and all of their life adventures.

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1. Herschel Classic Backpack


This is the kind of backpack that teens will love well into their adult lives. It’s cool, classic and functional, so there’s really no reason to age out of it. It doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, basically just a front storage pocket and main compartment, but the clean, simple silhouette is what makes it so timeless. There’s plenty of space to use for school or travel, and it’ll never go out of style.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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2. Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack


If your teen needs a backpack for weekend getaways, this Dagne Dover option in their signature neoprene is the best option. It has that sleek, classic look with some sneaky additional features like an outer zipper laptop pocket and an inner slip tablet sleeve. It can fit a surprising amount, including clothes, shoes and electronics, and the premium high-tech neoprene is water-resistant shock absorbant and insulating to protect everything inside.

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Courtesy of Dagne Dover


3. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack


Fjallraven backpacks have remained on trend for many years now, especially in the world of backpacks for teens, and it’s easy to see why. The unique rectangular design sets this one apart, as does the Vinylon fabric that’s dirt-resistant, water-resistant and wipes clean. There’s a two-way zipper with a rain flap for protection, ergonomic shoulder straps for long-term comfort and plenty of storage space for everything you need.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Stowaway Packable 30L Pack


This backpack somehow has 30 liters of cargo space and also folds down into its own pocket. It’s the perfect backpack for hiking and camping adventures that can be easily packed and opened up to hold everything you could possibly need. The durable, lightweight fabric has a StormRepel finish to shed moisture and lightly padded shoulder straps for all-day comfort. It also happens to look great, especially in the trendy camo, so your teen will get all the functionality and be excited about the appearance.

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Courtesy of Eddie Bauer


5. The North Face Tote Pack


The North Face was an iconic name in my schooling years, and they’ve managed to stay relevant and up to date with what’s cool. This tote pack is a great backpack for teens in high school or college who want something low profile but still functional. It has tons of fancy features, like a laptop sleeve, padded back and shoulders, a bike-light loop and flush secure-zip outer pockets, and you know you can trust the quality.

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Courtesy of The North Face


6. L.L.Bean Original Book Pack


When you think of a classic backpack, this is probably what you envision. It’s truly the OG backpack for teens and kids of all ages. It’s made of extra-strong fabric that’s weatherproof, so it should hold up no matter what gets thrown at it. It comes in a variety of fun colors, has tons of storage space and easily folds down for stowing. You really can’t go wrong with this book pack.

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Courtesy of L.L.Bean


7. Himawari Laptop Backpack


Teens these days have lots of electronics that they like to have on them at all times, and keep fully charged. This backpack is perfect for that purpose. It’s made of eco-friendly waterproof canvas, can hold a computer, tablet, headphones, power bank, cell phone and more. It also has a built-in detachable USB cable for easy charging, and padded, breathable and adjustable straps.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. Topo Designs Light Pack


Topo Designs is a new-ish outdoor gear brand, and it also makes some of the best backpacks for teens thanks to their unique designs, bold styles and variety of colorways. These backpacks are built to last and can really withstand some wear and tear, which is why they’re the perfect bag for adventurous teens looking to show off their unique style.

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Courtesy of Topo Designs


9. Lululemon Everyday Backpack 2.0


For the teen whose teen years are flying by, this may be the perfect backpack for them to use well into adulthood. The best gifts are the ones that you can use for many years to come, and since this backpack is good for anything, from school to hiking to travel to the gym, and is made well enough to hold up over time, and it won’t go out of style, the late teen in your life will greatly appreciate it. It comes in a bunch of cool color combos, all in water-repellant fabrics.

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Courtesy of Lululemon


10. The ReNew Transit Backpack


You may associate commuting with working adults, but plenty of teens have to do it as well. Whether they have to hop on a bus or train to get to school, work, a summer internship or head home from college, this backpack will make that commute a whole lot easier. It’s minimalist and masculine, which teen boys may appreciate, and also extremely functional. With an exterior laptop pocket, zip pockets, interior slip pockets, two water bottle holders and a handy magnetic closure for easy access, there’s nothing this backpack can’t do.

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Courtesy of Everlane


11. Carhartt Essentials Backpack


Carhartt is mostly known for their beanies and overalls, but they also happen to make pretty cool backpacks for teens. They’re water repellant with a laptop sleeve, side pocket and front zippered compartment. There are multiple color options to choose from, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable and available on Amazon Prime for super speedy delivery.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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