The Best Ashtrays are a Stylish Addition to Any Home (Even if You Don’t Smoke)

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Ashtrays are designed to collect cigarette and cigar ash and keep it off floors and furniture, while also serving as a place to rest your cigarette when it’s not in your hand. But even though the popularity of smoking has greatly declined, the appeal of a quality ashtray hasn’t subsided. Besides cigarettes, ashtrays can be useful for the wacky tobacky (where legal, etc. etc.), as well as for burning incense. They also have a lot of uses that have nothing to do with gathering ash, and the many unique designs that have been produced make them great collector’s items.

Even if you’ve never smoked and don’t plan to start, it’s still worth having a few ashtrays around the house. One of the best uses for an ashtray is to repurpose it as a catchall for keys and other small items. Keep one on your nightstand for jewelry and one by the door for keys and change, for example. Or, keep an ashtray at your desk as a place for paper clips. An ashtray can also be a great place to store small candies like mints. You can also leave one out on the coffee table as decor. And of course, you can use it as an actual ashtray.

Whatever you use your ashtray for, we’ve found some of the best ones you can buy online.


1. FREELOVE Concrete Cigarette Ashtray with Lid & Liner


Not only is this ashtray a stylish option for using as decor, but it’s also practical if you’re using it for cigarette ash. The lid helps keep the ash contained when not in use, and the metal inner ashtray is removable for easy cleaning. The ashtray comes in several interesting colors and patterns, including marbled designs and terrazzo-inspired finishes.

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2. Tommy Bahama Postage Stamp Mini Ashtray


This ashtray follows Tommy Bahama characteristically tropical style, featuring a colorful plant and postage stamp motif. The ceramic ashtray is long and narrow, rather than round or triangular, making it a space-saving option for a side table or desk. There’s a single notch for holding your cigar or cigarette.

ashtray Image Courtesy of Tommy Bahama

3. Sampees Pack of 3 Ashtrays


For something affordable and no-frills, consider this three-piece set. Each ashtray is made from polished metal and has three notches for holding cigarettes. The stainless steel construction is designed to resist rust, and the high walls of the ashtray are designed to reduce the risk of wind blowing the ash away if used outside.

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4. YOSCO Ceramic Tabletop Ashtray


This option has a unique charm, looking like something you might find at a grandma’s house. It has a simple floral motif on the white ceramic ashtray, and the shiny gold-like decoration adds an eye-catching appeal.

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5. LAUYOO Cigarette Ashtray


This ashtray evokes the throwback charm of old Las Vegas. It’s designed to look like a playing card, and the ceramic tray has the ace of hearts painted on the corners and a red heart that sticks out from the middle of the tray. This acts as a place to rest your cigarette, but it also adds a nice visual flair to the ashtray.

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6. Hoobar Ceramic Ashtray


This ashtray looks more like a mini rice bowl or a tea light holder than an ashtray, making it a nice decorative piece. It’s also functional, though. The lid helps keep the ashes from blowing away, and the notches on the sides and the divet in the middle help support the cigarette when it’s not in your hand. It also makes a great bowl for storing mints and small candies.

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7. Visol Single Cigar Ashtray


Most cigarette ashtrays aren’t ideal for cigars because of the small notches, but this stylish and unique ashtray from Visol has a large cradle for holding cigars of all sizes. The yellow color and dotted pattern give this ashtray a retro, art deco appeal.

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8. Design Milk Cigar Ashtray


This cigar ashtray from Design Milk has a minimalist look resembling something Richard Serra might have designed. The round ashtray has an edge that protrudes to hold a cigar in place, and it also works great for burning palo santo or as a small catchall. It comes in a few colors, such as this black and gray color that fittingly resembles smoke.

ashtray Image Courtesy of Design Milk

9. Duido Cigar Ashtray


If you’re looking for a practical, simple option for cigars, this ceramic tray has a shiny black finish and four slots for holding cigars, making this a good option if you and a friend are smoking cigars at the same time. It’s also windproof if you’re using it outside, and it’s made to be easy to clean.

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10. Visol Blue Ashtray


This blue ashtray from Visol is made from silicone, making it a more durable option than potentially breakable glass or ceramic. The square shape and deep Yves Klein-inspired blue color give it a modern, pop-art edge, making it a great decor piece. There are four notches for cigars or cigarettes.

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