The Best Ashtrays Are a Stylish Addition to Any Home (Even if You Don’t Smoke)

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Ashtrays are designed to collect cigarette and cigar ash and keep it off floors and furniture, while also serving as a place to rest your cigarette when it’s not in your hand. But even though the popularity of smoking has greatly declined, the appeal of a quality ashtray hasn’t subsided. Besides cigarettes, ashtrays can be useful for the wacky tobacky (where legal), as well as for burning incense. They also have a lot of uses that have nothing to do with gathering ash, and the many unique designs that have been produced make them great collector’s items.

Even if you’ve never smoked and don’t plan to start, it’s still worth having a few ashtrays around the house. One of the best uses for an ashtray is to repurpose it as a catchall for keys and other small items. Keep one on your nightstand for jewelry and one by the door for keys and change, for example. Or, keep an ashtray at your desk as a place for paper clips. An ashtray can also be a great place to store small candies like mints. You can also leave one out on the coffee table as decor. And of course, you can use it as an actual ashtray.

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Whatever you use your ashtray for, we’ve found some of the best ones you can buy online.

Timothy Beck Werth
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Hi Eric, you can find our contact email address on our About Us page.
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1. FREELOVE Concrete Cigarette Ashtray with Lid & Liner


Not only is this ashtray a stylish option for using as decor, but it’s also practical if you’re using it for cigarette ash. The lid helps keep the ash contained when not in use, and the metal inner ashtray is removable for easy cleaning. This geometric choice comes in several interesting colors and patterns, but our favorite is their dark gray offering, which has an expensive look.


FREELOVE Concrete Cigarette Ashtray with Lid & LinerCourtesy of Amazon

2. Hcssade Wooden Ashtray with Stainless Steel Liner


Wooden ashtrays will always have a timeless aesthetic, and this one comes with a matching wooden lid in a handsome grain. Lined with stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire or burning the inside of the tray. It costs under $20, but has an undeniably expensive look that blends into any and all styles. The steel line is also removable, so you can clean it with ease, and the bottom features an anti-skid material.

Hcssade Wooden Ashtray with Stainless Steel LinerCourtesy of Amazon

3. Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with Lid


If you prefer a pop of color, this handmade ceramic ashtray is also lidded but has a weathered, antique-inspired look. While the turquoise and blue options are one of their most popular, there’s also an all-black pick, and a green choice. The lid keeps out lingering smells and wind, as well as hiding your butts, and 3 built-in cig grooves are available to hold your stogies. While it’s advertised as an outdoor buy for patios and backyards, this tray can also work well indoors.

Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with LidCourtesy of Amazon

4. OILP Cigar/Cigarette Silicone Ashtray


If you have multiple smokers in your household or are a cigar smoker, OILP has your back with their extra-large silicone ashtray, which can rest up to 4 cigars. The eco-friendly material is flexible but never flimsy and comes in black, navy, or red. Thanks to its soft nature, you can afford scratches on surfaces, and don’t have to stress if you accidentally drop this tray.  It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, or you can throw it in the dishwasher. 

OILP Cigar/Cigarette Silicone AshtrayCourtesy of Amazon

5. MDCGFOD Cigar Ashtray Whiskey Tray


For some, there’s no better way to unwind than having a cold glass of whiskey, scotch, or rum with a cigar or cigarette on the side. No matter what poison you pick, this wooden ashtray and coaster combo will hold your drink safely in place. It features a detachable metal ashtray, and a carved-out nook to place your smoke. It’s ideal for anyone who likes to enjoy a drink with their smoke, or for cigar aficionados.

MDCGFOD Cigar Ashtray Whiskey TrayCourtesy of Amazon

6. Velvet Toke Matte White Porcelain Lidded Ashtray


Most lidded ashtrays get the job done, but this porcelain model elevates the concept and turns a functional must-have into a conversation piece. It’s waterproof, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor use, with a porcelain build that gives a sleek and modern look. While it’s not dishwasher friendly, you can easily spot-clean with kitchen detergent and dry with a towel. The quality of the material is superb, and you can use it on everything from blunts to sage or incense.

Velvet Toke Matte White Porcelain Lidded Ash TrayCourtesy of Etsy


7. Home Wet Bar Black Marble Square Cigar Ashtray


Most cigarette ashtrays aren’t ideal for cigars because of the small notches, but this stylish and unique ashtray from Visol has a large cradle for holding cigars of all sizes. The yellow color and dotted pattern give this ashtray a retro, art deco appeal.

Black Marble Square Cigar AshtrayCourtesy of Etsy

8. Bohemian Art Deco Ashtray in Malachite Glass, 1930s


In a post-COVID era, perusing vintage goods at antique stores and garage sales has been taken over by online vintage alternatives like 1st Dibs. The site is popular for selling furniture and accessories, and their ashtray selection across different decades is equally elegant. While it might be a bit of a splurge for some, the quality and personality in this 1930s era Bohemian Art Deco piece is well worth the price. A dreamy sea glass-inspired piece that’s mostly in fantastic shape, with a few very minor nicks that add character.


 Bohemian Art Deco Ashtray in Malachite Glass, 1930sCourtesy of 1stDibs

9. Manzon Concrete Decor Concrete Ashtray


Shiny ashtrays aren’t for everyone, and if you have a minimalist and modern style, you’ll appreciate this all-concrete ashtray which is the perfect blend of sturdy and beautiful. Along with classic gray, the seller offers this tray in a range of muted tones. If you like to keep things simple and prefer an earthy or organic look, this concrete tray is a steal. Multiple buyers say it’s a bit larger and heftier than expected, but were ultimately pleased with the final product, regardless of that fact. 

Manzon Concrete Decor Concrete AshtrayCourtesy of Etsy

10. Lisa Bloom Pottery Clean-A-Bowl Ashtray


If you like to smoke cannabis or tobacco from a pipe, keep those sparkling clean with the Clean-A-Bowl ceramic ashtray. It’s a well-made piece of pottery with a clever centerpiece that allows you to clean your pipe bowl. Some people even use the unique design as a ring holder. While it might not be the pointiest de-bowling ashtray out there, it’s completely functional, and a useful item to have around. Even if you stop smoking or purchase a new ashtray, it provides a phenomenal surface for keys and small jewelry pieces.

Lisa Bloom Pottery Clean-A-Bowl AshtrayCourtesy of Etsy

11. RELIANCER Floor Standing Self Cleaning Ash Tray With Lid

If you’re looking for a floor ashtray for the patio that’s a little more substantial than your average table piece, look no further than this contemporary model by RELIANCER. Its large storage bin holds up to 50 butts, so if you’re used to throwing large shindigs and don’t want to clean up after guests, this is the ultimate buy. It features a self-cleaning and detachable ashtray, just in case you do need to use it on your coffee table or desk. The look is a high gloss finish that blends retro and modern sensibilities.

RELIANCER Floor Standing Self Cleaning Ash Tray With LidCourtesy of Amazon


12. Hand Ashtray

If you’re looking for an ashtray that stands out from the crowd but isn’t tacky, consider this tasteful hand ashtray, completed with a glaze finish. Some customers also chose to use it as a planter or jewelry bowl. A fantastic accent piece to keep on your bookshelf, windowsill, or coffee table.  Just be aware that the finish is a bit glossier in person than it looks in the images. A simple design that’s eye-catching, but not too extravagant or busy.

hand ashtrayCourtesy of Urban Outfitters

13. Houseplant Carry Case + Ashtray


When Seth Rogen announced that he was launching his own cannabis company called Houseplant, you might have thought it was all a big joke. But if there’s one thing Rogen takes seriously, it’s marijuana and marijuana accessories. Since its launch earlier this year, Houseplant has become one of the top purveyors of fine cannabis and beautifully designed smoking accessories. The brand’s latest release is the Carry Case, which has everything you need to roll a joint on-the-go, including an ashtray.

houseplant carry caseCourtesy of Houseplant