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Say Goodbye to That Itch You Can’t Reach With One of These Top-Rated Back Scratchers

Every now and then, everyone experiences annoying itches which fall at that exact spot where you can’t reach them. You know the ones we mean — those persistent distractions that make you twist and turn yourself into all kinds of shapes and bend your arms close to beyond what’s physically possible to try to satisfy the need. There’s also the ‘bear method’ of backing up against something and moving up and down in a blanket-style attempt to deal with the problem. Let’s just agree that none of these options are ideal, and you’re better off investing in one of the best back scratchers.

A good back scratcher extends your arms’ reach and can provide relief in a matter of seconds. In addition to their itch-ridding capabilities, a lot of the best back scratchers also deliver additional benefits, such as providing massage-like pressure which can improve local blood flow, exfoliate your skin like the best body scrubs or generally deliver a spa-worthy experience that is as enjoyable as it is de-stressing. These back scratchers are really a win-win all around.

What Is the Best Back Scratcher?

While an improvised device (golf club, spatula, or measuring stick) or a shapely fallen branch from the yard may suffice for some people, a made-for-purpose back scratcher is definitely the smarter way to go. But it’s worth remembering that the best back scratcher for one person isn’t always the same for everyone. Here are some key elements to consider when you are trying to decide which of our top-rated back scratchers is right for your individual needs.

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  • Length – A good back scratcher needs to be the right length so that you can always reach any itch. But given that people’s arms are different lengths and individuals have varying degrees of flexibility, there is no one right length for everyone. Generally speaking, the best back scratchers range between 17 and 22 inches in length, with the latter being better suited to users with shorter arms or limited flexibility.
  • Head Style – There are a lot of different head styles to choose from. The reason this decision is important is that it affects the itch-fighting experience. Some back scratchers have pointed ends while others may feature brush-like tips. Think about the type of relief you would prefer and choose a head style to suit your desires. 
  • Grip – At the other end of the head, your choice of handle is also important so that you can apply the desired amount of pressure to deal with those pesky itches. Handle grips come in a range of both different sizes and shapes. 
  • Appearance – One final thing to consider when choosing your back scratcher is its general appearance. Your back scratcher’s appearance may be an important decision if you’re going to use it at work or around other people. There are plenty of functional scratchers if you want a device that won’t catch people’s attention. Otherwise, there are a number of fun, novelty options available, such as a cat-shaped scratcher or ones with animal-themed designs. 

To help you rid yourself of any annoying itches, we’ve put together a selection of the 20 best back scratchers from Amazon and other trusted online retailers. Each option on our list is well-reviewed and loved by users so you can trust it will get the job done. Some also feature amusing designs, handy massage elements or can collapse to maximize portability. In short, whatever your needs, we’ve got a back scratcher for you.

And while you’re here, if you’re also looking to clean those hard-to-reach areas in addition to scratching them, you may want to check out our selection of the best loofahs for the job.


Boasting a stainless steel design and adjustable telescopic pole, the Flanker-L Extendable Back Scratcher is an effective answer to ridding yourself of back itches.
When extended, this scratcher measures an impressive 27 inches long, delivering plenty of reach for even the tallest users. The tough, stainless steel build gives the scratcher a durable quality, while the anti-slip rubber handle keeps you comfortable and in control during use.

  • Pros: The telescopic abilities of the Flanker-L Back Scratcher make it convenient to take with you wherever you go.
  • Cons: The limited head space on the scratcher mean it may take more time to locate and relieve your itches.

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The WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher sports a unique, claw-like design that can get rid of itches faster than the average scratcher.
An attractive device, available in a choice of red, black or blue, it sports a unique claw-like design that helps to get rid of itches faster than your average back scratcher. Plus, the scratcher sports a rubber grip for comfort and security during use as well as a stainless steel extendable pole which makes this a good option for those looking for something a bit more portable.

  • Pros: The claw-like design of this back scratcher is faster at relieving itches than the average back scratcher.
  • Cons: The plastic construction is less durable than others on our list.

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Not all itches are the same. Some are a mild tickle, while others feel like a bug scurrying up your back (sorry). That’s why this Tukuos Telescoping Back Scratcher has several different heads for different kinds of itches. There’s a two-sided scratching spike, a claw, and a rake so you can get the kind of relief you need regardless of the nuisance. Plus, this scratcher extends up to 32 inches to provide greater reach. It also retracts to eight inches, so it won’t take up too much space when it’s being stored.

  • Pros: Includes three different heads for customized relief. Telescoping design for easy storage.
  • Cons: Might be easier to lose the detachable heads.

Looking for a slightly different take on the traditional back scratcher? With its unique folding design and attractive style, the Bearback Back Scratcher is a solid choice for anyone looking to get rid of annoying itches. Instead of teeth, this scratcher’s head sports a number of oversized bristles to provide a comprehensive yet comfortable way to deal with scratches. Working the brush all over your body, in addition to your back, delivers a pleasant sensation that benefits your skin through exfoliation and improved circulation.

  • Pros: The oversized bristles of the Bearback Back Scratcher offer a comprehensive yet comfortable experience.
  • Cons: The bulky construction is more difficult to store than others on our list.

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For a set that can relieve all your itches, look no further than the BambooWorx Body Relaxation Massager Set. Inside this back scratcher set, you’ll find four different tools for scratching and massaging your back. Each of the four tools is made from 100% bamboo wood and has a handy hanging loop for easy storage. The kit includes a thin massager, a ball massager, a rolling wheel massager and a standard-style scratcher. The set is presented in an attractive box, making it a great gift option for friends and family.

  • Pros: This set includes four distinct tools that can be used for a variety of back itches.
  • Cons: You may need more than one tool from this set to complete the back-scratching you require.

The BambooMN Back Scratcher and Massage Roller is the multi-tool answer to ridding yourself of those annoying back scratches. On one end, you’ll find a traditional back scratcher with five little wooden fingers ready to scratch your back. On the other, there are two rolling wheels, which can be used to deliver an enjoyable body massage. Best of all, you get three for the price of one, so you can keep a back scratcher next to your bed, couch, in the car or anywhere else you need the extra reach.

  • Pros: This back scratcher can also be used as a massager thanks to the included rolling wheels.
  • Cons: Because each end of this scratcher has a tool on it, there is not a comfortable handle to hold onto.

When it comes to odd novelties for your desk, home or keychain, Kikkerland always delivers, selling everything from pizza nightlights to magnetic hourglasses. So it’s no surprise that they make a unique back scratcher. At 6.5 inches, it’s just slightly longer than an average pen. There’s even a pocket clip, making it easier to take on the go. But when needed, it extends up to 20 inches, so you can easily get relief for different parts of your back. The metal head has five teeth for satisfying itch relief. Plus, it comes in a range of colors.

  • Pros: Small size for easy transportation. Telescoping design for better reach.
  • Cons: Smaller head than some other options, so it can be more work to reach a larger area.


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With a witty pun and a decorative animal-shaped head to do the scratching, this MapleLandmark Animal-Themed Back Scratcher is a USA-made option for getting rid of that annoying itch you just can’t reach. One of the four available options is a taloned owl-adorned piece with the words, “Owl I want is a backscratch” written across the 17.5-inch handle. It’s made from beautiful hardwood and shined up thanks to a plant-based finish.

  • Pros: This USA-made back scratcher includes your choice of animal alongside a witty saying, making it a great anytime gift for someone you know.
  • Cons: The scratcher is set vertically instead of horizontally, so some users may find it more difficult to use than a traditional back scratcher.

Most back scratchers are simply trying to scratch the itch. The Feels Like Fingernails Buffalo Horn Back Scratcher aims to scratch the itch and resemble the feeling of fingernails too. To that end, it uses buffalo horn instead of bamboo or plastics. Just use the included nail file to make the horn sharper or softer as you like.

  • Pros: This back scratcher really feels the closest to a classic fingernail back scratch, and the included nail file can make the buffalo horn scratcher softer or sharper too.
  • Cons: This scratcher is a little short and quite straight, so harder-to-reach places will be more difficult to effectively scratch.

Sometimes a stick-like back scratcher doesn’t quite do the job, especially if you need something you can easily carry with you. That’s where the Cactus Back Scratcher comes in. This travel-size device holds its scratcher, which boasts both aggressive and moderate spikes, on a malleable rope between two power grip ball handles. Thanks to this design, this scratcher can help you reach any itch across your body, and you don’t even have to reach back or over your shoulder to do so. Finally, this scratcher is available in five different colors, from blue to yellow, to fit your personality.

  • Pros: This back scratcher does away with the traditional stick-like design in favor of a more flexible, rope-like option that is much more comfortable to use.
  • Cons: While the design is certainly inventive, it does require two hands for use whereas most back scratchers only necessitate the use of one hand.

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For some, reaching a stick over their shoulder to scratch their back is an impossibility due to shoulder injuries, arm weakness or other debilitating diseases. Such people will enjoy using the Kinsman Enterprises Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger. This back scratcher was designed with a bendable handle and molded plastic finger in order to be useful to people who have mobility issues in their arms, hands or shoulders. It boasts a long, 24-inch handle that bends so the user can reach every inch of their back without painful arm movements. Plus, the end of the scratcher features a molded plastic finger to make this scratcher feel like the real deal.

  • Pros: The bendable, 24-inch handle means this back scratcher is easy to use with minimal arm movement.
  • Cons: The fact that the handle is bendable often means you won’t enjoy the same pressure on your back itch when using this scratcher.

Similar to a body brush, the Bulldog Back Scratcher is designed for use on bare skin. The head boasts sturdy nylon bristles across five inches for efficient and enjoyable itch relief. Additionally, this device features a 20-inch handle, which is one of the longest options on this list. Furthermore, this back scratcher is made with hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free materials. The company also tries its best to keep plastic packaging to a minimum and ensure users that everything it ships is 100% recyclable.

  • Pros: This back scratcher has one of the widest heads and longest handles available, meaning it can scratch your itches efficiently and enjoyably.
  • Cons: The long handle and wide head mean this brush is simply bigger than many others, so it might be harder to store around the house for occasional use.


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This ButlerWorks Curved Handle Back Scratcher features a body made from steam bentwood red oak and offers users the choice of several different handle materials. Handle options include walnut, oak and Tennessee cedar. The head also features four small teeth which are ideal for providing a gentle yet effective itch-removing treatment. Plus, at just over 21 inches long, it has plenty of reach to effectively cover every inch of your back.

  • Pros: Steam bentwood red oak construction is classy and durable. Convenient pre-drilled hanging loop
  • Cons: Somewhat small head.

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For a hardwood back scratcher perfect for one really itchy spot, go for the Vermont Maple Back Scratcher. Made from maple, this 16-inch long back scratcher won’t snap in two quite so easily thanks to its hardwood make. (And in the unlikely event it does, you’ll have two back scratchers to spare). Though the scratcher could be longer, the vertical teeth make hitting that one extra itchy spot all too easy.

  • Pros: These back scratchers have vertical scratchers, making targeted up-and-down scratching a lot easier.
  • Cons: The scratching surface is pretty narrow, so you’ll have to put in the work if you’re trying to itch more than a particular pesky spot.

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While there are a lot of multipacks of back scratchers out there, we appreciate that the Qaoquda Telescopic Back Scratchers set comes with three different heads so you can get exactly the kind of scratch you want. They’ll all scratch your itch for sure, but the bear claw head, eagle claw head and rake head each offer a totally different scratching sensation. Plus, each back scratcher extends from eight inches up to 26 inches, meaning no spot will be left unscratched.

  • Pros: You get three different kinds of scratcher heads, perfect to scratch that itch just right.
  • Cons: If you lose your favorite scratcher or don’t like the other ones, there’s not much you can do about it.

If you’re looking for a back scratcher that’s as beautiful as it is functional, consider the Tomorotec Natural Wood Back Massager. This elegant device is made from Chinese rosewood and finished with natural oil. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it will last for years of back scratches. The wooden back scratcher itself has been handcrafted and sanded to fit the curve of your hand. Because of this hands-on approach to manufacturing, each one of these scratchers is different from the others and no two are exactly alike.

  • Pros: This premium back scratcher is made from durable rosewood and finished with a dark, natural oil to create a product that’s both functional and elegant.
  • Cons: The 17-inch length of this back scratcher means that it’s shorter than some of the other devices on this list.


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It’s hard to imagine that a back scratcher could be stylish, but this one fits the bill. It has a textured handle that adds visual appeal while also making the backscratcher easier to grip. The design includes a pre-drilled hole that can be used to attach a hanging loop. It’s made from solid sandalwood handmade and has a head that sports multiple small teeth to provide gentle yet thorough scratching. In addition, this impressively reviewed back scratcher measures 17 inches in length.

  • Pros: Attractive genuine wood construction. Textured handle for comfortable holding.
  • Cons: Not retractable.

The Renook Back Scratcher has a lot to offer. Made from plastic and designed with angles for low-effort scratching, this back scratcher is made to fight any itch as well as being built to last. The wide, flexible head has plenty of needles and they run down the neck of the back scratcher too, making scratching your whole back so much faster and easier. This multi-pack also includes two scratches and an accompanying drawstring storage bag.

  • Pros: With its plastic and angled design, this back scratcher won’t ever rot and makes reaching trickier spots a lot easier.
  • Cons: It’s definitely not portable and the plastic bristles might not offer the same scratch-the-itch satisfaction as metal or wooden back scratchers.

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The Fansoffan Wooden Back Scratcher is a unique option that is shaped and painted like a flamingo. The beak end of the back scratcher perfectly translates into a precision tool for targeting itches, while the bird’s feet make a comfortable and secure way to hold the itch-fighting device. It’s also constructed from lightweight wood and measures 17.3 inches to ensure you have plenty of reach when you need to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

  • Pros: The double-ended design allows users to choose from two different scratching methods.
  • Cons: While unique, some people may find the animal-shaped design a little bit childish or not appropriate for use in the company of others.

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The ITCHSTIX Bamboo Back Scratcher features a curved design that’s useful for two reasons: It makes hard-to-reach places, like between the shoulders, easier to scratch and the curvature allows for a more forceful scratch because the polyurethane scratcher pad features a number of itch-fighting prongs. Additionally, it sports a burnished wood finish and has a curved handle to ensure you remain in control during use.

  • Pros: The curvature of the back scratchers can make getting a more forceful itch easier in certain spots.
  • Cons: The curvature can make it more tricky to reach deeper spots when you scratch over your shoulder (though at 17 inches in length, this back scratcher will likely still do the trick).