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Protect Your Most Expensive Essential Item, Your Laptop, With a Great Laptop Backpack

If you’re one of the millions of people who need a computer for work, there’s no excuse for not having the best laptop backpack.

Well-designed laptop backpacks include features specifically to make transporting laptops safer and easier. And that’s a proposition worth considering given how essential laptops are to life and how expensive they can be to replace.

Some typical features include a dedicated laptop sleeve or sleeves, modern designs incorporating protective materials, water-resistant shells, interior pockets designed just for laptops, lockable zippers and more.

Given the utilitarian features of laptop backpacks, there’s just no good reason to not make the switch today. The best laptop backpack will make carrying your laptop and other items much easier overall and give you peace of mind that your laptop will be safe in transit, whether you’re headed to work or a seat on a plane.

We rounded up some of the best laptop backpacks below. Check them out and make your commutes as easy as they should be.


1. TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe


TIMBUK2 makes some of the best utilitarian bags out there and the brand’s laptop backpacks are particularly great. For their best laptop backpack, we recommend the TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe.

The interior pocket can hold most laptops and can probably hold more than one or a laptop and a tablet, depending on their thickness. A front compartment handles the small stuff and a large main compartment takes care of everything else.

The bag’s also durable and comfortable to carry.

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That’s all there is to it. We’ve used TIMBUK2 bags and they’re just overall great backpacks, especially if you have laptops in tow. And if the bag ever does break down due to a defect, TIMBUK2 will repair it for you.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack


The Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack makes for a great daily backpack for laptops 15 inches and under.

It has multiple laptop sleeves and other zippered pockets across two compartments, which is more than enough space for a couple of days worth of clothes and any chargers you need. It’s also fairly compact for being able to carry 25 liters worth of stuff and it wears comfortably thanks to the padded shoulder straps. But beyond all that, this backpack’s got great details, such as a water-repellent coating, lockable zippers, hideaway straps, a side grab handle and a zip-up water bottle pocket.

Overall, this laptop backpack looks good and will protect your tech.

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Courtesy of Tortuga


3. Herschel Tech Daypack


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Herschel Supply Co. on this list. The Herschel Tech Daypack is a sleek option for your tech needs. There’s one spacious main compartment with a laptop sleeve, a front compartment with organizers and another storage sleeve as well as a mesh water bottle pocket. In total, it can carry about 20 liters of stuff. So it’s a bit less ideal for anything more than your tech essentials and everyday carry items. But if you like the look and need more space, you can upgrade to an identical 30-liter version of the backpack.

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Courtesy of Herschel


4. TIMBUK2 Command Laptop Backpack


The TIMBUK2 Command Laptop Backpack is the very same bag your writer is using to commute to the office. I’ve owned it for a few years now and it’s never let me down when I needed to bring multiple — yes multiple — laptops out the door with me, not to mention supporting tech like chargers, hard drives and headphones.

The Command backpack is quite similar to TIMBUK2’s Authority Laptop Backpack, with some differences. The front pocket designs are different and the Authority backpack can hold laptops up to 17 inches compared to the Command’s 15 inches. The Command backpack can also hold slightly more stuff (30 liters) than the Authority can (28 liters).

But overall, if you need to stash multiple laptops and tablets, the Command Laptop Backpack has you more than covered. I know it’s had me covered for sure.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Amazon Basics Backpack for Laptops


We wish Amazon Basics didn’t always offer great cheap options, but it does. The Amazon Basics Backpack for Laptops can carry laptops up to 15 inches in the main compartment’s sleeve. There are also two side pockets and a front zipper pocket for smaller items, and the bag boasts a water-resistant exterior.

That may not be much, but if it’s all you need for your regular activities, you can’t beat Amazon on price.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. State Bags Kane XL Backpack


For a clean-looking, roomier option, we like the State Bags Kane XL Backpack. The large main compartment has multiple sleeves for laptops up to 17 inches and space for any other you need. State also made a strategic choice in terms of material: The bag’s 100% nylon (with polyester lining). The use of nylon makes the bag easier to stuff but it offers less protection than chunkier, thicker shells.

So depending on your daily needs, this could be a risky proposition, like, you do not want to check this bag under any circumstances.
But if you just need a sleek, hypermodern laptop backpack, State will do right by you.

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Courtesy of State


7. Rains Backpack Mini


The Rains Backpack Mini is here for one reason and one reason only: It just looks beautiful. OK, it’s also a solid and thin, if basic, rucksack-style laptop backpack.

Though the material looks like some kind of leather, it’s actually 50-50 polyurethane and polyester, which gives it great water resistance. The sole main compartment has a pocket just for the laptop, up to 13 inches, as well as a zipped pocket. Magnets and a carabiner hold the backpack closed and you can wear it via the shoulder straps or carry it via the top handle.

Sure, this bag only holds 8.5 liters of stuff. That’s truly not much, but if you only need your laptop and chargers, why not carry your tech in modern style? And if you have to have the style and space, upgrade to the identical regular-sized Rains Backpack, which holds 13 liters and larger laptops.

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Courtesy of Rains


8. JanSport Men’s Classic Mainstream Cool Student Backpack


If you don’t give a damn about “modern style,” you can legitimately never go wrong with JanSport backpacks. The JanSport Men’s Classic Mainstream Cool Student Backpack may be giving off “How do you do, fellow kids” vibes with its Amazon product listing name, but have no doubt, it’s a damn good laptop backpack because JanSport makes damn good backpacks and always has. But to cover the basic specs, it has two spacious compartments, with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a front utility pocket and a side water bottle pocket.

But seriously, it’s JanSport. Half of your high school had them and you know they’re about as reliable as they come whether you’re storing laptops, books, sneakers or everything in between.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. OGIO Axle Laptop Backpack


When it comes to business travel, OGIO is one of the absolute best in the backpack space. The OGIO Axle Laptop Backpack has everything you’d want in a great travel backpack: An interior compartment with a 17-inch laptop and dedicated tablet pocket, multiple organizers in a front pocket, a spacious main compartment for the rest of your papers and gear, a comfortable top metal handle as well as a side handle and, perhaps most usefully, the luggage strap behind the metal handle so you can slip the backpack over a luggage handle for stereotypical airport business traveler vibes.

It’s also made from tough textile material, with a durable base panel, and will stand up to the trials and tribulations of travel.

Sure, it might not be the sexiest-looking backpack, but overall, when it comes to travel, go with the bag you see the business travelers using and make it an OGIO.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Bellroy Melbourne Backpack


Nothing can be more frustrating than digging through a backpack for this or that miscellaneous item, tossing items around and leaving what was once nicely packed in disarray.

That’s one problem the Bellroy Melbourne Backpack tries to solve in two ways. First, the fold-over top is secured by custom MagSnap fasteners, so they won’t open from regular rough and tumble but pop open easily with an appropriately targeted tug. More importantly, for buried items, the front-side zipper splays open, so you can grab things from any place in the backpack without having to dig.

Aside from that, this laptop backpack has a minimalist appearance and thoughtful interior pockets and organizers and can hold up to 18 liters of stuff and a 16-inch laptop. It will definitely get the job done for whatever laptop you need and stand out in a good way too.

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Courtesy of Bellroy


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