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Make Your Eco-Friendly Commute Better With One of the Best Bike Cup Holders

While we all may be commuting less than usual at the moment, that doesn’t preclude the fact that commuting by bicycle is more popular than it has been in decades. More and more people are swapping four wheels for two in an attempt to stay fit and save the environment. But, there are certain things that make bike riding to work slightly less convenient, and one of those is the lack of cup holders for your morning coffee. If you miss sipping on your morning beverage of choice during your commute, consider investing in one of the best bike cup holders.

These cheap devices attach to your bike’s frame to hold a variety of beverages. Which one you choose will likely depend on the type of beverage you want to take on your bike rides with you. Let’s take a look at the options.

  • Coffee – Most coffee cups and travel mugs are slightly tapered from top to bottom. This means that they won’t sit well in a water bottle holder. If you want to take coffee with you on your ride, look for a bike cup holder that is either a ring without a bottom or a full cup holder with a diameter wide enough to accommodate the top of your cup. Don’t buy a bracket.
  • Water – People have been carrying water bottles on their bikes for ages, making it easy to find an attachment to hold your hydration station. You’ll want to stay away from rings without bottoms, as those usually taper from top to bottom and therefore won’t securely hold a bottle. Instead, look for either a full cup holder or a bracket to attach to your handlebars or bike frame.
  • Soda/Beer – The trickiest type of beverage to carry on a bike is a can. That’s because the size and shape of cans mean they can’t be used with most cup holder rings, and the flexible nature of aluminum makes cans impossible to carry in water bottle brackets. If you frequently ride with a can of beer, soda or energy drink, look for a full cup holder shaped similar to the ones you’d see in a car.

No matter what type of beverage you want to take with you on your bike rides, we’ve found the best bike cup holders for you. Read on to find out more about the nine best options available for purchase online.

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1. Kemimoto Bike Cup Holder


We recommend the Kemimoto Bike Cup Holder over the other options on our list due to its fully customizable and easily changeable design. The soft pocket can be attached securely to any bike thanks to its three velcro loops. These should be positioned in a triangular design for stability, and when you’re done using your cup holder, you can simply remove it from your bike. In addition, the top of the cup holder can be adjusted to hold a variety of different cup and bottle sizes. In addition, two mesh pockets on the front of the cup holder allow you to store your phone, earbuds and other small items.

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2. USHAKE Water Bottle Cages


The USHAKE Water Bottle Cages are the OG of bike cup holders. While they aren’t designed to hold your coffee mug, they will take care of most types of water bottles during your ride. They’re made from aluminum and super lightweight, so you won’t even notice they’re attached to your bike. However, these water bottle holders do require pre-drilled holes in your bike’s frame, as they are attached using screws and washers.

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3. MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder


If you want to keep your drinks warm or cold during your entire ride, you need a cup holder that’s thermal insulated, like the MIZATTO Bik Cup Holder. This soft bike accessory has a PEVA thermal insulation layer to ensure your drinks remain at just the temperature you desire. In addition, the holder itself is made from durable Oxford cloth and boasts three velcro straps for easily attaching and removing it from your handlebars.

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4. Accmor Universal Bike Cup Holder


If you’re anything like the average bike commuter, it’s not just your coffee that you need to place in a cup holder during your daily rides. Most people need somewhere to put their phone, too. That’s why the Accmor Universal Bike Cup Holder includes both a cup holder and a phone holder. The holder can be attached to your bike (or stroller) using the integrated clamp, which can rotate 360-degrees for total customization. This bike cup holder is available in six different colors.

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5. Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder


One reviewer of the Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder said that it’s helping him “indulge his inner hipster.” If that’s something you want to do, too, we recommend giving this attractive cup holder a try. The matte black holder can be attached to 26-millimeter handlebars, and the tapered ring is designed to hold most coffee cups and travel mugs. However, be warned that this cup holder isn’t able to hold standard canned drinks.

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6. Yoyoapple Bike Cup Holder


Bike cup holders don’t have to be a super-serious addition to your bike. In fact, they can add a bit of fun to your cruiser. If that’s what you’re after, check out the Yoyoapple Bike Cup Holder. This pleasant pineapple is the cheery addition you need on your ride to the beach this summer. The hefty aluminum clip and bolt ensure this cup holder will last more than one season, and the cup holder itself can handle most standard bottles, cans and coffee cups.

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7. N&M Products Cruzies Bike Cup Holders


The N&M Products Cruzies Bike Cup Holders have several features to justify their slightly higher price. First, the metal bracket is sturdier and longer lasting than velcro straps. Second, the stainless steel cup holder is fully encompassing, meaning it can hold most cans, bottles or cups. And, finally, this cup holder comes with a foam insert to keep your drinks cold throughout your bike ride. All in all, this is a great way to upgrade your bicycle.

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8. DrinkSlings Personalized Bicycle Cup Holder


If you’ve read this entire list so far, you’ll have noticed that most bike cup holders tend to be black and made of metal, nylon or plastic. However, the DrinkSlings Personalized Bicycle Cup Holder departs from the traditional with its leather construction. As an added bonus, this drink sling can be personalized with your name and a stamp of your choosing, including flowers, skulls, stars and suns.

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