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Bolt Down Your Bike With These Top Locks

While property theft as a whole is thankfully declining in the United States, one type of burglary that shows no signs of slowing down is bike theft. According to the National Bike Registry, over 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year in the US. The FBI confirms that bike theft is on the rise, with college campuses as the most popular spot for bike theft thanks to their high density of bikes and foot traffic, which makes spotting a thief who is out of place virtually impossible. Registering your bike is one way to help fight the growing rate of bike thefts, but the number one deterrent of bike thefts is heavy duty locks.

According to, the best way to lock your bike is through the frame and rear wheel. If using a U-lock, like two of our options below, this leaves the front wheel vulnerable to theft. That’s why we chose U-locks that also come with a bonus locking cable that can secure the front wheel of a bike, as well as accessories like a helmet, messenger bag, or attached cart for pulling kids or animals. An additional cable or a cable style lock, like the Titanker below, also provide options for riders who want to be able to lock two bikes at once, with U-locks often not big enough to fit through two frames. By adding an extra cable lock to your security system, riders have more options when securing their bike to a non-traditional bike stand and are prepared for unforeseen events, like when a fellow rider forgets their lock.

We also like bonus cable locks and cable-style locks that can pull double duty. Not only are they ideal for securing your bicycle, but they can also help to keep barbecues, strollers, gates, fences, lawnmowers, sports equipment, and more secure.

If you’re ready to hit the open road, trail or path on two wheels, make sure you don’t leave home without your bike lock.

1. Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock

The Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock features a max performance steel shackle that protects against cutting and leverage attacks, with an additional loop cable that hinders front wheel or accessories theft.

Pros: Made with a reinforced hardened crossbar design, a high-security disc-style cylinder, and a thick 13mm max-performance steel shackle, the Kryptonite provides a tough and durable lock option for bikes. With new hardened double deadbolts and a flex frame-u bracket that allows for multi-location transport, the Kryptonite is both tough and easy to use, offering moderate security.  The lock comes with two keys and anti-rattle bumpers to cut down on noise while riding. The Kryptonite also features a double loop cable that can be used to secure the bike’s front wheel, as well as accessories like a helmet and bike bag.

Cons: If users lose the key, the lock cannot be opened. Many customers also note that the key is difficult to use.

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2. SIGTUNA 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock

The preferred lock of professional athletes and one of the thickest bike locks available, the SIGTUNA 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock uses an Abloy locking mechanism and features double bolt locking to ward off thieves.

Pros: Using hardened anti-theft 16mm of steel, the SIGTUNA is thicker than the Kryptonite, providing added weight and strength to its lock. Like the Kryptonite, the SIGTUNA also comes with an added security cable for front wheel security and accessories, with the lock made from double loop steel. The mounting bracket has a quick-release button that stores your lock while riding. The SIGTUNA comes with three keys compared to the Kryptonite’s two keys.

Cons: Some customers found that they lock swiveled in the mount, allowing the lock to hit their legs while riding.

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3. Titanker Bike Lock Cable

Set your own four-digit combination code with the Titanker Bike Lock Cable, which is protected by a solid zinc allow cylinder and ABS shell.

Pros: If you don’t want to carry a key for your lock, we suggest the Titanker Bike Lock Cable. Easily set your own four-digit combination, which can be reset if necessary. The flexible steel cables are coated in PVC to make them cut-resistant and ensure they won’t scratch your bike. The Titanker comes with a mounting bracket that easily attaches below your seat to keep your lock out of the way when riding.

Cons: The Titanker gets stiff in cold weather and becomes difficult to bend. Some customers also complained that the lock mount didn’t fit their bike or fell off after a few uses.

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