The Bow Tie Is THE Finishing Touch to a Black Tie Outfit – These are the Best Ties to Buy

Best Bow Ties
Courtesy of Unsplash
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It is the final swoop of the artists brush, the last full stop at the end of a novel; the bow tie brings about the finishing touch to a tuxedo. It is one of the oldest forms of neckwear in history and has a strict formalness to it that other ties don’t. Thanks to the marvels of the internet, you are just one YouTube video away from complete mastery of tying a bow tie, however, don’t think it is essential to wearing one –– a lot of them come pre-tied.

There are a few main different styles of bow tie to take note of. There is the butterfly style (looks like butterfly wings), the batwing style (which makes for a bigger knot), the pointed-end style (a diamond shape), asymmetrical style (giving two different ends) and the single end style (creating a slimmer, single fabric tie).

One simple thing to remember when it comes to the tie part of black tie dressing is that all colors are acceptable except white. White is reserved strictly for the white tie dress code, which is a whole other level of formality. Hopefully you’ll be rejuvenated and inspired by our fantastic selection of bow ties below.

1. LANVIN Textured-Silk Tie


It is a classic black bow tie befit for royalty. But what makes it the best choice is the slight texturing running through the material. It gives it a suave interest that goes above and beyond your average bow tie. Add it to any formal suit and watch the compliments roll in.

Lanvin Bow Tie Courtesy of Mr Porter


2. NORDSTROM MEN’S Solid Silk Bow Ties


For an acceptable deviation of color –– go monochrome, or at least, theis blend of monochrome: silver/grey. This sheen finish bow tie will bring a sprinkling of class to your black tie outfit. It is pre-tied, comes in premium silk and is now 33% off. But act quickly because that deal won’t last long!

Nordstrom Bow Tie Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. CORNELIANI Silk Bow Tie


If you prefer your bow ties to imitate pasta shapes, look no further. This beautiful tie looks as though it was crafted by a farfalle specialist deep in the heart of Modena. Culinary propinquities aside, it features silver-tone hardware, a hook fastening and is 100% silk.

Corneliani Bow Tie Courtesy of Farfetch


4. PLATINUM HANGER Mens Satin Bowtie


Just about as close as you can get to the real 100% silk thing. Not everyone is within the grasp of that, nor does it matter with bow ties like this around. The black polyester satin is a super easy alternative to silk. When adorned on a dapper suit, you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Platinum Hangar Courtesy of Amazon



5. PAUL SMITH Velvet Bow Tie


A velvet and silk blend bow tie by Paul Smith ticks all the right boxes. It may not be ballroom-in-the-Titanic smart, but it is a seductively cool number to have wrapped around your shirt. For those who like to look impeccable and have some fun with it, this bow tie is the one you want.

Paul Smith Bow Tie Courtesy of Farfetch


6. TOPMAN Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie


A burgundy bow tie is a classy color choice. It shines out well from a white shirt and adds a little uniqueness to your outfit (plus, no fear of wine spillages!). This simple pre-tied piece by Topman is a fantastic choice (and one that won’t bruise your wallet, either).

Topman Bow Tie Courtesy of Topman


7. SAINT LAURENT Black Pre-Tied Silk-Satin Bow Tie


There has been a certain trend recently (especially in the eyewear department) in very thin and long lenses. It’s been been so evolutionary, it has even made Oakley’s verge on being cool. Well, if you are inspired by this movement, take the same ethos into your bow tie game and take it to heady fashionable heights. Silk satin Saint Laurent isn’t a bad way to go and this tie will set you apart from the crowd without looking too absurd at your next event.

Saint Laurent Bow Tie Courtesy of Mr Porter


8. RALPH LAUREN Satin Bow Tie


As we said, tying your own bow tie is a skill that is just a video tutorial away from being mastered, so you might as well give it a try. Arguably, you haven’t officially matured from adolescence until you can tie your own bow tie. This simple, satin bow tie will sit perfectly above your pleated tuxedo shirt, rounding off the effort you have put into your wonderful suit.

Ralph Lauren Bow Tie Courtesy of Moda Operandi


9. GUCCI Horsebit-Print Silk-Twill Bow Tie


Expressing yourself without looking desperately cringeworthy is this the foundational goal of all styling. If not, it definitely is for bow ties. Some men seem to have a compulsion to wear hideously offensive bow ties in the name of “fun.” So here is a suggestion that skirts the two. It comes in a fantastic butterfly wing style and has colorful pattern, but, we would argue, in a tasteful way.

Gucci Bow Tie Courtesy of Matches


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