We Went Looking for the Best Bracelets for Men: Here Are 19 of Our Favorites for Your Summer Fashion

Mister Crystal Bracelet
Courtesy of Mister

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Alright fellas, let’s talk. When it comes to elevating your outfit, accessories matter. Sure, you can accessorize with the perfect backpack or stylish sunglasses, but jewelry is another low-key way to kick your style up a notch and express your personality. And newsflash: you don’t have to be a rock star to don some stylish wrist candy. The best bracelets for men should work in any situation, from the beach to the board room.

Men’s bracelets come in many different styles and shapes — ranging from full-blown survival bracelets built for your next adventure out in the wilderness to nautical, boho-inspired beaded bracelets that will leave even the most seasoned pirate of the Caribbean impressed. But with so many options, it can all be very overwhelming.

2 years
You can make #7 in less than an hour with less than $15 worth of stuff from...

So to help you out, here are some of the best men’s bracelets that will keep you looking sharp in 2021.

2 years
You can make #7 in less than an hour with less than $15 worth of stuff from…

1. Tod’s Woven Leather and Silver-Tone Bracelet


We love everything about this handsome leather bracelet for men from Tod’s at Mr Porter. The designer’s leather and silver-tone bracelet comes in either this light brown and white braided coloration or a darker brown and navy blue option. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this men’s bracelet, which is perfect for both casual and formal attire. This woven leather bracelet is made in Italy and wraps around your wrist twice times over.

Tod's Woven Leather and Silver-Tone BraceletCourtesy of Mr Porter


2. Le Gramme 7G Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet


Looking for a cuff bracelet? This type of understated metal jewelry is one of the most popular styles of men’s jewelry at the moment, as it’s not too flashy and thus easy to match to your outfits. This sterling silver cuff from designer Le Gramme is a thin yet handsome bracelet that will look great around any man’s wrist. You can find this popular bracelet for men right at Nordstrom, which is created in Germany for an enhanced minimalist look to your day-to-day look.

Le Gramme 7G Sterling Silver Cuff BraceletCourtesy or Nordstrom


3. Miansai Hook Bracelet


Miansai is one of our favorite men’s jewelry brands, and this bracelet is one of their best. Nautical bracelets can be tricky to pull off, but the Miansai Hook Bracelet will surely, well, hook you. The maritime cord provides a seagoing look, but the band isn’t going to leave you with rope burn like some other nautical-themed bracelets tend to do. A silver fishhook with the Miansai name engraved on the side fastens the adjustable rope to achieve the perfect fit. Whether you’re spending a day on a yacht, hitting up the beach, or just dreaming of summer, the nautical style will set you in the perfect vibe. The bracelet is available in a variety of hook finishes and cord colors.

Miansai Hook BraceletCourtesy of Miansai


4. LOLIAS 24 Pcs Woven Leather Bracelet


These bad boys pack a one-two punch. Or maybe a three or four or five punch, who really knows. Not only are these our favorite stacked bracelets at the moment, but they’re also one of the best men’s bracelets under $100. For real, you can snag this entire pack for just $17. On top of the insane price point, the set includes 24 bracelets total — allowing you the freedom to mix and match as you choose. Wear them one at a time or go crazy and slap on as many as you want.

LOLIAS 24 Pcs Woven Leather BraceletCourtesy of Amazon


5. Mister Crown Bracelet


Do you want to feel like royalty? Then spring for this metal men’s bracelet with an all-around crown motif. The bracelet is available in silver and gold colors, but we recommend you go for gold with this one. If you like the idea of feeling like royalty but prefer a beaded bracelet, then you’ll want to check out the Mister King Bead Bracelet, too.

mister crown braceletCourtesy of Mister


6. David Yurman Curb Chain Bracelet


A quick scroll through social media will show you that chain bracelets are very trendy at the moment. The chain bracelet has been a staple in men’s fashion for a long time, but this David Yurman Curb Chain isn’t your grandfather’s bracelet. The curb chain design adds a contemporary edge that also allows for the silver links to sit flat on your wrist. Several sizes are available so that you can find the one that fits best.

David Yurman Curb Chain Bracelet for menCourtesy of Nordstrom


7. Christian Louboutin Loubilink Spike-Embellished Leather Bracelet


This Christian Louboutin leather bracelet is really bringing us back to our goth middle school days in the best way possible, which is something we thought we’d never say. No, you don’t have to throw on a Slipknot tee again for old time’s sake, we suggest you try incorporating this into your modern-day style a surprising twist of an accessory option. It fastens like a belt, giving a little bit of room for various wrist sizes.

Christian Louboutin Loubilink Spike-Embellished Leather BraceletCourtesy of Selfridges


8. Esquire Tiger’s Eye and Onyx Beaded Bolo Bracelet



A band of carefully selected tiger eye and onyx beads surrounds the sterling silver accents in this natural and exotic bracelet. It’s 8 and a half inches in total but the drawstring closure allows for a customized fit, while the precious metal adds a little something special to elevate the look. It’s a totally stunning beaded piece that will surely elevate your entire look. Best part of all? This bracelet is on sale right now for a whopping 75% off.

Esquire Tiger's Eye (8mm) and Onyx (6mm) Beaded Bolo BraceletCourtesy of Macy's


9. David Yurman Woven Box Chain Bracelet


Where there are chain bracelets, there also have to be box chain bracelets. This box chained beauty below from David Yurman is made of sterling silver and nylon cord to keep your wrist looking as handsome as it gets. It’s 12mm wide with a lobster clasp so you can easily take it on and off. It will match just about anything you pair it with, whether it’s more casual or formal, so feel free to wear this all season long — just be sure to keep it away from water.

David Yurman Woven Box Chain BraceletCourtesy of Nordstrom


10. Mister Crystal Bracelet


These ain’t diamonds, but damn, they sure do look like it. Show off your bling with this crystal encrusted gold bracelet from Mister cast in high-grade brass. It’ll up your look tremendously no matter what you pair it with. And, maybe being the best part of all, it’s totally affordable for most dudes uninterested in spending an arm and a leg for a new piece of jewelry.

Mister Crystal BraceletCourtesy of Mister


11. King Baby American Voices Hematite Glass Bead Bracelet


This hematite bracelet allows you to effortlessly achieve a beachy look with the ease of a single King Baby stamped clasp. The bracelet, like our previous choice, effortlessly portrays a beaded style and pairs a pop of red with a metallic, silver thin-beaded system. It has a lobster clasp to securely fit on your wrist, but that also means there’s very little room to stretch or move the design. Nonetheless, we love this striking red hematite. We suggest adding this bracelet to your more monotone outfits to add some elegance to your look.

King Baby American Voices Hematite Glass Bead BraceletCourtesy of Nordstrom


12. Rastaclat NY Yankees Braided Bracelet


Want to rep your favorite sports team even if sports are looking a little bit different right now? Well, Rastaclat has you covered. Rastaclat makes stylish braided bracelets for men with a wide variety of colors and designs (check out their stylish Void Bracelet), but what really sets them apart are their bracelets for sports fans. Rastaclat recently released a collection of both knotted and braided bracelets featuring the colors and mascots of your favorite NBA teams and MLB teams. Each bracelet is crafted to last a lifetime, so you won’t have to worry about these breaking even with constant wear. Best part of all? They’re super inexpensive.

Rastaclat NY Yankees Braided BraceletCourtesy of Rastaclat


13. Urban Outfitters Barbed Wire Bracelet


A barbed-wire bracelet sounds like it hurts, but we promise you it doesn’t. This “barbed-wire” bracelet is made entirely from metal to give your day-to-day look the extra edge it needs. Given that it’s a piece of jewelry, it’s not going to shred your arms up. This isn’t a prison. But, it will make you look like the most badass boy on the block, that’s for damn sure.

Urban Outfitters Barbed Wire BraceletCourtesy of Urban Outfitters


14. KAPITAL Silver-Tone and Elastic Bracelet


Guys — don’t be afraid to add a little fun into your life, even if it’s as wild as this KAPITAL double-eyed smiley bracelet. This eccentric, coloring book-esque bracelet is just what you need to bring your monotone, otherwise mundane wardrobe up a notch or seven. Because it’s so wackily designed, it’s definitely going to be hard to match, but we kind of think that’s the point. Wear it with a suit at your next formal event or to work the next time you’re in the office for a bit of a conversation starter.

KAPITAL Silver-Tone and Elastic BraceletCourtesy of Mr Porter


15. ASOS DESIGN Midweight Chain Bracelet



ASOS isn’t necessarily known for quality, but they are known for style. Take this midweight chain bracelet for example. For just $9, this gold-painted steel bracelet will drape over your wrist to make it look like you spent big bucks when you really didn’t. Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber has this bracelet and sweats by it. “It’s great for a finishing touch, especially when I’m wearing short-sleeves,” he says, “but never will I ever wear it in the shower. I anticipate it rusting even without getting it wet eventually, but you get what you pay for, and for now, this is a solid bracelet.”

ASOS DESIGN Midweight Chain BraceletCourtesy of ASOS


16. Konstantino Heonos Men’s Bracelet


A style of this magnitude deserves the $800 price point because, damn, just take a peek at this beauty. It literally looks as if it were robbed from a Greek warrior in some long-ago battle. By giving us an aesthetic that makes it seem older than life itself in the best way possible, this bracelet from Konstantino is a new age staple that combines way, way, WAY pre-modern fashion with our current way of dressing effortlessly. If you wear this on the streets, don’t forget your chainmail at home. You never know when an arrow might be headed your way.

Konstantino Heonos Men's BraceletCourtesy of Nordstrom


17. HUGO BOSS Woven Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet


We named this woven leather bracelet the best leather bracelet for men because it’s the perfect accessory for dudes who prefer a more understated look. The woven leather offers a stylish addition to any outfit, with an all-black look design that will keep you grounded yet smothered in impeccable taste. This men’s bracelet is just begging to be worn with a handsome pair of short shorts, a pair of boat shoes and a handsome button-down shirt.

HUGO BOSS Woven Leather and Stainless Steel BraceletCourtesy of Mr Porter


18. The Friendly Swede Paracord Bracelet


A paracord bracelet is more than a fashion statement; it’s also a practical piece of EDC gear. Paracord bracelets let you keep a useful piece of survival gear on your wrist at all times. The Friendly Swede makes some of the best paracord bracelets, and we especially like this forest green rope bracelet with an adjustable stainless steel buckle.

best bracelets for menCourtesy of Amazon


19. Good Fishing Summer Bracelets for Men


While this bracelet might look like just a piece of rope, we can assure you that it essentially is. For just $5, you can get this “bracelet” from Urban Outfitters in either dark or light green multi. While it might seem like a waste of money to some, it really is a super dope way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe at a crazy affordable price.

Good Fishing Summer Bracelets for MenCourtesy of Urban Outfitters