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The Best Briefs for Men That Aren’t (And Won’t Ever Be) Tighty Whities

The reason the great men’s underwear debate will never truly be settled is that it all comes down to a matter of preference — what one man may see as breathable, another may see as loose and sloppy; what some men may find supportive, others will see as constrictive. If you prefer something fitted and supportive, then the best briefs for men are a great option.

Since briefs stop at or just below the pelvis, rather than descending down the thigh, they can be a good option for anyone who wears more fitted pants — boxers (and some of the best boxer briefs) can bunch up or show through the fabric of the pants. Briefs also provide the most support and structure when compared to boxers or boxer briefs.

If you’re looking to re-up your underwear drawer, we’ve rounded up some of the best briefs out right now. These options all have a traditional fly and an elastic waistband. While all of the options are mostly cotton, some are 100% cotton, while others blend soft cotton with light polyester, which has moisture-wicking benefits. These are the best briefs for men to get.


1. Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Multipack Briefs


Calvin Klein underwear became popular thanks to provocative advertising, but we love them because they’re high quality, reasonably priced and available in dozens of colors. These briefs come in four or six-packs, and colors range out the wazoo — but you can never go wrong with classic black briefs. They have an elastic waistband, fly, and the Calvin Klein logo printed across the waistband, and they’re made out of 100% cotton.

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2. Tommy Hilfiger Underwear


While Tommy Hilfiger may be best known for preppy styles and adventurous color-blocked designs, it’s a great brand for affordable, no-nonsense basics like t-shirts and underwear. This multi-pack option is a great bet if you’re looking for comfortable, all-cotton briefs. They have a white waistband with the Tommy Hilfiger name and logo, and you can choose between a few different color combinations.

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3. Fruit of the Loom Fashion Brief


For affordable basics, Fruit of the Loom is always a great bet. Each order comes in a pack of six cotton briefs, and you can choose between different color combinations including solids, which is comprised of muted reds, blues and grays. Another option is the “stripes and solids” multi-pack if you want something with a little more personality. They have a functional fly and an elastic waistband with the Fruit of the Loom logo.

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4. Gildan Platinum Briefs


These briefs from Gildan are available in 100% cotton to keep cozy at all times. They come in basic neutrals such as this black and gray combination in addition to a classic all-white. They have a traditional brief cut, functional fly and a comfortable, tagless waistband. They’re available in either a five or seven-pack and are incredibly affordable.

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5. Reebok Low Rise Underwear Briefs


For a sportier option, consider this five-piece multi-pack from Reebok. Reebok is best known for their athletic sneakers, so it’s fitting that their briefs would feature a more technical design, such as a low-rise, fly-less design and a 60/40 cotton/poly blend. That makes these briefs light and easy to move in. Rather than the typical waistband logo, these briefs have a printed logo on the fabric.

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6. Amazon Essentials 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs


Amazon Essentials is back at it by giving us, well, the essentials. This 7-pack of tag-free briefs is all you need to stay comfortable and stylish day in and day out. Each pair comes in a grey 100% cotton with a banded stripe at the very top. The briefs are ribbed knit which sets them aside from some others on the market. Throw them in the wash for a care-free load and re-wear ’em for years and years.

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7. UnderGents Modern Brief (Flyless) Underwear


Nobody wants a rough pair of briefs. Softness is key to keeping cozy day in and day out, which is why UnderGents is a serious competitor in the men’s brief space. Each pair is made with a moisture-wicking Cloudsoft fabric made with 95% modal and 5% spandex for an extra stretchy, uber-soft feel. The seams are made out to be anti-chafe with a higher hip for an easy fit.

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Courtesy of UnderGents


8. Bombas Cotton Modal Brief


You know Bombas for their collection of funky colored socks, right? Well, did you know that the brand also makes some of the most luxurious underwear you can buy? Don’t act too surprised. These modal briefs are fitted for any kind of guy. They’ve got that ideal Goldilocks fit that doesn’t feel too tight or too loose when covering your body. Colors are all relatively monotone, but sizes go up to 3XL. So, no matter who you are, there’s a solid chance that these are the briefs you’ve been looking for.

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Courtesy of Bombas


9. wirarpa Underwear


With a low-rise pair this soft and stretchy, you might not even realize you’re wearing underwear throughout the day. The wirarpa briefs are available in a multitude of colors to create a variety pack worth wearing, featuring both bright colors and muted. They use regenerated cellulose fiber (otherwise known as modal) and spandex to make them comfy and moveable. Because they’re low-rise, they will hug your hips more and accentuate your body.

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10. Hanes Ultimate Comfort Flex Waistband Briefs

Hanes have been a staple to men’s underwear for as long as we can remember, so it’s without a doubt this 7-pack will let you down. These classics are available in a slew of greys and blacks to give buyers some muted variety each day. You know, so you will remember to wear a new pair each day of the week. They’re made with ring-spun cotton and have a stretchy waistband for added comfort.

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11. Los Angeles Apparel Baby Rib Brief


Ready to strut the street in colorful briefs? Well, don’t. You’ll probably get yourself arrested. Nonetheless, these Los Angeles Apparel briefs for men are some of the most colorful, flauntable briefs we’ve seen. These candy-colored briefs are a best-selling classic from the brand and are constructed in 100% combed cotton for all-day comfort. Colors range out the wazoo, so whatever choice you make will be the right one. You can even get a variety pack of five picks for $10 each.

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Courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel


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