The 15 Best Bucket Hats To Wear This Summer

best bucket hats
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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Most guys know that if you need an essential accessory to elevate your already impressive fit, it’s always best to go with a hat. Hats are fun. Hats are distinctive. They’re the perfect piece that can take an average-looking outfit and turn it into a showstopper to garner you plenty of head turns. Of course, depending on the season, choosing the best men’s hat can be a tricky task. However, there’s one specific style that is versatile and stylish enough to wear during any season — the bucket hat. 

Yes, we’re talking about the hats your parents loved when they were in their twenties. When you think of the iconic bucket hat, hip-hop greats like LLCoolJ, Eric B and Run DMC come to mind, considering their music/fashion presence influenced fashion trends at the time. And just like several other trends, the wide-brimmed hat is back in style and has been for a few seasons now. 

What Is a Bucket Hat Anyway?

Originally, they were popular with farmers and fishermen in the early 1900s. The original bucket hats were made of wool and coated with lanolin. That coating made the hats waterproof. Perfect for tromping around in fields while sitting in a boat during rainy or foggy weather. Fast forward to the late 80s and early 90s, rappers used bucket hats as a stylish accessory, one brand that was very popular at the time was Kangol. 

Why Wear a Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats can add a little somethin’ somethin’ to whatever you’re wearing. A bucket hat in a clever print lets people know you’re a friendly extrovert. They can also hide a bad hair day or a bad haircut. Not to mention, they protect you against sunburn and stop the sun from getting in your eyes and ruining your shot. And yes, if the weather’s crappy, they’ll keep your head shielded from the rain, sleet or snow. 

What we love most about the best bucket hats is they’re suitable to wear any time of the year. You can wear a bucket hat to play tennis or golf. You can wear a bucket hat while riding a bicycle or dancing at a festival. Or you can toss a bucket hat on for a trip to the supermarket. Bucket hats come in everything from leather to wool to cotton and more. Scroll through to find the best bucket hats to wear right now.


1. Polo Ralph Lauren Bucket Hat


This vintage-looking bucket from Polo Ralph Lauren spills nothing but swag. It’s got a boyish charm to it that feels retro yet quality and will match just about anything you pair with it no matter the season. A crewneck? Go for it. Cut-off tee? Absolutely. Whatever you want, it’s going to work.

Polo Ralph Lauren Bucket Hat Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


2. Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat


Kangol, a British brand, has been serving up quality and stylish headwear for over 80 years and they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Their Bermuda bucket hat has a classic design with a modern twist that fashionistas will love. Instead of traditional cotton material, this hat uses terry-like Bermuda fabric for a textured finish. Of course, like every Kangol hat, the headwear is completed with the iconic kangaroo logo on the front.

Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat Courtesy of Kangol


3. Jacquemus Le Bob Gadjo


You can never go wrong with adding a little pop of color to your outfit, so if you’re looking to stand out in a good way, opt for this men’s bucket hat from Jacquemus. It’s colored in a vibrant green and features a silver Jacquemus logo on the front. What’s more, the hat is reasonably priced for it to be a designer item. Also, if green isn’t your color there are 10 other colorways to choose from, including pink, turquoise and yellow.

Jacquemus Le Bob Gadjo Courtesy of Jacquemus


4. Playboy Tile Print Bucket Hat

Playboy, that iconic American brand, has re-emerged as a surprisingly trendy apparel brand, and the company has a few different stylish bucket hats for 2022. In addition to tie-dye bucket hats, we love this hat featuring a retro Playboy bunny checkered print. Check out more Playboy bucket hats at the brand’s new online store.

playboy bucket hat Courtesy of Playboy


5. Adidas Three Stripe Life Bucket Hat


Adidas may be a sportswear brand, but they’re known equally for their lifestyle fashion as well. Hip-hop icons like Run DMC were one of the forces that put bucket hats and the Adidas brand on the map, thanks to their impactful influence in fashion. And this bucket hat embodies the classic styles worn back in the 90s. It comes in vibrant orange for the perfect pop of color to your outfit.

Adidas Three Stripe Life Bucket Hat Courtesy of Adidas


6. Gelante Tie Dye Bucket Hat


No design screams summer more than tye-dye, so you know we had to feature a bucket hat with the print on the roundup. For the past few years now, tie-dye bucket hats have been a major summer trend, and once again, this breathable bucket hat will leave you looking like the life of the party.

Gelante Tie Dye Bucket Hat Courtesy of Amazon


7. Carhartt WIP Script Bucket Hat


Men of all ages have loved Carharrt, thanks to the brand’s heavy-duty workwear. Over the past few years, the lines between workwear and fashion have blurred, allowing the brand to become a trendy staple for fashion lovers everywhere. An accessory that is a best-seller for the brand is their script bucket hat. The hat is constructed of a cotton canvas and is lined for pure comfort. It comes in several stylish colors that are perfect to wear all year ’round.

Carhartt WIP Script Bucket Hat Courtesy of Carhartt


8. Lululemon Both Ways Reversible Bucket Hat


Does it get any better than a reversible bucket hat? This bucket hat from Lululemon will be the ultimate fashion accessory of the season with its convenient design. You’re basically getting two hats, one with a simple color silhouette on one side and a funky printed design on the other side. It’s made of a lightweight fabric that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. You’ll love wearing this hat on a hot summer day to keep cool.

Lululemon Both Ways Reversible Bucket Hat Courtesy of Lululemon


9. DIOP The Akira Bucket Hat


DIOP has a number of gorgeously designed bucket hats with patterns derived from West Africa and fabrics from Indonesia. Each design is entirely unique and vibrant in its own way. A lot of people who are not Western African or Indonesian tend to wonder if they can wear DIOP, but the founders say it’s entirely fair game and inclusive if you recognize the roots. We suggest you do, too — these hats are iconic.

DIOP Mud Navy Bucket Hat Courtesy of DIOP


10. Coach Signature Denim Bucket Hat


There are a number of denim bucket hats for purchase, but why not snag one that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd? This retro-inspired hat is crafted of light-washed denim with Coach’s signature “C” logo printed all over in a contrasting color. The hat is finished with a smooth leather hem and ventilating ports to keep you cool. You’ll find this to be the perfect additive you need to stand out from the sea of denim buckets this summer.

Coach Signature Denim Bucket Hat Courtesy of Coach


11. L.L.Bean Adults’ No Fly Zone Boonie Hat


One downside of warmer weather is the insects that thrive in hotter temperatures. Luckily, this bucket hat from L.L.Bean doubles as an insect repellent with its no-fly zone fabric, keeping you free of bug bites. It’s also equipped with UPF 50+ to block out the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll stay cool and comfy all day while wearing this bucket hat since it features a CoolMax sweatband that wicks away moisture. You can get the hat in two colors: clay and dusty olive.

L.L.Bean Adults' No Fly Zone Boonie Hat Courtesy of L.L.Bean


12. Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat


Whether you follow trends or set them, the Prada bucket hat has been the “it” accessory for the past few seasons. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good trend, so SPY 100% approves of this headwear. The hat is constructed from re-nylon, a fabric produced by Prada made of recycled and purified plastics from the ocean. It has a simple, black silhouette with the Italian brand’s signature logo on the front for the perfect subtle flex.

Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat Courtesy of Prada


13. The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat


Headed up a mountain? Fishing with the boys? Picnic by the creek? No matter what outdoor activities you’ve got planned, The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat makes a perfect companion for spending time outside. It’s made with UPF 40+ to keep your head out of harm’s way from the sun and uses nylon material to wick sweat and moisture. It’s also very lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging it along when out and about.

The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat Courtesy of The North Face


14. Jaded London Green and Blue Crochet Bucket Hat


With festival season upon us, it’s only right that we include a vibrant bucket hat that will set the tone at any event you plan to attend this year. The crochet hat is patterned in blue, green and white to give a funky kind of look that will garner you plenty of head turns. Plus, each hat is handmade, making them extra special because they’re all unique.

Jaded London Green and Blue Crochet Bucket Hat Courtesy of Jaded London


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