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Secret Stash: The 5 Best Cash Capsules for Keeping Your Money Safe and Discreet

* Tiny capsules to store your cash
* Lightweight designs make them inconspicuous on your keychain
* Choose from different sizes, colors and styles below

Whether you’re traveling or are simply looking for a few nifty ways to hide your cash. These little capsules are great to have on hand are a smart, inconspicuous and convenient way to keep a few dollars within arm’s reach. We’ve rounded up five of the best-selling models on Amazon. Check them out below.

1. Waterproof Keychain Pill Box Organizer

Stash yo’ cash, stash yo’ medication with these handy (and portable) pill organizers. Made from food-grade aluminum, they’re extremely lightweight and waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about them getting wet.


2. True Utility TU241B-P CashStash

For when you want some added durability, this handy cash stash is made from powerful aircraft-grade aluminum, is also completely waterproof and is designed to store any one bill.


3. PPFISH 3 PCS Accessory Case

This set of three cash capsules offers slightly more variety than the other items on the list. With a military-grade aluminum build, lightweight design and different-sized options to help meet all your needs, they’re a smart choice.


4. CONBEE Military Level Survival Pill Match Case

These stylish set of five cash capsules come in a range of vibrant colors and can easily clip to any and every keychain. Keep on on your car keys, one attached to your bag, or keep a few in your bag just in case.


5. Waterproof Capsule

Unlike the other capsules on this list, this one’s slightly longer for added convenience. With a durable waterproof build, you can store more than a few bills in this one. And with its lightweight and portable design, it’s a great little accessory to have if you’re traveling.


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