Buy Coronavirus Masks: Here’s Where to Find a Comfortable and Stylish Cloth Face Mask

coronavirus face masks
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued recommendations for wearing cloth face masks and coverings in public. That guidance is especially important now that many states are easing social distancing restrictions and businesses are opening up again. It’s important to wear coronavirus face masks in areas where it’s difficult to practice social distancing, such as the grocery store and pharmacy, and in regions where cases are spiking or on the rise. Even while wearing the best cloth face masks, the CDC still recommends individuals keep a 6-foot distance between themselves and others to avoid transmitting the infection.

So where can you buy coronavirus face masks online? Tons of clothing manufacturers have stepped up to create stylish cloth face masks, and there are also lots of reusable cotton masks listed on Amazon (see below). Most of these masks are machine washable, which means they can be used repeatedly.

At this time, health officials are not recommending people wear N-95 medical-grade masks, which are in desperately low supply in hospitals and health care facilities nationwide. Rather, everyone should wear cloth face masks to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. You can either make your own cloth face masks or find them for sale online. These masks will stop asymptomatic people from spreading the disease to more vulnerable populations. And since countless people have COVID-19 without realizing it, that’s an important step we should all take immediately.

If your sewing skills leave much to be desired and you want to buy coronavirus face masks online, not to worry — we’ve got you covered (literally). There are plenty of fun, stylish face masks for sale online right now. Before placing an order, check to see when a particular product is due to be delivered. Many cloth face masks are only available for pre-order at this time.

This situation is tough, so we might as well find a little joy by choosing a coronavirus face mask we like wearing. (Personally, we’re partial to the 6 FEET face mask pictured below). Here are some of the best places to buy cloth face masks online.


1. Fanatics NFL Cloth Face Masks

Sport your favorite team while you’re protecting others. These NFL themed masks come in colors and logos for every NFL team as well as teams of other sports as well. Just because sports are indefinitely on hold, doesn’t mean you have to lose your team spirit. Show your support for your team as well as the health of your community by rocking one of these masks.

NFL cloth face mask, coronavirus mask, cloth face masks Courtesy of Fanatics


2. Look HUMAN Face Mask — Tiger King

Doesn’t it feel like Tiger King was released years ago? This tiger print face mask is a responsible and fun face covering with a fun and regal pattern. This face mask is 100% polyester, reusable and machine washable so you can keep yourself and others healthy by using it over and over again. It’s got two comfortable ear loops and can be used with a medical face mask underneath or by itself. If you don’t feel like a Tiger King, Look HUMAN has amost 1,000 stylish face masks to choose from.

tiger king face mask Courtesy of Look HUMAN

3. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

If you’re looking to protect yourself, protect others and benefit a larger cause all at once Casetify has you covered. They’re offering reusable cloth face masks complete with two filters and with each purchase of at least one mask they donate a mask to a first responder via Direct Relief. So far, they’ve donated about 35,000 masks and don’t plan on stopping.

Their masks are made of breathable cotton material that’s washable and fitted with a filter to keep you and others healthy. Each mask includes multiple layers of protection from pollen, dust, car exhaust and other gunk in the air you’d probably rather not breathe in. Use the filter for an increased effect and dispose of it afterwards. The masks include elastic ear straps for a comfortable fit and each one is sized to fit most adults.

Casetify Reusable Cotton cloth face mask Courtesy of Casetify


4. ililily Stylish Cloth Face Masks

If you’re looking for the best cloth face masks for sale on Amazon, then check out the latest designs from ililily. The brand makes a popular solid black cloth face mask and masks with fun floral patterns, like the style pictured below. These one-size, double-layered face masks are made from 100% cotton. That means they’re great for everyday usage, but might not work as well for athletic activity.

best cloth face masks for sale online Courtesy of Amazon


5. Daniel Patrick Face Mask — Camo

This face mask is comfortable, protective and stylish made with Daniel Patrick’s signature fabric and two comfortable elastic bands. The mask is made with 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors and prints including camouflage, purple haze, smog grey and sea foam. In addition to the camo print pictured below, we also love the black-and-white White Acid mask. If you’re looking for the most stylish face masks you can buy online, Daniel Patrick has some of the best options you’ll find.

Daniel Patrick Camo Face Mask Courtesy of Daniel Patrick


6. Brave New Look Filtered Face Mask

Brave New Look has a ton of stylish and comfortable face masks that come in a variety of patterns including the Artist Hall of Fame printed mask pictured below. They offer both adult and child sizes in all of their masks and also sell family packs that include a variety so everyone can stay safe. Each mask is made of a soft cotton fabric and comes with a filter pocket for a PM2.5 filter that blocks airborne contaminants. Their masks are also reusable and washing machine friendly.

brave new look face masks, cloth face masks, best face masks Courtesy of Brave New Look


7. Los Angeles Apparel Mask 3-Pack

Los Angeles Apparel is basically American Apparel 2.0, and the company makes stylish basics with a broad spectrum of colors. Like American Apparel, they still make their clothing in Los Angeles and strive to pay all of their manufacturing workers a living wage. Their face masks come in sizes for adults and kids, and you can choose from dozens of colors and prints. The masks are 100% cotton and are a little thin compared to multi-layer face masks, but they provide a secure and comfortable fit for everyday wear.

best cloth face masks - los angeles apparel Courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel


8. Avocado Organic Cotton Face Mask

The same company that makes cozy organic mattresses, furniture, bed frames and other home accessories is shipping washable, organic protective face masks from their Southern California factory. Avocado is all about surrounding individuals with fabrics and materials that look good and feel good, and they’re responding to the current crisis by making and shipping these masks at-cost, not for profit, and giving access to 4-packs to as many families as possible. Plus, they come in sizes for both adults and kids.

You can find the masks here, they’re double-layered with organic cotton canvas and come with two tie straps for easy application. They’re not N95 particulate filtering masks but will protect you and others from COVID-19 transmission in crowded places. They do not contain any elastic or plastic.

Avocado Face Mask Courtesy of Avocado


9. Look HUMAN Face Mask — Skull Face

Wearing a lot of black lately? This mask will go with your outfit and help you sport that darker, more punk rock vibe. It’s designed to hold a medical face mask if you’ve got one to wear underneath or you can wear it by itself to protect others from infection. Express yourself and make your vibe clear while doing the responsible thing for public health. It’s made with 100% polyester, and like the best coronavirus cloth masks, it is completely machine washable and reusable. This same mask comes in a variety of colors and patterns from Look HUMAN. Check out the entire collection here.

Look HUMAN Skull Face Mask Courtesy of Look HUMAN


10. Simlu 4 Pack Reusable Double Layer Facial Cover

This adult face mask is made with high-quality cotton so it’s soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It can protect you from dust and other allergens in the air and can be worn while doing a wide range of activities including exercising, grocery shopping, driving and walking. It’s machine washable and reusable so you’ll get a lot of value out of the purchase, each pack comes with four cloth face masks so you’ll have a few for family members or quarantine buddies.

Simlu Face Mask Courtesy of Amazon


11. Universal 4521 Cloth Face Masks

A lot of the best cloth face masks for sale online are made from two layers of cotton. These Universal 4521 cloth face masks are also made from double layers of cotton, but each layer has a different density to provide more sophisticated protection. These affordable and reusable face masks come in packs of four, 40 or 100.

best cloth face masks - universal 4521 face masks Courtesy of Amazon


12. INTO THE AM Seamless Face Cover

This neck gaiter and bandana style face covering is ideal for exercising, as it’s easy to pull the mask up and down as needed. Practice safe social distancing whlie wearing one of the brand’s stylish designs. This one-size adult face mask is made from 100% Microfiber Polyester that’s soft on the skin and wicks moisture away from your face.

best cloth face masks for sale - into the am face covering Courtesy of Amazon


13. Nisolo Cloth Face Mask Marketplace

Since masks are the new normal for all of us, we need a trustworthy place to find a bunch and learn about all of the different features available. Enter — Nisolo. They’ve made it easy to find the perfect mask for you and your family. They’ve gathered 100+ brands and curated the best ones for factors like functionality, comfort, style and more. Do your research and find the mask that suits you and your lifestyle the best.

Nisolo Face Mask, cloth face mask, coronavirus cloth face masks Courtesy of Nisolo


14. Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Why not cover your whole face and neck while you’re at it? The next two products will help you do just that. This comfortable and protective gaiter from Achiou is made to be worn in colder weather to ward off windburn, but it will also protect yourself and others in the age of COVID-19. Like the best athletic face masks, the fabric features 4-way stretch and wicks sweat away from your face to keep you cool despite the extra protection. It’s made of high-quality sand-proof, dust-proof and windproof material that’ll protect you from the sun and the health crisis while out running, shopping or walking.

Achiou Neck Gaiter Courtesy of Amazon


15. Geyoga Protection Face Clothing

These stylish, scarf-like protective face covers are more fabric-heavy and designed for sun protection but will perform the same essential functions as cotton face masks. This pack comes with six different protective and breathable bandanas that won’t pill, fade or shrink after use and repeated cleaning. They’ll protect your face and neck all the way around and are UV-proof, sand-proof and windproof. You can adjust the fit based on your desired preference and the lock edges will fit snug while leaving room to breathe. For running, cycling and jogging, scarves and neck gaiters are often the best cloth face masks for the job.

Geyoga Face Mask Covering Courtesy of Amazon


16. Cloth Face Mask (Family Pack of 12)

Custom Ink is best known for producing custom t-shirts, but this company has stepped up to provide American families with affordable face masks and hand sanitizer. This product includes 12 face masks for everyone in your household. The simple black masks are made from an ultra-soft jersey fabric (a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend) and are machine washable. They have the soft feel of your favorite stretchy t-shirt. Custom Ink is also selling packs of 120 for $240.

family face masks Courtesy of Custom Ink


17. Anti-Microbial Prevention 5-Pack Face Mask

Buck Mason has started a 1-for-1 face mask donation program, and with each purchase of this 5-pack of antimicrobial face masks, they’ll donate five masks to their community in California and beyond. These reusable cotton masks have an internal layer that’s been treated with an antimicrobial coating that lasts up to 30 washes. The masks are white, black and striped and the colors will vary depending on supply and demand.

best face masks buck mason Courtesy of Buck Mason


18. Sanctuary Clothing 5-Pack Fashion PPE Masks

This 5-pack of PPE masks from Sanctuary Clothing is designed with a few of their signature patterns to provide protection for you and the environment around you. For every customer who buys coronavirus masks online, Sanctuary is giving back to organizations in need of personal protective equipment (PPE). The masks are made of 100% cotton muslin and have a double inner layer that includes a 100% polypropylene melt-blown fabric filter. They suggest disinfecting these face masks after each use with alcohol, and they’re one size fits all.

best face masks for sale - sanctuary clothing Courtesy of Sanctuary


19. Threadless Polyester Face Masks

With all the millions of people looking to buy face masks online, Threadless is one of many apparel companies that’s racing to meet demand while also serving the public good. A portion of the proceeds from every coronavirus face mask will be donated to MedShare (for a total maximum donation of $500,000). However, that’s not the only reason to choose these safety masks. Threadless has 3-ply polyester face masks featuring hundreds of fun and colorful designs. From bold floral prints to more basic gradients and fun puns, Threadless makes it easy to find stylish face masks that match your personal style. These one-size face masks feature elastic over-ear loops. Click here to shop all of the designs from Threadless.

buy coronavirus masks Courtesy of Threadless


20. Disney Face Masks — 4-Pack

Kids need face masks, too! In fact, since young kids may not fully understand the importance of handwashing and social distancing, they may need face masks more than anyone. Disney has made it easy for the whole family to practice good social distancing with a line of Disney-themed face masks. Right now, the kid’s face masks are available in a variety of prints including this Pixar set with prints from Toy Story, Up and Coco. Your kids will love them, and you’ll love how excited they are to wear them and keep themselves and others safe.


Disney pixar cloth face mask, cloth face mask Courtesy of Disney



We love everything about this coronavirus face mask from GOLDSHEEP Clothing, which normally produces leggings and sweats. Obviously, we love the pointed “6 FEET” message on the front of the cloth face masks, but we also love the brand’s Give Back program. For every order that includes one of GOLDSHEEP’s socially distance-inspired sweatshirts, five masks will be donated to non-clinical healthcare workers. These masks are made from a poly blend with a cotton lining and are available in other fun designs.

6 feet face mask Courtesy of GOLDSHEEP


22. Sock Fancy Mask Collection

One of our go-to companies for socks is creating face masks during these uncertain and challenging times — turning lemons into protective lemonade. They’re also donating one mask for every cloth mask sold, which is just another reason to buy face masks from their online store.

They’ve transformed some of their manufacturing capabilities for creating socks to creating masks, and we’re so glad they did. They’ve created a whole line of protective breathable face masks in a variety of fun designs to sport on your next run to TJ’s. We’re personally a fan of this pattern, the vote one, that’s all about getting out the vote for the 2020 election, and making sure people exercise their civil duty. Grab one here and you can support the message while slowing the spread of COVID-19.


vote mask, cloth face mask Courtesy of Sock Fancy


23. Sub Zero Face Masks

Sub Zero is a company that’s emerged during the pandemic with the sole purpose of making it easy to buy coronavirus face masks online. With each purchase of one mask, one more is donated to an individual in need and with each mask you can choose between “basic” and “filtered” for additional protection.

Their stylish face masks are made with reusable and machine-washable cotton that are designed for adults and come in wide range of fun patterns. They’ve also got filtered masks that come with two layers of filter-media sewn in between the mask’s layers. The filters are made for odors, some ozone, dust, pollen, mold and other contaminants. You can also purchase four filtered masks for $99 with free shipping, a $120 value.

Sub Zero Face Masks Courtesy of Sub Zero


24. Cubcoats Kids Face Mask 2-Pack

The coronavirus crisis can be scary for kids, but wearing an adorable face mask can help keep them safe. Cubcoats, the popular kids clothing and toy line has created cloth face masks for kids in the popular bear design. They’re made with two layers of protective fabric that are durable, reusable and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer for easy cleaning. The masks have a built-in pocket if you want to add a filter and elastic ear loops so the fit will be snug but not too tight. They come in two different cute color combinations that work for both and all genders.

Cubcoats Cloth Face Mask Courtesy of Cubcoats


25. Savilino Hipster Blue Pinstripe Face Mask

This face mask is 100% handcrafted by a brand in Austin, Texas, so with every purchase you know you’re supporting a small business based in the USA. It’s got the CDC-approved two layers of fabric that can be machine washed and put in the dryer as well. It’s made of a double layer of 7 oz. poly/cotton twill. It comes in a bunch of stylish patterns and colors, including this hipster-esque pinstripe. It’s comfortable and protective as well.

Savilino Pinstripe Mask, cloth face masks, coronavirus face masks Courtesy of Savilino


26. Banana Republic Face Mask 3-Pack

Banana Republic is one of the many retailers dedicating manufacturing resources towards producing high-quality protective face masks for their consumers. Their latest 3-pack of cloth face masks is also a great option for anyone returning to the office, as these colors and two-tone design is ideal for formal wear. These masks are made from a washable cotton blend with a 3-layer design and elastic, adjustable ear straps that have a wire nose for a secure fit. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and will last you a while.

Banana Republic Face Mask, cloth face mask, coronavirus face mask Courtesy of Banana Republic


27. Vista Print Breathable Filter Face Mask

This face mask from Vista Print has advanced protection and the layered filtration system you’re looking for in these daunting times. When we’re all trying to protect each other and ourselves, this mask gets the job done and includes everything you want out of a comfortable, everyday, non-medical mask. The lightweight material wicks away moisture and includes extra stitching that’s built to last. The mask has a lightweight inner layer that won’t sit too heavily on your face and the mask has adjustable latex-free straps so you can find the most comfortable position for you. The mask is also machine washable and designed to be worn again and again.

vista print face mask, cotton face mask Courtesy of Vista Print


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