Here Are the 11 Best Colored Contact Lenses That Will Creep You Out This Halloween

EyecatcherDE Black Sclera Lenses
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Halloween is finally right around the corner. This time around, the spookiest day of the year is definitely going to look a little bit different, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting yourself into the holiday spirit. If you don’t have your costume picked out just yet, don’t freak yourself out. Here at SPY, we’ve dedicated tons of our recent content to help you get started on your scary look. From some pretty dope-looking masks to some hair-raising threads that will freak out all of your neighbors, we’ve got you covered. But if you want to take things to the next level, it’s time to snag yourself a pair of the best colored contacts money can buy.

If you’re a non-contact wearer, the idea of placing colored plastic onto your eyes sounds a bit daunting, but regular contact-wearers will assure you that it’s really no big deal. Yeah, you can feel them on your eyes for the first couple of minutes — especially when you aren’t used to them. But, once you forget they’re in, the feeling completely subsides. You’ll spend the rest of the night looking cool as hell and as spooky as can be.

To apply colored contacts, we just wanted to give some tips so you can comfortably ride out Halloween without damaging your eyes or breaking the contacts. So, be sure to follow these tips when applying:

  • A whole 24 hours prior to applying, soak and rinse your colored contact lenses with contact solution to ensure they’re ready to go.
  • Before handling your lenses, wash your hands with soap and water to rid of any germs.
  • Check your lenses out to make sure nothing’s been torn or ripped. Applying damaged contact lenses could be a disaster when trying to take them out later on.
  • Apply your lenses using only your fingertips and make sure they don’t come in contact with your fingernails.
  • Be sure to place your contacts in prior to putting on any costume makeup or paint.
  • Be careful not to touch or rub your eyes throughout wearing to ensure you don’t rip your contacts.
  • If you need to take your contacts out for any reason prior to finishing your night them, clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses before placing them back in your eyes.
  • Most importantly, remove your contact lenses immediately if you are experiencing any sort of eye discomfort, even if you don’t think you can rock your look without them. Your eyes matter more than looking cool for one night.

For those looking to amplify their look with a pair of the best colored contacts you can find online, we’ve gathered together some wild options you need to check out before finalizing your look. From demonic, glaring red eyes to enormous cat-like iris covers, here are the best colored contacts you need for Halloween.


1. FreshGo NONNO Deep Red Contacts


As one of the most sought-after, unnatural colored contact options on the market, we had to place these demonic red beauties in our top spot. There are so many costumes you can pull off by adding a bit of red to your irises, from age-old demons to blood-thirsty vampires to possessed clowns, the possibilities are endless. These contacts from FreshGo are also super realistic due to their dramatic black detailing you don’t really see from colored contact alternatives. There’s no doubt you’ll spook the hell out of the neighborhood kids when handing out candy this year.

FreshGo NONNO Deep Red Contacts Courtesy of FreshGo


2. Zombie Blue Contact Lenses


Naturally-occurring blue contacts can look great for those wanting to experience another eye color on a regular basis, but it’s Halloween. Naturally-occurring? We don’t know her. Ice out your look with these bright, aqua blue colored contacts that will transform your spooky look into something unexpected. Pull off an insidious Jack Frost, an ice king that’s spooky enough to freeze someone in fear or a classic White Walker from Game of Thrones. No matter what kind of costume you choose to pair these with, you’re going to look awesome. Zombie Blue Contact Lenses Courtesy of


3. Coloured Contacts Violet Contact Lenses


Maybe spooky isn’t your shtick this year. If you’re going for a more mystical vibe, we suggest getting yourself these violet contact lenses to pull off anything folklore-themed like an elf, gnome or fairy. Purple is a close enough color to blue that from afar won’t look too different, but up close will look magical and mystical to young trick-or-treaters. If you want to make purple more of an everyday thing, note that these contact lenses are also available in prescription options.

Coloured Contacts Violet Contact Lenses Courtesy of Coloured Contacts


4. White Out Contact Lenses


You’ve probably never wondered what it would look like if you were missing your irises, but with these white contacts, you can kiss those colored beauties goodbye. These white rings will pull all color from your eyes and leave you with nothing but your pupils, creating tons of white space that will surely freak your friends and family out. Wear these for zombie, ghost or fallen angel costume to finalize your look. White Out Contact Lenses Courtesy of


5. Green Reptile Contact Lenses


Have you heard about that wild conspiracy theory? You know, the one that theorizes the fact that transformable reptilian aliens have taken over the world and are living amongst us as people in the highest branches of government and celebrity statuses? We’re for real, it’s an actual theory. Whether you believe it or not, take the classic alien or reptilian Halloween costume look to the next level with these contacts. We suggest painting your skin green and cladding your body with tin foil to get the look across. Or, better yet, put on a navy blue suit and a fluffy blonde wig and pull off a reptilian Donald Trump. Green Reptile Contact Lenses Courtesy of


6. Funky Lenses Walking Dead Contact Lenses


Completely cover all parts of your eyes with these zombie-esque, all-white contact lenses that are frightening enough to send shivers down your own spine with just one look in the mirror. These lenses take all life out of your eyes by drowning both the pupils and irises in a white overcast to create a haunting look. Wear these when dressing as a classic zombie or take it to the next level and bring these into the realm of a rotting angel or braindead hospital patient. With these haunting lenses, the creative possibilities are genuinely endless.

Funky Lenses Walking Dead Contact Lenses Courtesy of Funky Lenses


7. Coloured Contacts Cat Eye Contact Lenses


Here, kitty kitty. Cat costumes are probably one of the most common costumes for adults simply due to just how easy they are. Pair a black tee, black jeans, black sneakers, drawn-on eyeliner whiskers and some $2 cat ears from Amazon and you have an easy cat look in minutes. Yeah, it’s easy and doable, but boring. Take the kitty look up a notch with these sinister cat-eye contact lenses no other cat-clad adult will take the time to add into their look. Catnip sold separately.

Coloured Contacts Cat Eye Contact Lenses Courtesy of Coloured Contacts


8. Rave Green Contact Lenses


While raves have (mostly) been postponed and canceled until further notice, incorporate glow in the dark contact lenses in your Halloween costume this year instead. These shocking lenses shine bright even in the darkest areas, so you can blend into bushes or trees and run out on a couple of trick-or-treaters to really give them the scare they’ve been looking for. These contacts are excellent to wear when dressing as an intergalactic alien, possessed scarecrow or glowing raver from the dead. While green is the OG color when it comes to glow in the dark colors, these contacts are also available in blue, pink and yellow. Rave Green Contact Lenses Courtesy of


9. FreshGo Patient Zero Sclera Lenses


While it’s in no way funny or cool to dress as a coronavirus patient this Halloween, dressing as patient zero in reference to your favorite zombie movie is a totally chill go-to costume to pull off in 2020. These full-eye sclera lenses bring zombie viruses only seen in movies and TV to life in order to scare the hell out of anyone that comes near you this Halloween. Note that if you’ve never worn sclera lenses before, they will feel a bit uncomfortable when in. Your eyesight will also be dramatically worsened during wear, so be sure to never operate machinery when in costume.

FreshGo Patient Zero Sclera Lenses Courtesy of FreshGo


10. Pokemon Contacts


Ever wondered what Ash Ketchum looks like on acid? Well, you won’t have to any longer. Dress as your favorite Pokemon hero after he’s had too many Pinap berries by throwing on these Poke-entranced Pokeball contacts to finish off your look. Maybe add a few extra Pokeballs to your belt to show Ash has really gone of his rocker this time. Don’t forget to keep Pikachu by your side the whole night! He’s your DD. Pokemon Contacts Courtesy of


11. EyecatcherDE Black Sclera Lenses


There’s truly nothing scarier than full-black eyes. No whites, no iris, just pupil. Overdilate those pupils with these soft black sclera lenses that are as bone-chilling as it gets when it comes to Halloween-esque contact lenses. Dress up as a demonic nun, priest, alien, werewolf or wizard and really get the party started. Even when Halloween’s over, pull these out from time to time and spook out your family members in your home whenever you get the chance. You’re going to have a ton of fun with these.

EyecatcherDE Black Sclera Lenses Courtesy of Etsy

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