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The Most Stylish and Functional Cycling Commuter Backpacks

Since the pandemic has pushed the majority of people off public transportation and onto a bicycle, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re equipped with the correct gear. If you’re commuting to work, make sure you have the right bike and accessories as well as the right bike shorts. No one likes getting chain grease on their pant leg, nor do you need to. If you’re not a fan of a basket on the front or back of your bike, biking backpacks are a great alternative for all of your necessities for the day at work. If you’re changing clothes, you’ll need space for those extra shirts and ties, as well as your lunch and in the colder months, it’s best to have a waterproof pack as well.

What kind of commuting backpack should you be looking for? It depends on how far you’re going, the route, the amount of traffic and hills, and of course how much weight you want on your back or shoulders at the beginning and at the end of the day. That’s why some prefer a basket or a side saddle bag that attaches to your bike, but if you prefer the backpack, there are quite a few different styles and functionalities to choose from.

Gear up and get ready to make your commute the best it could be as you complete your ensemble with a commuter backpack for biking.


1. The North Face Kaban Backpack

This ultra sleek design is a must-have for professionals looking to swing off their set of wheels and stroll into the office while still looking put together. Holding 26 liters, it has a protected 15″ laptop compartment and plenty of extra storage for all other items you’ll need throughout the day. With a reflective sleeve, it’s ideal for low light commutes and also easily attaches a rear light to the top strap for extra visibility. This is an attractive, functional pack for every commuter. Only available in black.

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Courtesy of The North Face


2. Osprey Metron Commuter Pack

Osprey has always specialized in outdoor gear and their biking backpack is no different. With a special rain flap made just for inclement weather, this backpack will keep your gear safe. It has room for a 15″ laptop and holds up to 26 liters of stuff. With reflective panels and a special strap for a light, this backpack will get you where you need to go with all your gear intact. A great option for those looking for a waterproof backpack during the wet months.

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Courtesy of REI


3. Ortleib Commuter Day Pack

A durable day pack is a great choice for any bike commute. The Ortleib day pack is made from nylon, a sturdy, rip proof material that will last you a long time, no matter the weather. With enough space for a day away from home, the Ortleib is an attractive and functional choice for anyone seeking a stylish backpack. With 27 liters of storage space, this pack has a reinforced bottom, removable side straps for personalization, and a zippered front pocket. This pack will keep your shoulders at ease as you bike all over the city.

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Courtesy of Ortleib


4. Timbuk 2 Tuck Pack

The polyester designed Timbuk 2 Tuck Pack is an especially functional choice for bike commuters. With 20 liters of storage, it’s a bit smaller than our other options, but that might relieve any pressure from overpacking. Keep it simple with a small pack that’s stylish and easy to store. The roll-top closure is a special feature that is highly desirable in inclement weather as it serves as an extra layer of protection against any rain or snow. There are four main compartments with several smaller internal pockets for extra storage. An excellent option for those often riding through the winter.

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Courtesy of Timbuk2


5. Timbuk 2 Especial Medio Cycling Pack

This is the 2.0 version of the Timbuk 2 pack. If you’re a more serious rider and are looking for an extremely close fit on a road bike commute, this is the bag for you. With a closer cinch to your back, this pack rides high and comfortable. The best new feature is the water bladder, an unusual perk in a commuter backpack which just makes it all the more desirable for its multi functionality. Take it to work or take it on a century ride with all your friends, either option is guaranteed to prove comfortable. Made from a durable nylon with breathable mesh and reinforced straps made with foam, this is a dream of a pack for any commuter.

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6. The Friendly Swede Dry Bag Commuter Pack

A functional, stylish bag made by The Friendly Swede, this commuter biking backpack is a highlight for any cyclist. With one large compartment for easy storage, The Friendly Swede boasts for durability as well as low weight. Keep track of your gear, laptop, daily necessities and food in one large area. Made from waterproof PVC Tarapaulin, this pack is eco-friendly and highly attractive, a great choice for any stylish urban commuter. With a roll-top design, your gear will stay dry and safe.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Body Glove Waterproof Bag

Body Glove is a well known diving and surfing company and they’ve made a great weather-proof bag for any activity. If you’re in the market for an attractive, durable bag that floats, this your best bet. While you probably (hopefully) don’t need a bag that floats on your daily commute, this bag is extra fun because you can take it on every adventure you find yourself in. With two front pockets for extra storage and a roll-top design, this bag will keep your valuables safe no matter where you are.

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Courtesy of Body Glove


8. A Lab Model D Waterproof Commuter Bag

This sleek and streamlined black bag is a waterproof wonder. Having been welded shut at the seams instead of glued or sewn, it is sure to keep your laptop and other daily items dry on your commute. At 2 pounds, this is the heaviest bag on the list, but also the sleekest. It holds up to 26 liters of gear and has a roll-top buckle strap for further protection. A great choice for those seeking a super tough bag.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Mission Workshop: The Rambler Bag

The Rambler Bag is a high-key industrious roll-top bag that transforms into a regular flap bag with twice the amount of storage in seconds. Sounds like magic, right? That’s what Mission Workshop has made here, a wonder of a biking commuter backpack for every commuter who may need extra storage at a moment’s notice. Why carry two bags when you don’t have to? A water-resistant inner compartment easily fits a 17″ laptop while the front zippered pocket easily fits a 13″ laptop or any tablet. A durable, stylish, and excellent commuter bag, well worth the price.

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Courtesy of Mission Workshop


10. Thule Pack n’ Pedal Commuter Backpack

A well-known outdoor gear outfitter, Thule has ventured from rooftop car storage to the cycling commuter backpack and they’ve done quite a decent job. As a waterproof, roll-top designed bag with 24 liters of storage and the ability to easily fit a 15″ laptop, the Thule bag is an excellent choice for any commuter. Stylish and sleekly designed, the Thule biking backpack will get you and your gear safely to wherever you need to go.

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Courtesy of Amazon