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Grandpa Was Right: Cotton Handkerchiefs Are a Must-Have Accessory

The humble handkerchief is making a comeback.

Perhaps the sustainability movement is phasing out boxed tissues. Or stylish gents everywhere are embracing the accessory.

Either way, it’s time to take a tip from your grandfather and purchase a pack of hankies.

Handkerchiefs are a multipurpose must-have. They can substitute for a facial tissue or dinner napkin. You can fold them up as a pocket square or even use them to wipe your glasses. An elegant handkerchief also makes a great gift.

While you can certainly pad your handkerchief collection with a variety of colors and patterns, consider starting with classic white. This simple shade will match all of your outfits, while sliding subtly into your pocket as well.

Here are some high-quality cotton handkerchiefs that are both practical and elegant.

1. GB Men’s Handkerchiefs

These 100% cotton handkerchiefs are classic white with stitching around the edges. They are 17×17 inches each and come in a pack of 12. You can choose to monogram the product as a personalized touch.

Pros: The stitching enforces the edges to prevent fraying. Material is opaque enough to use as a pocket square.

Cons: This product wrinkles easily. You will need to iron them after washing.

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2. Selected Hanky Men’s Handkerchiefs

These cotton handkerchiefs are 16 x 16 inches and also have stitching around the edges. You can purchase this product in a pack of six or 12. They are also machine or hand-washable.

Pros: The pack is available with a tied band or branded strap as packaging. They become softer over time.

Cons: The edges may pucker after washing.

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3. Van Heusen Men’s Fine Handkerchiefs

You can purchase these 16 x 16-inch handkerchiefs in packs of six. In addition to their cotton products, the company offers bamboo handkerchiefs as an eco-friendly option. Either way, these hankies make a stylish and sustainable option to your repertoire.

Pros: The product has bold stripes around the edges for a more decorative look. They are machine washable and soften with each wash.

Cons: Fabric is fairly thin.

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4. Hankytex Men’s Handkerchiefs

If you’re looking for a simple design for a pocket handkerchief, this a great product for you. The design includes subtle stitching without stripes. These handkerchiefs are a standard 16 x 16-inch size and come in a pack of 12.

Pros: The edges of this handkerchief are stitched to prevent puckering. This product retains quality after washes.

Cons: The product is thicker than some other options, so it may be too bulky as a pocket square.

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5. Ohuhu Cotton Handkerchiefs

These 100% cotton handkerchiefs feature a classic striped pattern, so you can use them as pocket squares, tissues, and table napkins. They are machine washable and may shrink from their 16 x 16-inch size following the first wash.

Pros: This product comes in a 13-piece set rather than 12. They fold and roll well to use as table decor.

Cons: You may need to wash them several times before they’re soft enough to use on your nose.

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