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The Best Crease Guards and Protectors To Keep Your Shoes In Like-New Condition

Any sneakerhead or shoe lover can tell you that keeping your sneakers and shoes in their best condition requires a lot of effort. Given the shape and bend of your feet, it’s only natural that your shoes experience wear and tear as they accommodate to the motion of walking throughout the day.

One of those first noticeable signs is the dreaded crease or bend that appears across the toe box of your shoes. Sneaker aficionados often go to great lengths to keep creases out of their Jordans and other expensive kicks. And, although there’s little you can do to prevent your foot from bending, there is, luckily, a simple solution to make the creasing of your shoes a little less prominent: crease guards or crease protectors.

Why You Should Buy Crease Guards

Crease guards for sneakers are great for many reasons. They’re super affordable, simple to use in any pair of shoes, and are easy to purchase thanks to stores and sites like Amazon and Walmart. Shoe guards work by stabilizing and adding structure to the front of your shoe. Typically curved in the shape of a toe box, they are easily inserted into the front of sneakers to prevent them from denting and creasing. Not sure how to use a crease guard? There are plenty of helpful tutorials on Youtube that can help you figure it out.

When shopping around, you’ll find that the best crease guards are made of plastic or foam and come in various sizes to accommodate the shape of your shoes. Some styles can even be trimmed for a more customized fit. Many people find that foam crease protectors tend to be more comfortable because they’re not as stiff as plastic guards. Most crease guard designs are also made with ventilation holes for breathability while some upgraded versions will additionally feature adhesive backing to help secure them at the front of your shoe.

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Made to fit in many types of shoes, you can use crease guards for Jordans, Air Force 1s, running shoes and more. In fact, you’ll find that using crease guards for AF 1s and other shoes will help you extend their lifespan and keep them in like-new condition. Also ideal for shoes in storage that aren’t worn often, this hack can help sneakers look brand new. If you plan on wearing shoes with crease protectors that can’t be trimmed, buy your shoes a half size up for a more comfortable ft.

Keep scrolling to find the best crease protectors for keeping your shoes in great shape. Though they may seem a little random, trust us, if you’re looking for the best gift for a sneakerhead, you can never go wrong with crease guards.


1. ForceFields Shoe Toe Box Crease Protectors


Made with a patented design that prevents creasing and signs of wear in shoes, sneakers, and boots, these crease protectors are comfortable and easy to wear. They’re crafted of soft foam that’s pliable and easy to place in the toe box of your footwear. The ventilated upper allows for breathability while an adhesive layer helps keep them stay in place throughout the day. Use these crease protectors for Air Force 1, Jordan 1, Nike SB sneakers, and more.

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2. +Protect Shoe Crease Guards


The +Protect are fantastic crease protectors for all kinds of shoes, and they’re available in black and white. Lightweight but durable, they can keep everything from your AF1s to Nike shoes looking as fresh as can be. However, a few comments do indicate that they work better on Air Forces than on Jordans. With tons of five-star reviews, this crease guard set is a must-have for anyone who owns white sneakers.

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3. Reshoevn8r Crease Protector


You may not have heard of these crease guards, but they’re about to be your new favorite sneaker accessory. Although they’re a touch pricier than your average generic crease guards, this anti-crease accessory is made from flexible plastic. Just remove the laces and insole, inserting these crease protectors into the shoe. These ones are marked so you never accidentally slide them into the wrong shoe. One shopper comments, “They fit in the shoe and are comfortable enough to where you can forget they are there sometimes.”

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Courtesy of Reshoevn8r


4. Force Field Small Crease Preventers


If you’re buying for kids or an adult with tiny feet, the smaller-sized option from Force Field is one of the best crease guards you can buy. After all, kids damage their shoes at a rate much faster than grown-ups. Force Field is one of the most popular choices for keeping your toebox intact and uncreased, and this smaller size is a perk since the majority of crease protectors cater to larger feet.

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5. Crep Protection Crep X DJ Khaled Protect Kit


As useful as it is ridiculous, this DJ Khaled crease guard kit is actually one of the most comprehensive sneaker care kits to keep your kicks looking brand new years after you’ve purchased them. Complete with Crep crease guards, a Cure kit, a mark-on pen pills, eraser, wipes and laces. Of course, everything is overlayed with a “We The Best” colourway. A necessary kit for anyone who needs a cleaner and crease protector — or if you’re just a DJ Khaled fan.

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Courtesy of Footlocker


6. Sneaker Shields Gen-X Crease Preventer


Sneaker Shields is one of the only brands available that sells an option for men’s shoes up to size 15, since most of them only go up to a size 12. Sold in a 2-pack, these plastic protectors come with a soft and hard pair that are comfortable while providing maximum crease prevention. Just slide them right into your sneakers to hold onto that crisp, clean look for good. Redditors and Amazon reviewers alike agree that these are some of the best crease guards for sneakers.

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7. Mandala Crease Protectors


Superb for Nike shoes and Air Forces, these anti-crease accessories have nearly 20,000 reviews on Amazon, making them an online crowd-pleaser for those looking to keep their kicks in pristine condition. They’re adjustable, and although a softer plastic is used to maximize comfort, some users note that it can cause minimal creases. One reviewer writes, “I was worried that the protectors would be hard and uncomfortable but I barely felt them.”

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8. The Crease Beast


Crease Beast is truly in a class of its own. Along with being the Best Jordan 1 crease protectors, they’re also the most comfortable (and breathable) wearable pick that we could find. Made from a super soft foam rather than the usual plastic, it’s essentially a wearable shoe tree but is made from memory foam, so it’s way more comfortable. It also happens to be perfect for your Jordan 1s. Introducing the ergonomically designed foot sleeve you never knew you needed.

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Courtesy of Crease Beast


9. Steel Flex MetGuardz Protector


If you have a pair of Timberlands or work boots, even the best crease guards won’t be able to provide ample protection. Instead, opt for MetGuardz, a metatarsal guard that protects your shoes and laces from damage. Whether you work in conditions with dirt, fuel oil, acid, or extreme temperatures, this heavy-duty protector is a no-brainer for anyone wearing safety footwear regularly or looking for protection that’s a little more substantial than a tiny plastic sleeve.

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10. URATOT Shoe Crease Protectors, 12 Pair


You can get 12 of these crease guards for less than $15, which is a major steal. The perforated top keeps your feet comfortable and ventilated through each wear. Made of environmentally friendly TPE, they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

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11. Sneak Geek Shoe Crease Protectors, 2 Pair


These flexible crease guards mold to the inside of your shoe, preventing signs of wear and creasing. Offered in a set of two, each insert is ventilated, odorless, and easily washable. Use them to prevent creasing or to smooth and minimize existing creases on shoes and sneakers.

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12. Ergoo Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector, 6 Pair


These thin, breathable crease guards fit right into the toe box of your shoes for a comfortable fit. They’re made of soft foam EVA with ventilated holes to keep your feet cool and cozy. Compatible with Jordans, Air Force 1’s, Dunks, and more, they can be trimmed to fit into just about any shoe or sneaker.

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13. SNKRHOLIC Sunshine Shoe Crease Protectors


This set of shoe protectors is made of durable PE and TPR materials that fit into any pair of shoes. They’re easy to trim and fit into the toe box of a range of sneakers and shoes. With this order, you’ll receive two pairs of red, two pairs of yellow, and two pairs of orange crease guards.

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14. Crep Protect Sneaker Guards Crease Protector


Maintain and preserve the shape of your sneakers with these padded crease protectors. They feature gel-padded technology and a breathable design for comfortable wear that helps shoes keep their shape during and after use. Each pair additionally comes with a tropical scent for extra freshness.

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