The Best Crease Guards and Protectors To Keep Your Shoes In Like-New Condition

ForceFields Crease guards
Courtesy of Amazon
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Any sneakerhead or shoe lover can tell you that keeping your sneakers and shoes in their best condition requires a lot of effort. Given the shape and bend of your feet, it’s only natural that your shoes experience wear and tear as they accommodate the motion of walking throughout the day. One of those first noticeable signs is the dreaded crease or bend that appears across the toe box of your shoes. And, although there’s little you can do to prevent your foot from bending, there is, luckily, a simple solution to make the creasing of your shoes a little less prominent: crease guards or crease protectors.

Crease guards for sneakers are great for many reasons. They’re super affordable, simple to use in any pair of shoes, and beyond easy to purchase, thanks to stores and sites like Amazon and Walmart.

They work by stabilizing and adding structure to the front of your shoe. Typically curved in the shape of a toe box, they easily insert into the front of sneakers to prevent them from denting and creasing. When shopping around, you’ll find that the best crease guards are made of plastic or foam and come in various sizes to accommodate the shape of your shoes. Some styles can even be trimmed for a more customized fit. Many people find that foam crease protectors tend to be more comfortable because they’re not as stiff as plastic guards. Most crease guard designs are also made with ventilation holes for breathability. Some of the better crease protectors will additionally feature adhesive backing to help hold them in place at the front of your shoe.

Made to fit in many types of shoes, you can use crease guards for Air Force 1 sneakers, running shoes, dress shoes, and more. In fact, you’ll find that using crease guards for AF 1,  Jordan 1, and other footwear will help you extend their lifespan and keep them in like-new condition.

Keep scrolling to find the best crease protectors to keep your shoes in tip-top shape.


1. ForceFields Shoe Toe Box Crease Protectors


Made with a patented design that prevents creasing and signs of wear in shoes, sneakers, and boots, these crease protectors are comfortable and easy to wear. They’re crafted of soft foam that’s pliable and easy to place in the toe box of your footwear. The ventilated upper allows for breathability while an adhesive layer helps keep them in place throughout the day. Use these crease protectors for Air Force 1, Jordan 1, Nike SB sneakers, and more.

Roll over image to zoom in ForceFields Shoe Toe Box Crease Protectors Courtesy of Amazon

ForceFields Shoe Toe Box Crease Protectors


2. Struts by Oliss Dress Shoe Crease Protectors


Use these crease protectors in your favorite work or dress shoe to minimize deep creases and wrinkles in the toe box. They feature an adhesive that sticks to the top of your shoe to support and maintain shape. The durable core also makes them perfect for smoothing existing wrinkles and keep them in new condition.

Struts by Oliss Dress Shoe Crease Protectors Courtesy of Amazon

Struts by Oliss Dress Shoe Crease Protectors


3. URATOT Shoe Crease Protectors, 12 Pair


You can get 12 of these crease guards for less than $10, which is a major steal. The perforated top keeps your feet comfortable and ventilated through each wear. Made of environmentally friendly TPE, they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

URATOT Shoe Crease Protectors, 12 Pack Courtesy of Amazon


4. Sneak Geek Shoe Crease Protectors, 2 Pair


These flexible crease guards mold to the inside of your shoe to prevent signs of wear and creasing. Offered in a set of two, each insert is ventilated, odorless, and easily washable. Use them to prevent creasing or to smooth and minimize existing creases on shoes and sneakers.

Sneak Geek Shoe Guard Protector Courtesy of Walmart

Sneak Geek Shoe Crease Protector



5. Ergoo Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector, 6 Pair


These thin, breathable crease guards fit right into the toe box of your shoes for a comfortable fit. They’re made of soft, foam EVA with ventilated holes to keep your feet cool and cozy. Compatible with Jordans, Air Force 1’s, Dunks, and more, they can be trimmed to fit into just about any shoe or sneaker.

Ergoo Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector, 6 Pair Courtesy of Amazon

Ergoo Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector, 6 Pair



6. BXIZXD Crease Protector


This set offers two different styles of crease guards to slip into your footwear. One style protects the top while the other concentrates largely on keeping the outside structure of your shoes intact. Made with ventilation holes, each set is breathable, comfortable, and durable enough to wear on a daily basis.

BXIZXD Crease Protector Courtesy of Amazon

BXIZXD Crease Protector



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