Make Your Office Job More Bearable With These 10 Awesome Desk Toys

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Whether it’s returning emails, running around to meetings, making calls or actually doing work, making it through the day at your job is often stressful. Sure, you can take time to step away from the desk and run to grab a coffee for a bit of relief, but there are some days where you’re basically incapable of leaving. So what to do about a release? Turns out that the solution lies at your desk — with a good desk toy.

The best desk toys don’t need to be actual toys (although they certainly can), but rather little trinkets and items that can help you de-stress from all the chaos of the daily grind. Whether it’s something that just offers a bit of amusement or a moment of relief, there’s something here for everyone. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites desk toys to help you make it through the day.


1. Buddha Board Desk Toy

Remember the Etch A Sketch you had as a kid? The Buddha Board is a more adult version of that beloved toy but specifically designed to evoke a more zen-like state. Fill up the base with water and then dip in the bamboo pen to create ink-like drawings across the canvas that disappear after a few minutes, helping to evoke a feeling of letting go. As you paint, remember that whatever stressor that’s currently occupying your mind will eventually fade, just as the ink on this canvas does.

Buddha Board Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

2. Tech Tools Punching Ball Desk Toy

Sometimes work is just so frustrating that you want to punch something… which is where this Tech Tools desk toy comes into play. A suction cup base allows the bag to be affixed to any surface around your desk or office. With a bouncy and resilient spring, you can wail on this to your heart’s content, helping to take out that frustration that can easily accumulate throughout a given day. And should the bag start to run out of air, there’s an included pump to bring it back up to fighting shape — pun intended.

Tech Tools Desk Punching Ball Courtesy of Amazon

3. Beach Zen Garden Desk Toy

As much as we all wish we could get up from our desks and escape to the beach in the middle of the day, we often have too much stuff to do. It’s not a replacement for the real thing, but this zen garden done in the style of a beach is close enough. Complete with all the beach essentials, just toss on some ocean sounds it’ll be like you’re there. Well, almost at least.

Desk Beach Zen Garden Courtesy of Amazon

4. Avtion Mini Basketball Desk Toy

For some people, basketball is quite literally life. If you’re the kind of person that can’t stop performing a euro step on the way down the hall or someone that views a trash can as just another rim, you’ll want to get your shots up with this Avtion Basketball desk toy. The foldable hoop collapses should your area get too overwhelmed with papers, making it super lightweight and easy to put away for future use. Perhaps most importantly of all, the ball itself is actually attached to a string, so you’ll never lose track of it. Get those shots up!

Avtion Desk Mini Basketball Game Courtesy of Amazon

5. Kylo Ren Funko Pop Desk Toy

The greatest thing about Funko Pops! is that there really is one for everyone and every interest. So even if you don’t like this particular version, which is the villainous Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there’s bound to be a Funko Pop! for you — it’s just a matter of choosing one that best fits and represents your personality. Although we’ve got to admit that there’s something about this little Kylo that feels kind, dare we say, cute?

Kylo Ren Funko Pop Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

6. Qiyun Stealing Coin Cat Desk Toy

The Internet has proven that cats and anything even remotely cat-adjacent is absolutely delightful. If you find yourself yearning for something that sparks joy during the middle of a workday, this desk toy from Qiyun will pop right up and help. By placing coins into the saucer, an adorable cat will spring out to take it into safekeeping for you. It’s not a piggy bank, it’s a kitty bank. Make sure to stock up, as we’ve got a feeling you’ll be feeding it time and time again.

Qiyun Stealing Coin Cat Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

7. Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy

Sometimes the best desk toys are just ones that you fuss and fidget over during other work. Case-in-point: this fidget cube from Infinity. The cube can be configured into any number of different settings, whether it’s a long rectangle or even another cube variation. Built out of tough plastic blocks that are linked together with durable metal rivets, it’s more than capable of handling the constant flipping and flopping without ever coming close to breaking apart.

Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

8. Spoley Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

With its strong magnetic base, the only limits to this Spoley sculpture desk toy is your imagination. This desk toy comes with 221 different shaped spheres that allow for all kinds of different designs that reflect your personality, daily mood and interests. The spheres all click together, leaving you to arrange them however you’d like — whether it’s making something like an airplane or just simply stacking them on top of one another. And the super-powerful magnets will keep everything in place without worry.

Spoley Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

9. Bob Ross by the Numbers Mini Painting Desk Toy

We don’t think that legendary painter Bob Ross was a practicing Buddhist, but it’s easy to think of him as a modern-day Zen Master. You can channel your inner Ross with this mini paint-by-numbers desk toy set. Complete with tiny paints and even a miniature easel, you’ll soon be on your way to painting any number of happy little trees.

Bob Ross by the Numbers Mini Painting Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

10. RUIER Retro Mini Arcade Game Desk Toy

Boasting over 200 different kinds of arcade games across a number of different genres including puzzle, action, adventure, table, and more, this mini arcade desk toy from RUIER is great to fire up in between tasks. Chill out with relaxing options like video poker or take things up a notch with a fighting game — the options are almost endless. Plus, RUIER’s device has a special backlit screen light that makes it easy to see, even in harsh office lighting.

RUIER Retro Mini Arcade Game Desk Toy Courtesy of Amazon

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