Thanks to These Dog Carrier Bags, Fido Can Go on Vacation, Too

best dog carrier bags
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When staying away from home for work or vacation, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your child alone. So why would you leave your pet? Many people seem to agree, which is why seeing pets on planes is quickly becoming a familiar sight.

There was a time the very idea may have seemed ludicrous; it’s now commonplace that airlines allow dogs to travel with their owners inside the cabin, depending on their size and breed. However, it’s not just a case of walking the dog onto the plane on a leash. There are usually strict rules and restrictions which must be adhered to for your pet to travel. These include stowing pets away in some kind of kennel for the duration of the flight, which is why it’s best to invest in a dog carrier bag if you want your pooch to travel.

These bags have been designed with pet travel in mind. They ensure your dog is comfortable to carry and can fit under the seat in front. They also provide plenty of internal space and windows to keep your dog calm and happy throughout the flight. The designers of these pet carriers have thought of everything.

Below, you’ll find nine of the best dog carrier bags available. Designs include carriers with collapsing sides for maximum space, over-the-shoulder bags, and even an option with wheels for easy in-airport transport.

Note: Please check individual airline restrictions and correctly measure your pet to ensure it will be comfortable in the size of the carrier you choose.


1. Mr. Peanut’s Double Expandable Pet Carrier


With its two expandable bays, Mr. Peanut’s Double Expandable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier offers plenty of space for your dog to stretch out. There are breathable mesh windows and an open-air top to help prevent your dog from feeling too enclosed during the journey. It’s also lightweight and comes with a choice of carrying options that include an over-the-shoulder strap, braced carrying handles and a luggage strap for attaching the carrier to your rolling suitcase. In addition, it’s available in two different shades of gray and includes premium-brand, self-locking zippers to prevent jailbreaks in the middle of a busy airport.

best dog carrier bag mr peanuts Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Frisco Travel Dog and Cat Carrier


The Frisco travel dog and cat carrier is a budget-friendly yet comfortable way to transport your pets. As well as small dogs, this versatile carrier can easily be used to house cats and other small animals during transit. The design includes mesh doors to keep your pet calm and fully opening flaps that are big enough for your pup to poke its head through. You’ll also find a comfortable and adjustable strap for over-the-shoulder carrying as well as padded handles. The floor pad is soft and removable, making it easy to clean should any accidents occur.

Frisco Dog and Cat Carrier, best dog carriers Courtesy of Chewy


3. PET LIFE Folding Cage Carrier


If you like the sound of a lightweight pet carrier you can carry over your shoulder, check out the PET LIFE Folding Cage Carrier. It may look simple, but it includes everything you need to get your dog through a journey. Inside the carrier, there’s a leash securer to prevent your pet from running away when you open the door. There’s also a scratch-resistant nylon and sherpa pad that provides comfort and security for your dog when you’re on the go. Plus, the carrier sports an attractive brown design and collapses down on itself for easy storage when it’s not in use.

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best dog carrier bag pet life Image courtesy of The Home Depot


4. Henkelion Pet Carrier


If your dog really likes to stretch its legs, this three-door Henkelion Pet Carrier may be the right choice for you. When all doors are open, it’s easy for your dog to spread itself out and enjoy some well-earned rest on the included cozy-wool mat. The bag is available in five different colors and has a handy pocket for your dog’s essential items. Furthermore, the internal safety leash prevents your pet from wandering away when your back is turned.

best dog carrier bag henkelion Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier


The Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a convenient way to transport your dog to the office, your friend’s house, or abroad on your overseas adventures. The design includes a removable cushion, zippered windows, and a roof to create the most comfortable environment possible. There’s also a side pocket for storing your pet’s essential items. It’s made from a sturdy and durable material that is machine washable. Plus, this pet carrier includes light-reflecting strips and a safety seat belt for in-car travel. There are 10 different colors to choose from and a large and small model, depending on the size of your dog.

best dog carrier bag paws pals Image courtesy of Amazon


6. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier


With small, medium and large models to choose from, there’s an AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier to fit a whole range of animals. This versatile travel carrier can help you get any pups to cats, from A to B, with as little hassle as possible. The design sports four mesh sides and a single zippered end for entering and exiting. Each model includes braced carry handles and an over-the-shoulder strap for a choice of carrying options. Furthermore, the bag consists of a fleece bed which is super comfortable for your pet and machine washable.


best dog carrier bag amazon basics Image courtesy of Amazon


7. MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier


The MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier offers more space for Fido than the average carrier bag because each of its four walls can collapse down to provide additional room. Furthermore, the design sports a sturdy steel frame wrapped in a waterproof material. The outside also features reflective strips, a name tag slot and two handy pockets for storing your belongings. Additionally, the intelligent design collapses and folds flat for easy storage when the carrier is not in use. For your pet’s comfort, there’s a cozy removable mat inside.

best dog carrier bag maskeyon Image courtesy of Amazon


8. WPS Airline Approved Removable Wheeled Pet Carrier


Suppose you’re going to be traveling long distances on the ground with your pet inside a carrier. In that case, it may be worth investing in the WPS Airline Approved Removable Wheeled Pet Carrier . This well-designed bag includes a six-wheel undercarriage, meaning you can pull your pooch along using the telescopic handle when you don’t feel like carrying it. It’s also possible to remove the wheelbase if the occasion requires it. The carrier itself sports a range of handy features, including zippered pockets, mesh windows, a slot for a name tag, locking zippers, and additional carrying options in the form of an over-the-shoulder strap and braced handles.

best dog carrier bag wps Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Wild One Air Travel Carrier


The Wild One Air Travel Carrier is a premium quality answer for getting your dog from point A to B. This classy-looking carrier comes in either black or tan and includes several essential aspects for keeping your pup happy. The vented side panels feature retractable privacy screens so that you can give your dog the right environment during your journey. Inside the bag, you’ll also find a quilted interior travel mat which you can fold out to form a larger bed when you aren’t on the move. In addition, this handy bag includes two built-in phone-sized pockets and locking zippers to prevent unwanted escapes.

best dog carrier bag wild one Image courtesy of Wild One


10. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

Treat your pet to a bed that sits snugly underneath your seat while you both fly. Your dog will be cozy and comfortable in the Sherpa Deluxe pet carrier. The patented spring wire frame allows it to store easily beneath the seat, and the structure will conform to the airline’s allotted space. With a top and side entry, your pet will be able to poke its nose out at regular intervals for a quick pet, and the mesh windows provide plenty of ventilation. The faux lambskin liner is machine washable, so don’t worry after any mid-air accidents. This pet carrier also has a side pocket meant to store treats, bags, water bowls, and whatever else your furry friend requires. Travel in style with your dog securely inside the Sherpa Deluxe carrier.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier Courtesy of Amazon


11. morpilot Pet Travel Bag

This bag is meant for dogs under 15 pounds and comes with a bowl and a cozy bed tucked inside the carrier for their enjoyment. Let your pet relax on the flight while you have peace of mind that they’re comfortable. This carrier has excellent storage space, with plenty of zippered pockets for treats, poop bags, and food. This carrier is made from durable grade polyester and has three mesh windows for maximum ventilation. The inside cushion is removable and machine washable. This travel bag is excellent because it can be carried as a tote or as a shoulder bag. Travel comfortably with your best friend with the morpilot Pet Travel Bag.

morpilot Pet Travel Bag Courtesy of Amazon


12. Arlo Skye The Pet Carrier

If you’re in the mood to splurge, then subversive luxury luggage brand Arlo Skye has a chic yet cozy pet carrier. With a sleek and stylish exterior and a soft and plush interior, Arlo Skye has made the everyday pet carrier a coveted luggage addition. While it might be a bit pricy, this carrier will leave your dog in the lap of luxury while flying. The perks of this carrier are the versatile ways in which you can secure your pet: it attaches to the back of a seat, it can be buckled in, and of course, it can be securely attached to any piece of Arlo Skye (or any standard sized) luggage, leaving you with the peace of mind of always having your pet by your side. With storage pockets for you and your dog, this is the ultimate pet carrier.

Arlo Sky Pet Carrier, best pet carriers Courtesy of Arlo Skye


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